Hey guys, I feel AWFUL that I haven't even written a story about my favorite newsie yet—SPOT. So here ya go! I am working on a one-shot with Racetrack and Spot, but it might not be done for a while. This is a one-shot, by the way. Now, read, you poor newsie-deprived beardlovers! Yes, I'm a Wheezy Waiter fan. Sue me.

Disclaimer: Yes, of course I am Walt Disney in disguise. And yes, of course I own Newsies and all the Disney princesses and everything. Thank you for asking.

Spot's Top 10 Tips to Becoming King of New York

1) Act confident. Even if you're shaking in your boots, if you look like you know what you're doing, people will think that you do know what you're doing.

2) Always carry a weapon. Preferably a slingshot.

3) Pick your fights. Before you dive in, fists flying, ask yourself-is it worth it? If not, you should be able to walk away with your pride.

4) Please disregard the previous tip. Get in every fight you possibly can and build up a new layer of skin with battle scars.

5) Be smart. Not goody-two-shoes-smart, just street smart. People respect a guy that comes up with a good cunning plan now and then.

6) Never show weakness. Ever.

7) Always have a backup plan. Yes, giving up, fleeing, failing your mission, and drowning your sorrows in alcohol does count as a backup plan.

8) Never underestimate a good marble upside the head.

9) Always trust your fellow newsies.

10) And, last and most importantly, remember this.

Spot Conlon is King, and don't you forget it!

Hope you enjoyed! See that button? The little gray one? Well, its sole purpose in life in to get pressed and make humble authors (such as myself) happy. You wouldn't deprive a poor little button of pressing, would you? Huh? Would you?

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