"Let's go love birds! Time to get out of there!" There was hard pounding on the door. It was Terezi.

"Just a sec TZ! Jesus fucking Christ!" Dave set her gently next to him and pulled himself up to the edge of the bed. He reached down to the floor and picked up his boxers and slipped them on as he stood up. He looked back to make sure Jade was under the covers, and when she was, he opened the door.

"Hey Dave? Maybe you should be a little more secretive next time you want to get Harley in the bed." Her snout clinched up and she smelled the air, "We could all here you guys making noise this morning. Wait that's you right Dave?"

His face flushed and he realized that he didn't have his shades on, which was what Terezi always smelled for first. He looked at Jade who was cowering under the sheets and throws him his shades.

"Yes TZ it's me." He snaps on the shades and tries his best to make his face impassive and control his blush. "And we will be quiet next time alright? Is that all you needed?" He didn't want to be a dick but this wasn't exactly the best time for Terezi to be doing her justice thing.

"Hey no need to be rude coolkid! We just miss you. You have been stuffed in there for a while!" She crosses her arms, cane in hand, and puts weight on one of her hips.

"Oh jeez we're sorry Terezi!" Dave glances at Jade who is still in the bed. "We'll hang out with you in a minute, after we get dressed and stuff!"

The troll girl makes her signature snicker before replying. "No need to hurry, just make sure we get to see both of you, well talk and smell in my case! Heehee ." And with that she turns around and extends the cane to walk out of sight. Dave shuts the door and sighs in relief.

"Hehe, that was eventful!" Jade just giggles as she wiggles out of the bed and gathers her clothes up from the floor.

"You could say that I guess." He mimics her and they both get dressed pretty quick and make their way out of the room to be greeted by their friends.

After hours of joking, laughing, and telling stories they all parted ways. Jade and Dave went back to his room but even before shutting the door, she had her legs wrapped around his waist and they were kissing fiercely. He shut and locked the door before letting his hands hold her behind and walk her toward the bed. Everything was going smoothly until-

He trips.

On the make shift bed made from blankets they forgot to clean up.

And he lands on her.

At first she giggles but it quickly turns into a groan from a slightly uncomfortable pain from his weight. "Uh Dave? Can you get off me, it kind of hurts…" She shakes his shoulders. No response. Jade's eyes widen and she shakes him more vigorously. "Dave! Get up!" She wiggles under his limp body trying to get out from under him.

Dave stirred after a few hours of being out cold and Jade stood to walk over to him. She had been sitting on the floor waiting silently after carrying him to his bed. Dave however wasn't exactly silent during this time. He would randomly say her name in his sleep and toss and turn. This of course made her feel fluttery inside and she smiled every time she had heard him say it.

"Dave?" She caressed his cheek with her palm and lithe fingers and her face was stained with concern.

"Sup Harley." Was his only response. Jade sat down on the edge of the bed next to him trying to find the words.

"I... I've been thinking..." She met his gaze through his aviators and now his face was concerned. He put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed.

"Thinking about what?"

"This. This whole thing... and well... "

"Well what? C'mon Jade spit it out." Both his hands were on her shoulders now trying to relax her.

"I just think that ever since this started... everything just isn't going as I imagined it would... "Her eyes were wondering around the room now and he couldn't help but pull her into his arms, close to his chest. She reacted by wrapping both of her arms around his back and nuzzling into his chest choking out a sob.

"Shh Jade." He pat her ebony hair that was sticking out in odd angles that draped her shoulders. "Not everything will be perfect, but I think that's how we see the fu- the good things." His cool was slipping but he didn't care. He didn't care showing feelings or emotions. Not if it was in front of her, so he slid off his shades and placed them next to him. "I love you Jade, not some stupid fall or smuppet will change that, okay?"

"I know I know, I love you too but..." She paused, pulling back from him to meet his soft eyes again and wiping under her eyes. He had taken off his aviators and now she could see exactly what he was thinking. His eyes had narrowed and his eyebrows were clenched. He must be thinking the same thing. "But, I just can't help but think that this won't last. The game will take its toll one day!"

"Jade listen to me," He pulled her over to cradle her in his arms like a baby. "We'll get through this stupid fucking game no matter what. And if you think I wouldn't die a hero's death just to save you, then you must be pretty clueless."

"But I don't want a hero Dave, I just want you!"

Dave's cool was probably at the point where it couldn't even freeze water right now. He couldn't even think of something witty or ironic to say. "Okay." It was the best he could do except just feeling her there in his lap.

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