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Miho was warm and for the first time in a long time as she was covered in a warm thick duvet that was so comfortable as well as a mattress that was wide and hard but not hard that is was sore but rather it was firm and comforting that she slept straight and had woke without a cramp in her back. Her eyes were still shut as she woke up but she could see light beyond her eyelids so she opened them and blinked slowly to get used to the brightness and as she sat up she pushed the duvet down. The double doors leading outside had sunshine pouring through them and onto the bed showing that the stormy weather from last night was gone and was replaced with a warm cheerful weather. While sitting up her hair that she normally neglected as it had become matted with dirt down in the lab and the had had no way to clean it now had fallen across her shoulders and was shining a almost white glow as the sunlight played across it. She let out a giggle as she felt her now revived hair with her fingers and run her hands through them then letting it fall back down to her waist again. She turned her head and looked at her sister who was lying on her stomach next to her while gently snoring and gently shook her.

"Ngh..." she moaned and buried deeper into the pillow ignoring Miho.

"Oi! Wakey wakey sleepy head, rise and shine~!" Miho said in a soft slightly sing song voice.

She was ignored again so she took the pillow she had been sleeping with and raised it up and-


Hit her sister across the back with it, good thing it was soft she thought. Her sister then rose up onto her elbows and glared at Miho.

"For waking me with the pillow you shall have to pay the consequence with your life!" She quickly scrambled up to her knees while taking her own pillow into her hands.

"Death by pillow!" she yelled and aimed for my head with a sweep and I got a mouth full of pillow as it hit me and knocked me down but I quickly retaliated and with a sweep of my pillow she was on her back and I straddled her and started tickling her sides to which she burst out in gales of laughter while clutching my arms and begging me to stop which I did but only after a little while of revenge.

"Ha! That's what you get for trying to take me down with a pillow" I said releasing her and standing above her on the bed while laughing gleefully down at her. After a moment I jumped down from the bed and gracefully loped to the doors and stood there soaking up the sun with her hands and face pressed to the glass. I heard a rustle behind me and then a small thud sound indicating that Yugana was up now too.

"Should we head to to the kitchen?" she asked from behind me and I turned around,"Luche asked us to head down there so..?"

"Yes I think we should" I agreed while soaking up as much sun.

Yugana came and pressed herself to the glass next to me also enjoying the heat, we stayed like that for a moment enjoying it and listening to the birds outside.

"Thank you Miho" Yugana said while turning her head on the glass to face me as I did in turn.

"It is not problem..." I trailed off noticing her eyes glistening with silent tears falling down her cheeks. I reached up to wipe them off and also pulled you towards me to give her a hug while she silently hiccuped onto my shoulder, although she had to bend down a bit for her head to reach. We stood together for a while then she pulled away and wiped her eyes.

"Right let's go!" She said enthusiastically and headed for the door with me following.

Once we were by the door I opened it before popping my head around to check if there was anyone in the hallway, there was no one so I walked out with my sister and we headed down the hall towards the stairs and climbed down quickly and headed across the wooden floor for the doorway on the right that led to the kitchen. Outside it I stopped again and held Yugana's hand while we both peered around the wooden frame. Everyone was there and so was Luche who was coming from the kitchen with a huge platter of flapjacks, she noticed our heads and smiled.

"Hey you two, your just in time for breakfast" She called and we quickly moved into the room and quietly walked to the two chairs we sat in last night and sat down. I had kept my head down as I was still unsure of what to say to the other's or if they even wanted to speak. Around them Miho had seen what everyone was doing while waiting for breakfast while she had walked to her chair and most of them were sitting quietly or in Skull's case snoring with his head on the table and Lal Mirch and Colonello were talking quietly to themselves about some type of training form the sounds of it and also Verde was going over some notes and typing on a laptop.

"Wow your hair is a very light colour.." commented Fon from next to me slowly and softly.

"Is it weird?" I ask subconsciously touching it.

"No no not at all, it's quiet beautiful I just never noticed it last night as your hair was wet so it looked darker" he said quickly raising his hands and waving them to reassure me.

"Oh well then it that case thank you, I inherited it from my mom" I said with a smile.

"You and your sister are like day and night, your hair representing the day and her's being the night" he poetically replied with a calming sigh.

"Yes that is quite true although our personalities attract each other" voiced Yugana

"Well they do say that opposites attract, guess I will have to stick with the rules of science this time, what ever shall I do?" I mock whined raising a hand to my chin and looking at my sister.

