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An Independence Hymn

Chapter 1 – The Eve of the Hated Day

England hated this time of the year. Every time that dreaded date came close, most nations had learned to keep away from him or else face they would have his irritation directed at them. Yet the one nation that was the source of England's loathing of the entire month never seemed to get a clue.

"Iggy! Are you gonna come to my party tomorrow?" America's voice blurt out of the phone so loudly that England had to hold the phone away from his ear.

I really need to get caller ID on my home phone… England rubbed his forehead as a headache began to form. America was the last person he wanted to talk to, especially in July. There was also the fact that America had the nerve to ask him to his party, which only added to his growing anger. "Don't call me 'Iggy,' you git! Also, it's 'going to' not 'gonna.'"

"Alright, Artie! But you didn't answer my question!"

Arthur's anger rose a bit more. Where does he get these nicknames? He knows I hate these abbreviations, but he even comes up with one for my human name! Is he trying to make me mad?

Despite the rage within his thoughts, he tried to be calm as aloud he said, "I'm not 'Iggy' or 'Artie' or any of your ridiculous nicknames, wanker! And of course, I'm not going to your bloody party!" Actually, England found himself yelling into the phone, so he basically failed at keeping calm.

There was a short pause as America seemed to process this. "Why not?" He finally asked. "Don't you wanna celebrate my birthday with me and everyone else?"

England's anger finally reached the critical point and exploded. "Why the bloody hell would I want to celebrate your birthday? I hate it, and I hate you! Just leave me alone!"

As he slammed his phone into its cradle, he thought he heard America start to protest, but he ignored it. For a few moments, Arthur just stood in the hall trying to calm down, his breath coming out in small pants.

"I need a cup of tea…" He mumbled to himself.

England sighed and made his way into the kitchen. He quickly put the kettle on the stove to get the water boiling, and quickly made the other arrangements for a calming cup of Earl Grey. As he was moving about he accidentally glanced at the calendar and he couldn't help but glare at it, a scowl crossing his face.

July 3rd. That was today's date. Tomorrow, America's so-called "birthday," was the anniversary of the beginning of what England referred to as his ultimate failure. July 4th was the day that America, his cute little brother, had decided to declare independence on him and America had not been afraid to use force to gain his freedom. It was the day when America had broken Arthur's heart.

Why does he think I would want to go to his blasted party? I have never attended it before and I have never even said "happy birthday" to him. Why should I? England's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the kettle screeching. He quickly took it off the burner and poured the water into the cup filled with tealeaves.

After his tea was made, he went into his living room and sat in his favorite chair, resuming his train of thought. I gave the little brat everything! I'll admit that I taxed him a bit, but it was less than what my citizens over here were being taxed! And then there was the Boston Massacre, but his citizens were the ones who started it!

"Yes, a bloody revolution was fine thanks for everything I did for him." England muttered, staring into his tea.

Unbidden, memories of America when he first started as a colony came to mind, and the irritation that England had been experiencing ever since the calendar had shown that it was July was swept away in a wave of sadness. Arthur's eyes started to water a bit at the thought of chibi America looking up at him with a look of love in his sky blue eyes. "The little git probably never really loved me. If he had loved me, he wouldn't have rebelled."

He continued to tell himself that. After all, he figured that he had done nothing that would have caused America to start hating him. The love America had shown him must have been a lie then.

Was he even capable of trying to lie at that age? A small part of him whispered.

Arthur decided to ignore that part of his mind.

He sighed once again and sipped the last dregs of his tea. He started to rise from his chair when he felt a vibration from his pocket.

Frowning, England took out his cell phone and flipped it open to look at the newly received text message.

"C'mon Iggy! Thre'll b firewrks! 3 XD – USA" It read.

He stared at the message. Then his rage came back in full force and he threw his cell phone towards the wall. It hit with enough force for the back to pop off, and the phone, its back, and its battery all fell to the floor.

"Bloody git!" England shouted as he stomped back towards the kitchen.

As he proceeded to make himself another cup of tea, Arthur decided something. "I'll never celebrate that wanker's birthday! That arsehole doesn't deserve to be told 'happy birthday' and he'll certainly never hear it from me!"

Later, in the evening, England finally calmed down after a few small glasses of scotch. "Ugh, I just want this whole bloody affair over and done with." He sighed for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

As he went towards the stairs to go to bed, he saw his cell phone still lying next to the wall. "I'll just let it lay there so no one tries to contact me instantly," he muttered.

Once upstairs, he quickly changed into his pajamas and crawled into bed, where he soon fell asleep.

And then all was well.

At least, it was well until midnight struck.