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"Rainkit, watch out!" Bramblekit squealed as he barreled into his sister's small tabby build.

"Oof!" The squeak pressed out of Rainkit as they collided, tumbling and twisted up with no escape.

"Sorry!" Bramblekit cried, struggling to try and find his footing on the ground as they rolled away. Anger captured him as he found himself physically unable to deter their flight. Gritting his teeth, the kit finally put a halt to it, stamping his paws into the ground with as much force as he could muster.

He came to a jolted stop, smiling to himself as he stood upright. "Finally," he murmured under his breath. "That was rough, wasn't it Rainkit?" He mewed, lifting a paw to give it a lick. No reply came to him. "Rainkit?" he repeated, growing tense as he raised his gaze up to look around.

"I'm still tumbling!" Rainkit shrieked.

Bramblekit whipped around in surprise, looking down the hill to surely enough see Rainkit rolling away, paws over tail. I didn't realize this hill was so steep! Bramblekit thought with bewilderment. "Don't worry Rainkit!" he shouted over the commotion of noise that his sister was now making. "I'm coming for you!"

"Thank you!" He heard Rainkit whine, her voice growing more distant.

With that, Bramblekit took off down the hill, careful not to go to fast; he didn't need himself tripping and beginning the horrible tumbling process all over again. He managed to catch up with her faster than he'd expected, racing down the hill with his body facing her. "Don't worry!" he repeated. "I've got you!"

In a midst of confusion, he ran in front of her and sat down, hoping that his weight being here would stop her tumble. He was terribly wrong as her weight added by her momentum knocked him right of his paws. He gave a squeal of surprise as he was trapped in the terrifying cycle again.

"Not again!" he shouted in frustration. He tried to distinguish where Rainkit's scruff was, and as soon as he did, he grasped it in his small mouth and once again, planted his feet in the ground.

They both came to a sudden halt and Bramblekit let his face break into a smile at relief that it was over. Rainkit settled herself again and proceeded to groom the gnarls out of her fur, giving a purr of relaxation.

"So how was that outing?" Bramblekit asked. The two of them had decided to leave the camp and go to the big hill that Dustpaw was always telling them about. He spoke about it as though it were the greatest thing by the lake. Bramblekit and Rainkit had successfully climbed it, however when an owl frightened Bramblekit, he had ran and blindly collided with Rainkit, which led to this.

"That was horrible." Rainkit replied, tensing at Bramblekit's question. "I'm never leaving camp again."

So, remarkably short, but was it at least fun? Entertaining none the less? I hope so, sorry if my writing is a bit patchy, I haven't actually written in a long time. Thanks for reading, tell me what you think! By the way… It's officially as of October 8th been two years since my beloved kitty died. My penname is in honor of her name; in case you haven't read my profile. Rest in peace sweet Missy Moo Moo :-(