"What! You mean I am going to have to stick with you? I am doomed!" cried out Yugana in mock distress catching onto my act and playing along.

"Hahaha unfortunately yes" I agreed sounding gloomy and hanging my head. A moment later I was glomped by my sister in a literal bear hug which then quickly changed to her putting my head under her chin and stroking my head.

"Don't worry young one, we shall survive this evil" she said with a far away look in her eyes and I wriggled out of her grasp and started laughing.

"Haha we haven't done that for a while.."

"True but it was fun" and I nodded in agreement. We both heard laughter and looked away from each other to see the others watching us and laughing.

"You two really went into your own little world there for a moment" Lal said

"We're very sorry" I said while bowing my head quickly.

"It's fine, don't worry" said Viper

"Okay everyone eat up!" said Luche setting down the last plater of fruit and sitting down. Everyone started helping themselves. After receiving a encouraging look from Luche while she herself dished up a bowl of fruit Yugana and I took a few flapjacks while also adding some raspberries and blueberries each and then put on a little syrup and we were sorted. Reborn calmly took some flapjacks and syrup while Luche poured him his cappuccino and eating from her fruit bowel, Lal and Colonello were having the full works of eggs,toast,bacon,tomatoe and mushrooms, Viper was quietly cutting small cubes of flapjacks and also having it with a strawberries and syrup, Verde was having a few slices of frenchtoast with a cup of black coffee while now reading through a massively thick file, Fon was enjoying some of the flapjacks and a bowel of fruit all while having his eyes closed ( x-ray vision much?) and Skull and piled on his plate flapjacks,fruit,frenchtoast and on top had drizzled on syrup and was currently literally wolfing down the food... I never knew food could be swallowed at such a fast rate, won't he choke if it goes down to fast?!

"Well Skull has a huge appetite so all that food is necessary although to answer your question I have no idea how he swallows so fast..." said Fon next to me.

"Yeah and he eats like that all the time so he won't choke, but it is worrying that his gag reflex hasn't kicked in yet.." Viper also said while supposedly peering at Skull.

"Woah did I say that out load?" I ask while clasping my hands around my mouth.

"Yes you did" chuckled Reborn

"I'm sorry, I meant no offense" I say while turning bright red.

"It's fine" Skull assured me through his last mouthful so I nodded and continued with my scrumptious flapjacks.

Oh Miho and Yugana we were hoping if after breakfast you could tell us what exactly is happening with you two?" Luche gently asked.

"Sure no problem, ne Yugana?" I asked looking at my sister and noticing she was frozen and suddenly I heard her voice in my head.

'Miho I can't breath.. It hurts..Like yesterday...' she thought to me and through our connection I felt some of her pain.

"YUGANA!" I yell grabbing her shoulder's and looking into her closed eyes and watching her face as it screwed up in pain. Suddenly a line of blood came out the side of her mouth.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Lal with concerned eyes as everyone else around the table froze.

"She is probably just having some problems with recovering..." I said panicking.

"Lets move her onto her back then we can figure out what to do" ordered Luche and Reborn picked her up and lay her on the wooden floor.

"What should we do?" asked Fon as Yugana let out a wet coughing sound causing more blood to come out.

"I'll heal her.." I slowly said

"How?" asked Reborn curiously while a few others raised their eyebrows in surprise at her confidence.

I took in a deep breath to calm myself then exhaled, " With my flames... Just give me a minute I need to breathe.." I slowly said with my eyes closed in concentration.

I then backed away from Yugana to gather my thoughts on what I had to do. I then walked back to her and knelt back down and placed a hand by her lungs and built up my Mist flames and inserted them so that it could go into her body and form the correct lungs and heart and all the muscles around it to the best I could, with the illusions in place I lifted my right hand away and replaced it with my left hand that was already softly blazing with my Sun flame and started to actually physically heal Yugana's insides properly starting with her lungs. At the lab when I had healed her it had been temporary and I knew that I would have had to do this again to her although with much more effort to fully heal her it's just that my energy levels weren't ready for this. After a little while I could feel moisture on my forehead and my breaths were coming out in labored gasps but I could't give up as her lungs were almost done. Around me since I had started Fon was kneeling on the other side of Yugana and the rest were standing around having a conversation by whispering so that I couldn't hear but I heard a few snatches of them anyway...

