The First Overlord

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Summary: The games tell the story of other Overlords but what about the first?. See how the First Overlord rises to power, begins his reign and wages war across the land.

''Testing'' = speech

'Testing' = Thought

*Testing* = Flashback

'It had been two month since they came and my home town, Calaria fell to those bandits, the Shadow Claws' thought Zack. Calaria was a small trade village that stayed out of any wars that broke out and just sold meat, crops and wood to get a income to sustain the village, the village wasn't well guarded but it had a Militia of 40 to protect it from any harm that may come the Calaria's way. He was one of the few to escape Calaria before the Shadow Claws took full control and either killed or enslaved the people in the village. Since the escape I have been practising the powers I gained in my escape from the attack, I still remember it as if it had been yesterday.

*Begin Flash Back*

Zack was making a dash for the village gate, he knew the village militia wouldn't be able to fight the Shadow Claws, with the frequent raids in the last month the militia had lost over 2/5 of there troops, so he was going to escape the village, his Mother and Father had just been killed by some Shadow Claws bandits trying to protect him, so nothing held him here now. About 10 feet from the village gate he was stopped when a man in in leather armour, which had the insignia of the Shadow claws on it, stepped in front of him and blocked his path.

The Bandit sneered at him ''Going somewhere you little brat'' snarled the man. Zack glared at the man before he said ''Away from here!''. Zack drew his knife and leapt at the the man, the Shadow Claw bandit, not expecting this only managed to grab onto Zacks wrists to stop the knife from hitting him, but the force of the impact knocked him onto his back.

''Die Shadow Claw'' Zack shouted, trying to forced the knife forward. The Bandit snarled and threw Zack off him, but Zack who was desperate grabbed onto something tied to the Bandits belt and ripped it off. The bandit managed to get to his feet and draw his sword before Zack could get up, the man smirked at Zack, who had lost his knife when the bandit threw him off.

Zack just stared at the Yellow stone which was pulsing in his hand, Zack felt a rush of power and felt something locked deep within in him be unleash, he felt invincible with this new power. The bandit raised his sword and sneered ''Time to die kid'' before swinging his sword towards Zacks neck, suddenly lightning fired from Zacks hands and destroyed the mans sword.

The bandit stared is disbelief at what had just happened, this kid had somehow destroyed his sword with some sort of lightning. Zack stood up and looked at the bandit with cold eyes ''Die you Shadow claw scum'' said Zack before he fired lightning with both hands at the bandit, who screamed in pain before he was turned into a smoking pile of ash and a few burned limbs.

The stone flashed yellow and with that Zack looted the bandits body and found a knife and a small pouch of coins, Zack retrieved his discarded knife and left the Village that he wouln't see again for years to come.

*End Flash Back*

Other than training my powers, I had a strange compulsion to head to Norgberg, curious I made my way to Norgberg after killing a few raider patrol's to get the money I needed for food for my trek to the icy town. I still had one month of travel before I reached Norgberg and I was doing well, killing a few animals for some free fresh meat every now and then and sleeping in a small tent I had purchased.

At night as I spelt I was awoke by the rustling of leaves and I could here people talking outside my tent. I grabbed the sword I had taken from the corpse of a dead raider and peaked out the entrance on my tent, I saw three men in leather armour and each with a sword on their belts talking to each other I heard a few points of their conversation ''Looks like a one man tent'' and ''Lets just take his stuff and go''.

Zack glared at the men who thought they could rob him. He gripped his sword tightly and burst out of the test and charged at the men, All three of them jumped and before either of them could do anything Zack had shoved his sword through one of the men's heart and cut the arm off another, at that time the third man had drawn his sword and swung it at Zack. Zack just raised his sword and blocked the man's sword before ducking under the man's blade, swinging his sword and decapitating him.

Zack glanced at the whimpering man who's arm had been cut off and raised his sword before plunging his sword into the man's neck and watched with a grim smile as he quickly died, oddly since obtaining the Yellow stone, which he got a chain for so he could hang it around his neck, he found the idea of killing fine with him, not to say he liked killing or would go around killing anyone he saw but if he needed to he would kill and wouldn't feel any remorse. Zack searched the dead men's bodies and found 114 gold coins between them and a water pouch. He placed the gold coins in his money pouch and drank what has left of the water in the pouch and throwing it away. After packing up the tent Zack placed on his leather armour and placed his two knifes and sword in their sheaths he set off on the path to Norgberg, never noticing the three flashes of the Yellow stone as he killed the three men.

