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Full Summary

Bramblepaw knows why he is here. His only reason in life is to protect his small sister, Rainpaw, from the dangers of being a former loner in a Clan cat's world. Bramblepaw has to be brutal to protect his sister; she's the only family he has left. But little does he know that a cat of his past is slinking nearer and nearer, responsible for the outraging murders in the forest framed on Bramblepaw. But can Bramblepaw step up for justice?

Tangled in Secrets


Dustpaw was hiding.

He had to. It was in the dead of leaf-bare, and he was stealing prey. No doubt his mother, Mousefall would not approve, though at the moment that was besides importance what the ShadowClan deputy thought; she was the deputy and his mother, of course she wouldn't agree with any of his decisions.

Though she'd made a decision that he could taunt her about forever. Heatherstar had asked her to be deputy; Mousefall was still in the nursery with her five moon old kits, Shrewkit, Hawkkit, and Dustkit. Heatherstar had told Mousefall that she'd make her kits apprentices just a tad early.

Mousefall was very upset by this. Dustpaw had listened to her heated conversations she'd had with his father, Antclaw, on the subject. Though by the time the naming of the deputy was due, Mousefall agreed to it, as long as there were no battle trainings, and that her kits got very gentle mentors.

Hawkkit of course became medicine cat apprentice to her idol Goldwhisker, so Mousefall relaxed a lot over that, and Dustpaw was proud that his mother was deputy, even though it required him to be a five moon old apprentice. Dustpaw lowered his brown tabby ears as he thought of this. So much had happened to him in such little time.

He needed to steal prey from ThunderClan though. He was awful at catching any of the prey lurking in ShadowClan; it all seemed to slip away during leaf-bare while ThunderClan seemed fat and happy. If Dustpaw got prey then he could eat himself. He wasn't allowed to eat until he caught prey; this way would be twice as fast.

He had been very careful to cover up his paw steps so far in the few places where he had stepped in the snow. He had been avoiding it as much as possible by jumping up on logs and bare patches underneath the shade of an oak tree, though when snow was steadily falling while he was trying to do so, it became rather difficult.

And now he was forced to hide, because a cat was near. It was a good thing he had rolled in mouse-dung back on ShadowClan territory or he'd be caught for good. Or perhaps not, whoever these unseen cats were, they seemed very hectic. Dustpaw had no idea whether they were even of ThunderClan, he had never actually encountered a ThunderClan cat; he was a new apprentice. But he wasn't taking any chances.

He didn't look at the cats to improve his chances of being caught. Instead he hid inside a log, his dark brown ears carefully strained to pick up any noise.

"It's not safe here!" Dustpaw heard the caterwauling meow of a she-cat. He could smell her fear and it unnerved him.

"Don't worry!" a tom's voice followed. "You're kitting will go fine! Before you know it you'll have a healthy family."

"In the middle of leaf-bare! What was I thinking? And of course with other duties to do! I can't believe I am so mouse-brained! Nobody will ever approve of this!" the she-cat hissed in response. Dustpaw flicked his tail. So the she-cat was kitting.

He tasted the air again to discover a third cat with them. "Don't worry." It was another she-cat. "All will go as planned, just lie down, all you need to do is push."

Dustpaw cringed when he heard the screeches of the kitting she-cat. He could hear the gentle rasping of the tom as he licked over her ears, Dustpaw could tell he was worried.

"I can't do this!" The kitting cat gasped.

"Of course you can! Don't give up! You've made it so far!" the tom cried.

Dustpaw heard a grunt of effort from the tom's mate. "The first kit is out!" The second she-cat yowled in delight.

"Perfect." The kitting she-cat grumbled.

"A little tom," her mate said in between licks.

He must lick its fur the wrong way. Dustpaw thought, feeling clever. I saw Goldwhisker doing that when Shrewpaw was born. He thought of the ShadowClan medicine cat.

"Bramble." The she-cat meowed, her voice full of new-found love.

"Bramble?" the tom repeated questioningly.

"Yes, that will be his name; don't you think it will suit him?"

"I do."

Bramble! Dustpaw thought. So they must be loners.

"One more." The second she-cat meowed. Dustpaw heard her press her paw against the other she-cat's stomach.

Bramble was whimpering as his father licked him. Dustpaw's heart melted. So helpless… he thought glumly.

"The next one is out!" The tom called triumphantly. "Congratulations!" Dustpaw could hear the tom licking his mate again. "We have kits now." He purred.

The now-done kitting she-cat purred. "Tom or she-cat?" she asked about her new kit.

"A she-cat." The tom answered.

"You can name her."

"How about Rain?"

"Perfect." The she-cat purred. "Now we must go."