"How can she have two flame attributes?" I heard Skull ask confusedly

"It is very rare..." Replied Verde

"Should we help her?" Voiced Luche

"No need, I have this under control" I manage to wheeze out to surprising them, " Just a little bit more and then she will be fine"

I could feel her breathing evening out but her heart was still frantic so I moved my hand a bit up and started healing the damaged heart nerves and muscles. It took a while as the lungs still needed a bit of healing as did the heart so it was no surprise that after a while Colonello and Lal left to train and Verde left for his lab to conduct his usual research, only Fon, Luche, Reborn, Skull and Viper stayed. A hour passed and every now and then my vision blurred as another bead of sweat dripped down. Fon noticing this left and returned a moment later with a bowl full of water and a cloth. He kneeled down next to me and wrung out the cloth before dabbing at my forehead and cheeks.

"...Thank you.." I whispered to him while still concentrating, I was almost done.

"It's fine how much longer till you are done?" he asked

"I think about about a few more minutes then I will be done"

I gradually started to then decrease my Sun flames until my hands were bare. I then placed my hands center on her chest and ignited my Rain flame again causing a gasp from those left as well as again my Sun flame and slowly calmed her system and finished healing her. Once done I placed the Rain flame on her forehead and calmed her mind before stopping and just while pointing one finger over her heart I ignited my Lightning flame and gave her heart a small shock to get the system running again and with that she woke with a few small coughs. I let my hands drop to my sides while standing up and moving to a chair and collapsing into it breathing hard. I felt so tired but it was worth it because now my sister was safe. She had started getting up with Fon helping her and eventually stood up and wobbled over with his help.

"Thank you Miho" She said softly as she sat back down in her chair tired and slightly slumped.

"Can I get you guys something to drink?" asked Luche and we just nodded

"Okay I will go call everyone back now" said Reborn getting up and walking out the door.

"Miho how many flame attributes do you have?" asked Viper from across the table in her/his seat.

"I have all seven of them although only can use a few well enough to do what I just did"

"Is that even possible?" asked Luche setting down out two glasses of water.

"Yes it is, well in our family it has happened in a past generation that our Great Grandmother had all seven but it hasn't happened since then..." I said while gulping down a few much needed sips while staring at the faces of the adults around me.

"So you don't have these flames because of what they did to you, you had them before?" asked Luche.

"Yes we both did"

"Wow incredible..." murmured Fon while sitting in his seat.

At that moment Reborn returned with everyone and once they were seated we both knew it was question time and prepared ourselves for it.

"Right so what do you all want to know?" I asked folding my hands in my lap and looking out across the table

"Well how old where you when you were taken by the Estraneo Famiglia and how did it happen?" asked Lal in a professional voice although I wouldn't know what that was but I just presumed it was her serious voices as the tone sounded the same as whenever Giovanni spoke to me about a large operation except hers was also soft.

"I was three and Yu-nee was six and it happened one night when we were asleep, these men came to get us at our house..." I trailed off.

"We were separated after that and I only saw Miho yesterday for the first time since then.." Yugana picked up.

"What type of experiments did the perform on you?" asked Verde

"Various types that all evolved around our flame types, I am not sure of all the specifics, I can only have a few guesses..." I said looking at Yugana to see if she knew more.

"I didn't get experimented on much mostly as each experiment took a huge toll on my body and I had to be put under medical care for long periods after each one so I don't know either, although I remember Giovanni once saying that they were looking for ways to manipulate the flames and use them or recreate them for something..." Yugana said looking at Verde.

"Why hasn't your parents and family come after you two yet?" Luche asked gently and we looked at each other not know how to answer.

"Well that is because the one who gave the rights to work and experiment on us was...was.." I stopped not knowing how to continue.

"The reason our parents haven't come for us is because it was our father who gave us to them..." Yugana finished also looking down.

"Your father did...This to you?" Lal asked shocked

"Yes" answered Yugana

Around the table the Arcobelano's faces were frozen in shock.

"That is unforgivable..." said Reborn leaning back in his seat with his arms folded," For a famiglia member to harm one's own is against the rules of the Mafia and it also just plain cruel."

"Who is your father?" Colonello asked

"You might know him as the Boss of the Dragotta Famiglia..." I said

"Ah yes we have heard of him although it is a quiet family" said Viper

There was silence for a few moments while everyone absorbed what they had just heard.

"Oh about last night you two had just managed to escape right?" Lal asked and we both nodded.