1 month later

'Finally' thought Zack as he saw the the gates of Norgberg. Zack could say he was sick of travelling in the snow and sleeping in the tent which didn't keep the cold out at all. After reaching the gate and being let inside Zack went to the Inn and booked a room for the night and then went and got a hot meal. Zack looked at a girl of about 17 walking past him 'I would love to break her will and make her submit to me' Zack smiled before shaking his head. One other thing is that his thoughts had become a bit darker since he acquired the Yellow stone, not that he minded, he quite liked them but they could be a bit distracting at times.

After buying some food, water and a new wolf fur coat to keep him warm, he walked back to the Inn to rest for the night before resuming his Journey, after getting closer to Norgberg Zack could tell it was the a mountain near the town he needed to go but he decided to rest for the night Norgberg before heading out. After walking into the Inn he headed up to his room, shrugged his coat off and led on the bed and fell into a peaceful slumber.

After waking up he got dressed and put on his new coat and walked downstairs. Going up to the man at the counter ''What's on for breakfast?'' questioned Zack. The man at the counter shrugged ''We only got roasted seal meat'' said the man.

''Fine, how much for a large portion'' asked Zack. ''6 gold coins'' replied the man, placing 6 gold coins on the counter Zack told the man he would be at the table in the corner before walking over to the table and sitting down.

A few minutes later two men,walked into the bar and ordered drinks at the counter before sitting at the table next to Zack. ''So what happened in Calaria James, I heard rumours about what happened but could you tell me what?'' questioned one of the two men

James sighed ''It was horrible Dean, a group called the Shadows Claws attacked the village in the afternoon. There were around 40 of them and the villages militia where overwhelmed, only a few people managed to get out, Me, a few villagers, two elfs, a dwarf and a few traders, there might have been others but they were the only who got out that I saw'' James shuddered ''Everyone else was either killed and enslaved''

The man known as Dean spoke ''That's horrible, I'm just glad some people were able to get out of there''. ''Same here, hope i don't see anything like it again'' said James. Right then there beers arrived and both men began to discuss more pleasant topics''

Zack, who had received his food about half way through there conversation, was having dark thoughts about what he would want do to those Shadow Claw scum for killing and enslaving the people of Calaria and killing his family. He quickly finished his meal and set off, going out the gates of Norgberg and heading towards the mountain, where the Yellow stone was telling him to go.

After a few hours walking through the snow and a weak blizzard he arrived at a cave near the top of a mountain that was a hours walking distance from the town of Norgberg. Zack smirked. He could sense the darkness at the cave entrance, the Yellow stone was pulsing in sync with his heart instead of just lightly glowing, wherever the stone was leading him to was in this cave.

Zack walked into the cave and followed the path, which after a few minutes turned into a spiral which lead down into the mountain, after 10 minutes of walking the spiral walkway he noticed all the light below him and saw waterfalls of lava all around and pools of it at the bottom of the mountain. After a further 20 minute walk Zack was sure he had passed the bottom of the mountain and was now underground. A few minutes later he had arrived at the bottom of the spiral stairs, he became walking about and jumped when what looked like a mini-volcano, with a golden light shining out of it, popped out of the ground. Zack walked closer to it and the Yellow stone shone brightly and a creature that resembled a imp jumped out of the mini-volcano.

Zack quickly drew his sword and pointed it at the creature ''What the hell are you!'' shouted Zack. The creature jumped up and down on the spot ''Me Minion, first Minion, you Masta!'' the creature said excitedly.

Zack lowered his sword but did not return it to its sheath ''How am I your master?'' question Zack. ''You summon me with shiny rock masta'' answered the Minion. Zack looked at the Yellow stone, which was shining a bright yellow and pulsing in sync with his heart beat. Zack looked around and decided to explore this place.

''Fine follow me, I want to explore this place'' said Zack before walking off, the first minion following him. After a few minutes exploring Zack came across what looked like a huge purple rock, as Zack walked towards it the purple rock began to move and shake before it stood up on all fours to reveal the purple rock was actually a dragon ''Who are you and why have you come here Intruder of the Netherworld'' roared the Dragon.