"Go?" The tom meowed in disbelief. "They could freeze though!"

"And we'll have to take that chance." The she-cat's voice hung in grief and uncertainty. "They won't suffer for long, you know that."

"Of course, but we must hurry and leave."

Dustpaw could hear the she-cat rising to her paws. They're leaving Bramble and Rain to die in the snow! How fox-hearted! Dustpaw thought, flexing his claws in anger.

"Take care my loved ones."The she-cat had pressed her nose into each of her kit's fur. "Place them in that bush there, it will sustain them longer."

The tom and the second she-cat grabbed Bramble and Rain to hide them in a bush near Dustpaw.

"Let's go." The tom meowed. "And hurry!"

Dustpaw didn't hear the she-cat's response as the three cats bolted away. He could only hear the cries of Bramble and Rain. I must do something! He thought desperately.

Slowly, he peered out of the warm log he had been hiding in to be met by the sharp frostiness of the snow and biting wind. I must bring them with me. Dustpaw told himself, giving his brown tabby pelt a shake to clear the snow from it.

Silent as an adder, Dustpaw crept out. His appearance made neat paw prints embedded in the snow. I can cover it later. He figured. I need to get Bramble and Rain back to ShadowClan though! Our Clan will never neglect these kits in need.

He poked his head into the snowy bush where Bramble and Rain were hidden. The snow covered his head in a soft and wet coat. He saw the two kits clumped together, they're ears back as they whimpered loudly; their soft pink mouths so miniscule. He finally got a good look at them.

The tom, Bramble, was a short-furred and stocky light brown tom. He had large muscles even though he was too young to do much of anything. Lucky Furball! He had long and thin black tabby stripes surrounding his rough fur.

His sister, Rain was quite eye-catching. She had long soft pale gray tabby fur. Her underbelly was as white as snow and blended in pretty well against the frost the gently soured down to them right now. Rain had a small and slender figure, her bushy tail wrapped around her face to keep her warm. She stayed quiet mostly, only letting out a squeak every now and then as she pressed against her larger brother for support.

They really are so helpless…. Dustpaw thought. He hated that he could hear their hearts beating rapidly as though they were nothing more than a shrew or mouse. Believe it or not, he told himself. But some kits have been lost that way.

Without further hesitation, Dustpaw leaned forward and snatched Rain and Bramble in his jaws by their scruffs. The kits let out mewls of frustration and surprise but Dustpaw didn't let go. Quickly as he could with the added weight of two newborn kits, he made his way to ShadowClan territory.

Don't worry little kits. He thought. We'll keep you safe. My Clan will take care of you. I'll take care of you, you'll see.

He burst out his tabby chest in pride as he trotted towards ShadowClan camp.

Won't Mousefall be so proud of me!

He picked up the pace as he neared, easily evading the large pine trees in his territory. How nice it is in ShadowClan, I'd hate to be anywhere else! He thought.

When he arrived at camp, he squeezed his way inside where all was silent. This was unnerving. All his Clanmates had turned to stare at him, their jaws were dropped with surprise, some seeming disgusted.

"I need to speak with Heatherstar." Dustpaw mumbled in a mouthful of fur, his eyes flickering from cat to cat.

He noticed the blue-gray pelt of his leader as she slid out of the Leader's Den. She flashed her sharp blue gaze towards him and her eyes narrowed, her nose wrinkled in opposition. "What is this Dustpaw?" she confronted as she stormed up to them.

"They're kits." Dustpaw meowed ignorantly. Duh.

"And why are they here?" Heatherstar demanded.

Dustpaw struggled not to crumple underneath her gaze. "I found them." He excused himself, dropping his eyes down to his paws.

"And why you brought them here?" Heatherstar continued, flicking her tail with displease.

"I couldn't let them die in the cold if that's what you would have wanted me to do. It's in the warrior code, you know; never neglect a kit in danger." Dustpaw meowed half-heartedly.

Heatherstar took in a deep breath. "Well what do we do with them now? We certainly aren't taken them in. Unlike ThunderClan, ShadowClan has pure warrior blood. The day we start taking in rogues, Half-Clanners, and kittypets will be the day I die."

"Then what do we do with them? I'm not leader." Dustpaw argued, his fur starting to fluff out defensively.

"Let me talk to Mousefall and Goldwhisker of this; not an irresponsible young apprentice." Dustpaw tried not to take offense to those words. Heatherstar lifted her head, looking around the clearing at the seemingly petrified cats around her. "Well don't just stand and stare; find me Mousefall and Goldwhisker." She told them sternly.