"So since we were the first place you guys stopped by I am guessing you hadn't been running long?" Again we nodded and the rest caught on to her true question.

"So in other words the place that you to have been kept at isn't too far from here?" Lal asked getting to the point.

Yugana and Miho looked at each other, uncertainty showing in their eyes before turning back to the waiting Arcobelano's.

"Yes it isn't too far from here, actually it is in the next estate from here I think" Miho answered.

"But their isn't any labs in that direction, their is only another estate with a normal mansion on it" Skull said confusedly.

"Yes it is our family home..." said Yugana through clenched teeth.

"So the labs are there?" asked Lal

"Yes..." said Yugana

"What's wrong?" Asked Luche noticing the tense shoulders of the two.

"..." Miho opened her mouth and the closed it again while closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"Last night we only managed to escape because I had somehow managed to heal and regain enough energy to move, so I got my sister and we went up the stairs and then when we got the the door and slowly opened it only to find ourselves in our own house, to be specific, in our house's library... " Miho managed to say but again fell silent.

"That whole time we spent down there wishing to go back home, the whole time we were in pain and hurting it turned out we were home, just underneath it..." Yugana finished with a sob.

"That must have been your father's doing..." Luche asked softly

"It was" I admitted slowly

"How do you know that?" asked Lal sharply.

"After the night we were taken I woke up by myself without Miho and shortly after a man came in and said his name is Dr Giovanni and that he as well as a few others would be experimenting on our Dying Will Flames and that our father had...our father had... Allowed them to experiment on us..."

"Your own father gave you two to them knowing what was going to happen?" Reborn asked with a dangerous glint forming in his eyes.

We both just nodded unsure of what to say next and around them the Arcobelano's were having a silent eye communication conversation on what to do.

"You two look at me" said Luche and they looked up into her eyes.

"While you are recovering you can stay here and also figure out what to do next, when that is done we will then help you to get sorted out, okay?" she said in her soft yet warm and firm voice looking us in the eyes. We glanced at each other with our eyes glittering with unshed tears and turning back nodded at Luche.

"Thank you" We both said happily

"It is a pleasure, you two while you are here you will be in safe hands, trust us, okay?" she asked we nodded again and immediately the tense atmosphere that we had been feeling caused by the harsh questions lifted and we exhaled and looked at each other with hope in our eyes and true happy smiles on our faces.

Around the table smiles adorned the faces Arcobelano's, even Verde cracked a small smile. Even though the problem was still there to be sorted it could wait a little while, the two children deserved the break from everything they had been through. Luche sat up and leaned against her two arms on the table and looking at us.

"Do you want to help me bake some cookies and make lunch?" She asked

"Sure!" They both chirped and around them everyone besides Reborn and Fon left to o about their own business as before.

Luche went to the kitchen and we followed happy to help. She took out a old thick book from a bookshelf on a the wall just outside of the kitchen area, it had pieces of paper sticking out at random intervals and other pieces of paper with words scrawled in neat pencil placed under the cover. She took it over to the near counter top and opened it to what seemed a familiar page to her. We had followed her to the counter and we sitting on the stools placed underneath it and were looking at her, waiting for instructions, although they were both nervous as they had never baked before. She looked at us and winked.

"You girls ready?"

"Uh Luche..?" Yugana started


"We have...um...Never baked or cooked before.. So um we're sorry if we do something wrong..." She mumbled to a finish with a slight bow with her head and Miho next to her mimicking her.

"You have never cooked before?" she asks setting down the book with slight disbelieving eyes

"Yes even though I was 6 when we were taken I was sickly so something such as this was not allowed for me and when I was well I preferred to be outside with Miho..."

"Oh that is understandable, don't worry it is easy if you just follow the instructions one by one and besides if you get stuck I am here to help you" Luche laughed a little then moved on into the actual kitchen and started taking out mixing bowl, various needed utensils such as measuring cups, a scale etc which she all put onto one section of the counter that was wide and on the other side of the kitchen, above it was a wide wooden framed window that opened in the middle to the outside and she opened it to let in the fresh breeze blow in and to let some of the sun partially come in to land of the semi wide sill below. Then she bustled over to the cupboards lined up on the other side, all with various shaped doors and draws and started pulling out the ingredients for the biscuits and laid them out next to the mixing bowls. She finished laying the things out by placing a low stool by the counter for Miho, who was still a bit short, to step on and put the recipe book on a small stand nearby, making it easier to read while baking. She then turned around to the both of us and beckoned us over.

