It's been such a long time, Young Master, since you've become a demon and still I can't look at you without hiding my feelings with a blank gaze that fills your eyes with pain and fear. I come closer at your request, looking at my feet because I can't stand to look at you. Part of me blames you for making me feel like this but I know it's not your fault, not really.

I remember a time when I used to tease you with touches that sent shivers down your spine and brought up goose bumps to that perfect flesh of yours. I constantly wish it could be like that now, wish I could touch you and hold you but I know it wouldn't be acceptable. I'm not sure if I could contain myself, from tell you that I want you, need you. Love you. I seem like a love-sick fool. Perhaps I am.

Let me embrace you; let me hold you just this once and then I promise to behave. I'll do what you want, just let me hold you. Yes, like that. Let me feel your warmth, your fragile body in my strong arms. Can you hear my heart skip a beat? Can you hear my breathing shallow? All those reactions just from holding you.

Then you promise to let me go, making me gasp your title. You tell me I'm free of you, that I can go now and leave you to fend for yourself. Part of me wants to stay, wants to stay desperately and keep on holding you. I want to take away your pain, Ciel ...Young Master. If I have to leave to do that, then so be it. I'll go. For you, I'll go even if it hurts me. Perhaps it's for the best, My Lord.

My hand burns as I walk away, the contract destroying itself as we part ways. I hear a thud when I close the door and I wonder if you're having one of your tantrums that remind me of an angry little kitten. Either way, I don't look back even though I want to. I want to go to you, calm you down and make you smile. When was the last time you smiled ...Ciel?

Days pass. Or perhaps weeks or months, I don't know. I spend my days thinking of you, gorging on any human that crosses me. I no longer have much care of the taste; I just need something that doesn't remind me of you. I try to find someone, something, a soul as disgusting as possible. The complete opposite of you. Of course it doesn't work.

You're all I can think of. You're all I see, all I want.

I'm desperate to see you, to take even the smallest glimpse of your face, those eyes. Blue. Pure, untainted, crystal blue. Sapphires. Your eyes are sapphires. Both of them now. Did you know that sapphires became my favourite gemstones when I met you? Did you know how obsessed I am with everything that makes you who you are?

I find you on the floor of the room I left you in, your breathing shallow and your heartbeat faint. "Young Master?" is all I can think of to say, praying that it's just a doll on the floor and not you but you stir, your eyes flickering under your eyelids making it known that you live still, "Ciel." I pick you up, holding you, and carry you to your room. I press my lips to yours, prying yours open with my tongue as I force in a soul.

"Sebastian..." you whisper as your eyes open to meet mine, "you're not meant to be here."

I lie you upon your bed, "Why not?" I demand almost angrily but I know my eyes are watery with desperation, guilt and sadness. I should never have left you.

"I let you go," you rasp as I lovingly stroke your cheek.

"Oh, little one," I whisper, "What have you done to yourself?"

I see confusion in your eyes. Do you think I don't care for you? That I'm mocking you? Oh, Ciel, do you not realise what you mean to me? Can you not understand the depth of what I feel for you, how I've always felt? Was I really so cold to you? I guess I hid my feelings well.

"Let me die," you beg, a request that rips me apart inside. Can you not feel my pain at hearing you ask me that? Surely it radiates off me in waves?

"No," I tell you. I know you're a demon now but surely you're not so cruel to make me do something like that? I couldn't.


"No," I repeat and my voice breaks.

"Please," you sound awfully pitiful but that doesn't matter to me.

"No," I cup your face tenderly, "Ask anything of me, little one, just not that. I won't do that." I'll give you the world if that's what you desire. Anything, ask me for anything and I'll do it, I'll get it but I cannot end you and I will not let you do it yourself or let anyone else do it. Can you not understand that?

Tears spill from your eyes, "Sebastian..."

"No, Ciel. I can't let you die." And I press my lips to yours.

You respond, kissing me back sweetly as my passions for you take hold. Our lips touch, meeting over and over, the kiss soft and slow as you submit to me. Then I push another soul down your throat and you struggle. I hold you tight, forcing you to swallow. I want you to live, Ciel. I look at you with desperate eyes, "I won't let you die."