Reluctantly, the cats broke away from eachother, some disappearing into the warrior's den and some into the medicine cat's den. Soon, Dustpaw noticed the small brown form of his mother emerging from the warrior's den, her bright green eyes alert and ever-attentive.

"What's going on?" Mousefall asked, sitting down beside Heatherstar and exchanging glances between her leader and her son.

"Dustpaw has brought newborn kittens into ShadowClan, loners. Doesn't he know that ShadowClan doesn't take in loners?" she rambled.

Mousefall twitched her whiskers. "Well Heatherstar, I don't think it would be fair to leave a helpless kitten for dead, so I don't see what else we could do besides taking them in." she meowed.

Heatherstar flicked her tail, thinking. "But we surely can't keep them forever. ShadowClan has plenty of warriors and healthy kits, all these two would do is taint our blood and be another mouth to feed." She reasoned.

"What about we take them in until they are the age to be 'paws. We can mentor them then so that they are useful for the time being, but then at the next Gathering we'll bring them, and ask if any Clans wish to claim them, or if we should just let them go." Mousefall meowed, dipping her head in thought.

Heatherstar smiled. "I like how you think." She meowed. "So we will take them in." Dustpaw's heart beat rapidly in his chest with hope for the young kits; his mother had just saved their lives. "Who will nurse them?"

"We can ask Willowbreath or Echopool." Mousefall suggested.

Heatherstar nodded meekly. "Willowbreath!" she called, looking over at the nursery. Dustpaw saw a pale gray queen poke her head out of the nursery.

"What is it now?" she asked, clearly exhausted.

She does have three kits to take care of already. Dustpaw thought, glancing at Bramble and Rain who had finally stopped their crying and were hanging from his jaws like a piece of prey.

"Will you watch these two kits? And nurse them?" Mousefall asked.

"What do I look like to you? I'm only one queen and I already have plenty of kits to watch right now, I have no time to watch others." Willowbreath hissed.

"I'll take care of them."

Dustpaw noticed a silver tabby she-cat slip out of the nursery, her belly rounding with kits. It was Echopool, the other current queen in ShadowClan, expecting her mate, Runningdust's kits. She padded over to look at Bramble and Rain curiously. "They sure are adorable." She noted.

"Echopool, are you mouse-brained? Why would you want to look after those two rogues?" Willowbreath spat.

"I…" Echopool looked at Willowbreath with curiosity. "I think it would be good practice for me." She murmured. "I am having my kits in a few moons, and these ones seem very quiet and friendly." She added, leaning down to sniff them.

Oh you didn't have to put up with them whining all the way back to camp. Dustpaw thoughts, twitching his whiskers with amusement. He swiped his tail around the kits affectionately. "So you'll look after them?" he prompted her. Echopool nodded.

"I'd be delighted to."


Leader Rosestar – Long-furred dark cream she-cat with icy blue eyes and reddish paws, ears, muzzle, and tail
Apprentice; Goldenpaw

Deputy Hailwhisker – Gray she-cat with white patches and blue eyes

Medicine Cat Petalwind – White she-cat with light brown patches and amber eyes

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Stonefang – Large gray tabby tom with green eyes

Flamewind – Long-furred ginger and white tom with green eyes
Apprentice; Silverpaw

Grayblaze – Shaggy gray tom with a white stripe running down his face; amber eyes

Forestclaw – Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Firestripe – Golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Redstreak – Dark reddish tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Snowfeather – Sleek white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Silverpaw – Pretty silver she-cat with light blue eyes

Goldenpaw – Golden tabby tom with amber eyes; Formerly of RiverClan

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Featherfoot – Long-furred silver tabby she-cat; mother of Firestripe's kits: Lightkit (Light brown she-cat) and Thrushkit (Dark ginger tom)

Dawnpool – Ginger and cream she-cat with brown eyes; mother of Flamewind's kit: Sandkit (Pale ginger she-cat)

Shinedove – Silver and white she-cat; expecting Forestclaw's kits

Elders (warriors and queens, now retired)

Bluedove – Blueish gray she-cat

Thornbird – Golden tabby tom with green eyes

Leafsparrow – Long-furred brown tabby and white she-cat with amber eyes


Leader Heatherstar – Slender blue-gray she-cat with cold green eyes

Deputy Mousefall – Little brown she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat Goldwhisker – Light brown tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Hawkpaw

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Heavyfang – Gray and white tom

Firestream – Dark ginger tom

Blackstorm – Huge black tom

Whiskerpool – Black and white she-cat
Apprentice, Shrewpaw

Antclaw – Light brown tabby tom

Darkstream – Dark tabby tom with burning amber eyes

Runningdust – Brown tabby tom
Apprentice, Dustpaw

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Shrewpaw – Dark ginger tabby she-cat