Zack gulped but stood up straight and stared the dragon in the eyes ''I am Zack of Calaria, I come here by a compulsion on this stone'' said Zack before showing the Yellow stone to the Dragon. The Dragons eyes widened ''That is the Stone crafted by the Wizard who served the Forgotten God, you must have a the potential to be a leader of Evil to be able to wield the Stone, you have the power to free the forgotten god from the abyss with the Stone and the Tower Heart, which resides here'' said the Dragon

''If it had the power to free the Forgotten god then why didn't the Wizard free him?'' asked Zack. ''The Wizard was too old to use the stone and release the god before he finished it, so do you intend to use the power of the Stone and the Tower Heart to free the Forgotten god?'' questioned the Dragon

Zack thought about it, he had heard about the Forgotten God from the priest at Calaria, he was a god who was only outmatched by the Mother-Goddess who locked him in the Abyss, he could free him and serve the God and receive power while serving under him. 'or' thought Zack 'I could take the power for myself and become leader of all the land' Zack imagined himself conquering all the towns and City's and enslaving the races and making them bow before him. Zack had decided

Zack smirked ''No i will not free the Forgotten God, Instead i will use the power of the Stone and the Tower Heart and become leader of all the land''. The Dragon was shocked by this as the Wizard was totally devoted to the God and only wished to free him, but if this Human took the power for himself then he would be the leader of Darkness in the world, a new breed of Evil that the world had never seen before. The Dragon laughed ''Then we should get started, you will need to make modifications to the ritual so you can absorbs the power''

And with that Zack and the dragon worked together to modify the ritual so instead of using the power of the stone and Tower heart to open a gate to the abyss the power would enter Zack, it was risky as the power would either make him powerful and increase the Evil and Darkness in him to be a true lord of Evil or it would overwhelm him and blow him into a million peices.

It was time, this day would decide if Zack became a powerful leader of Darkness or be destroyed by the powers of the Stone, Netherworld and the Tower Heart.

The night was cloudy, blocking out the view of the full moon and the bright stars, below in the Netherworld Zack, the Dragon and the First Minion entered the chamber. Zack walked up to the black Tower Heart while the First Minion and the Dragon waited at the rooms entrance. As Zack stood in front of the the dead Tower Heart, Zack lifted the Stone above his head and reached out with his magic and the power of the stone. The Stone lit up and became a bright yellow and when the power of the stone came into contact with the TowerHeart the Heart began to glow a bright blue which both pulsed in sync with each other. Evil energy began to swirl around Zack as the power of the Netherworld entered the TowerHeart, which then entered the Stone.

The Dragon, who name was Daganth, and the first minion watched in awe as the Evil energy swirled around Zack and the Stone and Tower Heart flashed in sync with each other.

Zack then placed the Stone to his heart while staring straight at the Stone ''Powers of darkness hear my cry, I call upon you to give me the power to lead the Darkness against the light and to bring the world to it's knee's'' said Zack and the Evil energy began to swirl faster and the Netherworld began to shake.

''I will be the Master of Darkness!, the Destroyer of the light and anyone else who dare oppose the Darkness!'' Shouted Zack ''Let the Powers of the Netherworld, the Heart and the Stone flow through me and make me the Lord of Darkness'' Zack screamed in pain as the three powers entered him and changed him from a skinny 14 year old, to a muscular Warrior. On the surface, pure black clouds surrounded the mountain. The Evil of the Netherworld had finally found a vessel and as the vessel was chosen the entire world shook and the skys turned pitch black.

All across the lands everyone be it Human, Dwarf, Halfling or Elf could sense a new Evil that the world had never before seen had been born to the world and prepared to fight against it should it ever come to destroy them and there homes.

Zack knew all that happened, he could free the fear and terror of all the races and knew he caused it, but he also knew that the races would prepare to fight him. As the powers calmed down and the Netherworld accepted him as it's master. The world above was silent, not daring to move for fear that the evil would descend upon them. Below in the heart of the Netherworld the Minion and Daganth watched as the whirlwind died and dropped Zack infront of them, but he was no longer wearing the leather armour, he was wearing dark grey, almost black, armour and a blood red cape that fell down his back. The silver short sword he carried was now as black as the night sky and long and sharp. He wore a helmet which, like the armour was a dark grey, almost black colour and had three sharp points sticking out of the top. The stone was now in a point gauntlet on his arm and the Tower Heart was swirling with many colours and finally Zack opened his eye that were once a light blue, were now a emerald green colour. Deganth stared in undisguised awe.

''You did it!, you are now the Master of Darkness and ruler of the Netherworld!, soon the world will fear the name Zack'' Daganth shouted.

Zack walked over to the black thrown before sitting in it and shaking his head. ''Not Zack, Daganth. That name does not deserve to pass the lips of the weak fools on the surface. They will know me as their dark ruler and worst nightmare They will look upon me and wonder what they did to deserve my rule or wrath. Many will fear me, some will love me. But all will know me as The Overlord." A dark laugh echoed from the helm as the Overlord of Darkness and Evil sat in the glow of the Tower Heart, deep in the pits of the Netherworld.

The Evil that had remained sealed away for many years had found a way to return as everyone should know, Evil always finds a way.

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