You look at me with longing eyes; those brilliant sapphires dull with confusion and pain, "why?" you ask softly.

I rest my forehead against yours as I answer, "I no longer know how to live without you."

I feel you frown and I move my head to look at you, waiting for your reply, "You've only known me a few years. You've been around for centuries. I'm sure you can manage."

I almost laugh.

I take old of your hands, intertwining my fingers with yours and pin them alongside your head. "I thought so too but... it seems I have formed an attachment with you much deeper that I originally thought."

Your eyes fill with further confusion. I know how you dislike being confused, "What do you..."

"I love you, Ciel." I interrupt, condemning you to silence as you stare up at me with wide eyes; eyes that fill with desperate tears.

"Don't lie to me." you beg. "Please, Sebastian. Don't. I'm not ... I'm not strong e-enough. N-not for this game. No more games. Please. Just go."

My mouth falls on yours. Your lips part and we kiss over and over again, my index finger trailing down your cheek, your neck, making you shiver. "Tell me you don't love me," I say my voice barely a whisper, "tell me that and I'll go. Look me in the eye, my love, and say that you don't. Then, and only then, I'll leave you."

You stare at me in silence and I begin to hope.

"Tell me that you love me and I'm yours." I say seeking out a brief kiss.

Your eyes flicker to mine, "I..." you begin but stop. "H-how do I know this isn't some plot to make a fool out of me?"

I let out a sigh, "What can I do? What can I do that will convince you that I'm in love with y-" your mouth is on mine before I can finish. The kiss is desperate, longing.

"I love you too."

Joy fills me and I look at you with a tender gaze. "Let me love you, Ciel." I murmur. "Let me take you. I promise to be gentle. I just want to love you."

Your breath catches in your throat, "n-no." You choke out and I wonder if I've overstepped my mark, if I've offended you with my desires. I wonder if I should move away and let you have your space. I can't deny I'm disappointed but I'll wait if that's what you want.

But then you continue, "don't be gentle."

I blink in confusion. Could it be that you want me, all of me, without holding back? I know you can withstand a demon's strength now but I don't want to hurt you, to scare you away and loose you for the rest of forever. I've already waited too long for you to be born.

"I want you. I don't want you to pretend. I don't want you to be gentle. It's not you." You explain and I feel my eyes glow slightly with lust and I see your lust too.

I want you.

All of you.

"Yes, my Lord," I find myself answering as I capture your lips with my own, forcing you into a kiss rougher than you're used to. "My Love." You use your own tongue to fight back but you quickly submit to me, allowing my possessive nature as I explore your mouth. "My Ciel." I savagely begin kissing your neck and you gasp my name as you tilt your head, giving me more room to mark you as mine. Only mine.

Buttons string to the floor as I hurry to taste more flesh. I bite the erect buds on your chest and you moan. My shirt tears under your fingers and my mouth returns to yours, possessively claiming that hot cavern, rough and demanding. I accidently bit your lip and draw blood but you don't seem to mind.

I rip off your trousers and bruise the insides of your thighs. I look at you with guilt ridden eyes but then I realise that you're enjoying this, enjoying the sweetness of this torture. "Sebastian," you moan as if to confirm my suspicions. I begin to prepare you though I know we're both impatient for the main event. You gasp and moan my name when I find your prostate. I remove my fingers and your hands fondle with my belt.

I chuckle at your frustration when you can't undo it then pout adorably when I manage to do it myself.

I thrust in, entering you swiftly only to find myself buried in a tight heat so pleasurable, I can barely contain myself. I pound into you eagerly when I realise your cry was from the pleasure of locating your prostate successfully. Your eyes seek out mine and I'm only too happy to meet them.

I growl in delight when you run your hands over my body then your nails dig into my back. You moan my name in warning as you near your completion and I reach between us to stroke your member, knowing I'm close too.

You come and I come soon after with a breathless cry of your name.

"I love you." I promise as we come down from our high. "I'll never leave you."

You pull me down for another kiss, "I love you too."

There's no need for anymore words. We both know how we feel. I love you.

I do, you know.

I love you, Ciel.

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