Dustpaw – Lithe dark brown tabby tom

Hawkpaw – Pretty slender light brown and white she-cat, medicine cat apprentice

Queens (Expecting or nursing kits)

Wilowbreath – Pale gray she-cat, mother to Blackstorm's kits: Boulderkit (Gray tabby tom), Aspenkit (Light gray tabby she-cat), and Cloudkit (Very pale gray tom)

Echopool – Slender silver she-cat, expecting Runningdust's kits , nursing the former loners Bramblekit (Large light brown tabby tom with thin black stripes and green eyes) and Rainkit (Long-haired gray tabby-and-white she-cat with dark blue eyes)

Elders (warriors and queens now retired)

Rowanflower – Ginger and white she-cat

Whitewind – Tawny she-cat with white paws

Ridgewhisker – Pure black tom


Leader Boulderstar – Dark gray tom

Deputy Jaythorn – Long-furred gray tabby and white tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Minnowbreath – Sleek tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice; Honeypaw

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Splashingfire – Lithe ginger tom with bright green eyes
Apprentice, Sunpaw

Whiteflame – Pretty slender white she-cat

Sorrelfeather – Tortoiseshell, black, and white she-cat

Owlpelt – Pale gray and white tom
Apprentice, Brightpaw

Rockthorn – Black tom

Crowfoot – Large black and white tom
Apprentice, Ivypaw

Beetleclaw – Dark brown tabby tom

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Brightpaw – Golden tabby she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes

Sunpaw – Pale ginger tom, green eyes

Honeypaw – Very pale gold she-cat with light green eyes, Medicine Cat Apprentice

Ivypaw – Silver tabby she-cat

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Twistwind – Ginger tabby she-cat, expecting Beetleclaw's kits

Birdwing – Gray and cream she-cat with amber eyes, mother of Rockthorn's kits, Swiftkit (White tom with black patches), and Tigerkit (Cream she-cat with black markings)

Flutterfur – Ginger queen

Elders (Warriors and Queens now retired)

Willowfur – Pale gray she-cat

Birchfrost – Tabby tom

Sparkshine – Ginger tom retired early due to terrible injuries


Leader Burningstar – Large long-furred ginger and white tom with amber eyes

Deputy Streamfang – Lithe gray tom with green eyes
Apprentice, Springpaw

Medicine Cat Runningleaf – Light brown tabby she-cat

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Littleclaw – Small tortoiseshell she-cat

Barkleap – Bulky brown tom

Troutbreeze – Tabby tom

Apprentices (More than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Springpaw – Slim tortoiseshell ginger and white she-cat

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Rushfall – Slender black she-cat with green eyes; mother to Burningstar's kits: Mothkit (Dark ginger she-cat with a black muzzle), Foxkit (Large ginger tom), Mistykit (Long-furred black she-cat), and Sparrowkit (Black tom with a white underbelly)

Blackcloud – Pretty black she-cat; mother of Troutbreeze's kits; Fernkit (Pale tabby she-cat) and Russetkit (Russet-colored tom)

Elders (warriors and queens now retired)

Sparrowthorn – Dark brown tom

Cats Outside of Clans

Larchwing – Sleek golden she-cat; formerly of RiverClan

Shine – Blue-gray tabby she-cat, lives at the Horseplace, formerly of WindClan, formerly called Bluewhisker

Cave – Big gray tom, lives at the Horseplace, formerly of WindClan, formerly called Grayblood

Dew – Pale gray she-cat, lives at the Horseplace, formerly of WindClan, formerly called Dewpaw

Ellie – Pretty plump ginger she-cat, lives at the Horseplace

Tribe of Rushing Water

Healer Teller of The Pointed Stones (Stoneteller) – Thin gray she-cat with green eyes


Dusk of Cool Weather (Dusk) – Golden-brown tabby she-cat

Breeze That Flies Through (Breeze) – Pretty pale gray she-cat

Hawk With Tawny Feathers (Hawk) - Ginger tom


Cloud That Drifts Over Oaks (Cloud) – Pale gray and white tabby tom

White Stone on the Ground (White) – Stocky blue-gray tabby tom


Bright Colors in the Sky (Bright) – Pale ginger she-cat, training to be a cave-guard


Dove That Floats On The Wind (Dove) – Long-furred gray she-cat; mother of Hawk's kits: Frost That Coats The Ferns (Frost) (Light gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes) and Pool of Gray Waters (Pool) (Dark gray she-cat with blue eyes)

Stream of Dappled Shadows (Stream) – Gray tabby she-cat; expecting Cloud's kits