"Now there are a few rules to the kitchen and don't worry they are not strict or anything, they are simple," Luche started, " Whenever you are in the kitchen always make sure that your hands are clean, hygiene is of a great importance when cooking. Next is to follow the recipe exactly, never substitute or leave out ingredients as it will change the process and the flavour in the end and you don't want that and another important one is to relax, in the kitchen it is never good to be stressed" she finished off her little lecture to the two girl then moved out of the way so that they could move forward.

"Okay now we are going to be making my special cookies that I make for everyone here, there is no specific flavour for it as the first time I made it I just threw together random ingredients but I managed to write the recipe down from memory." Luche said while double checking the ingredients with the book.

"Okay here we go, Yugana pass me the flour will you and Miho could you had me the scales?" she said and we both complied.

"Now see here this is how you measure the things out," she said while pouring out the flour into the scale," Then once you have reached the correct amount your put it in the bowl via the sieve..."

Luche continued her instruction with the two of them and helped them measure and pour all of the dry ingredients in as the recipe said all the while paying attention to what Luche said and did. Once the dry ingredients were in they added the wet ingredients slowly and one by one ingredient they stirred it in and slowly the mixture thickened and became the necessary dough needed to lay out.

"Right," Luche enthusiastically said while patting her hands on her orange apron she had slipped on silently before," Now we can roll it out and cut out the shapes!"

"Shapes?" we both asked while washing our hands to rinse off the doughy mixture.

"Yes although they won't be the usual round ones, I have special ones for these, do you want to see?" she asked

"Yes please." We both asked drying our hands on a towel she gave before heading over to a draw under one of the counters and pulling it open and bringing out a cookie cutter in a familiar shape.

"Is that a pacifier shaped cookie cutter?" Yugana asked

"Yes it is, it is cute isn't it?" she asked while walking back over to show us. It was made out of a metal of sorts to make it easier to cut out the shapes. Luche brought our attention back to the dough as she picked it up out of the bowel and slowly lowered it onto the surface next to it that was slightly floured and then picked up the rolling pin that she had showed us earlier.

"Okay now this is how you roll it," she said while starting to roll the pin across the dough at a semi random but slowly a practiced pace while we both watched on either side of her. After a while she handed the pin to Yugana and gestured for her to come and try and after a few hesitant strokes she too got into a broken rhythm but I could tell she was enjoying herself because her smile got wider and wider as she went along eventually Luche stopped as the dough had been spread out thin enough.

"Right now, Miho hand me the cookie cutter? she asked while setting the pin aside and taking the cutter and going into the top left corner she placed it on top before pressing it down and wiggling it around and then pulling it out to show the pacifier shaped cookie dough which she took out and placed on the baking tray on the counter behind us, she came back quickly and quickly cut out a whole two rows in quick succession, she then gave me and I hesitantly pressed down where she pointed out and wiggled it like she did then pulled it out and smiled at the little shape and I looked up Luche and she nodded encouragingly for me to continue down the strip of dough while Luche and Yugana took each one I cut out and put it on the tray and soon I was done and Luche took the remaining dough and squished it up and rolled it flat again and this time Yugana cut out pieces and I place them on the tray.

"Are we done now?" I asked while Luche walked over to the oven and opened it.

"Well after I put them in and set the timer then yes we are done!" she said with a smile while she placed the tray carefully in the preheated oven and closed the door.

"Well done you two, you girls did well for your first time, now while we wait for those to bake let's make lunch okay?" She asked us.

"Okay Luche!" We both were so happy that we managed to do everything and it was also very fun and relaxing.

"Well before that let's take a breather okay?"

"Yes sure" Yugana said

Luche headed to the cupboard and pulled out three glasses and then went to the fridge to pull out some fresh orange juice, poured it then handed us each a glass which we gratefully gulped down not realizing our thirst till the juice hit our lips. Luche leaned back against the countertop and watched the two girls gulp down the juice quickly then looked eachother and laugh at how quickly they had swallowed it. It was sad to know that these two had gone trough such hard times by themselves but Luche was happy because now she could help them and with thought she set her her glass down.

"Right let's make lunch!" she exclaimed while clapping her hands together to gain their attention.

"Alright!" they said turning to her from their laughing with smiles on their faces.

Yes she was definitely going to protect these two and take care of their troubles.

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