The Fall of Meadow Hills part 3 - Gubbys last stand

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Summary: The games tell the story of other Overlords but what about the first?. See how the First Overlord rises to power, begins his reign and wages war across the land.

''Testing'' = speech

'Testing' = Thought/Netherworld connection

*Testing* = Flashback

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It had been one week since Spree and Castle Spree had been conquered by the Overlord and a lot has changed, Spree had become a powerful fortification, one thousand brown minions, five hundred red minions and two hundred and fifty greens patrolled on the walls and streets and guarded the four guard towers along with forty human guards and ten bowmen while a moderately sized building had been turned into a hospital by fifty blue minions. The rusty and thin metal gates had been replaced by thick and shining Durium and the half mouldy wooden logs that formed the wall around Spree had been replaced by strong and fresh oak.

Things had also been going well at the Nordberg, the villages defences were increasing, the wooden walls had been replaced by tall stone walls and the gates had also been changed from steel to Durium and the number of all kinds of Minions in Nordberg had doubled. Another point would be Nordbergs port Nordhaven, technically it was another village but it was counted as a part of Norgberg because of its small size. Norghaven had a population of thirty instead of Norgbergs population of one hundred. He had lead two hundred Brown Minions to subdue Nordhaven and its small fleet of ten ships, after enslaving the five guards he had enslaved the entire population and given them the task of building even more ships for his fleet.

Zack had called three hundred more Brown Minions, two hundred Red Minions, one hundred Green Minions and twenty Blue Minions and left them to protect Nordhaven and upgrade its defences and help with the production of his new fleet. Last time he had checked Nordhaven now had high wooden walls, steel gates and six more ships were in the process of being constructed.

Overlord Zack smirked as he looked around the village, with the life force and gold being collected from Nordberg, Nordhaven and Spree he now had roughly ten thousand minions and fifteen thousand gold. He looked at the minions behind him, two hundred and fifty Browns, eighty Reds, fifty Greens as well as twenty Blues. He also created more minion totems, doubling the amount he had before, and now he could carry four hundred Minions with him at once instead of the previous two hundred.

Zack smirked as he heard a Halfling war-cry as they charged at Spree's brand new wheat farm that was created outside the village. 'I guess the final conquest of Meadow hills begins today' thought Overlord Zack. The drawbridge was lowered and Zack and his minions charged out of the village towards the Halflings, ''Only twenty!'' Zack said in disbelief ''I guess Gubby really is short handed. Minions! kill them all!''.

With a near deafening war-crys of ''For the Masta!'' and the ''For tha Overlord!'' all four hundred Minions charged at the Halflings and cut them down with practised ease before running back to Zack. The First Overlord frowned, ''I thought that these filthy Halflings would give me more of a challenge but I guess I was mistaken, Minions move out'' ordered Zack before he began marching towards the Halfling Village.

As Zack and his Minion army marched through the outskirts of the Halfling Village, watching as the few Halfling swordsman ran deeper into the village. As they reached the center of the Halfling village he saw roughly two thousand Halflings holding a long assortment of weapons from knifes to stones to forks. Zack frowned at how pathetic the pint sized creatures looked 'A majority of these Halflings appear to be civilians who look like they want to run for there lives' thought Zack with a grin. Then he saw the bloated king himself, easily over two times the size of a normal Halfling at the back of the crowd on his amber throne, guarded by ten Halfling swordsman.

''Lets get this over with'' said Zack ''Minions Charge!'' and with multiple warcrys the Minions charged at the Halflings Army. Zack watched at his Minions thought against the Halflings, cutting down ten of the bloated freaks before they were cut down themselves, with a roar Zack cast the anger spell changing the odds so roughly twenty Halflings died when one Minion died.

'Time to deal with the bloated king himself' thought Zack before he charged into the battle swinging his sword left and right, spilling the blood and guts of Halflings all over their own kin, his Minions and himself. Five Halfling swordsman broke off from the main group and charged at the Overlord. Zack turned to face the Halflings and smirked before he charged at them, with a roar he swung his sword and decapitated a Halfling and kicked its corpse into another Halfling, trapping it under its dead kin. The last three Halflings swung their swords at the Overlord and with a clang they impacted on the Overlords armour, but taking into account that the Overlords armour was made of thick, near unbreakable Arcanium and the Halflings swords were made of thin steel it was understandable when the Halflings swords broken in half when they came into contact with the Overlords armour.

''Weaklings'' muttered Zack before he swung his sword downwards at one of the shocked halflings and sliced him cleanly in two, then he placed his Arcanium boot on top of another Halflings skull and crushed it, splattering blood and guts all over the floor and onto his boot. As the other Halfling attempted to run away he cast his Evil presence spell on it and after a few seconds of screaming it turned to ash and lifeforce, with the Halflings swords finished he continued to march towards King Gubby, stomping on the last Halfling as he walked past covering his Arcanium boots with even more blood and intestines.

After a few more seconds of cutting through Halflings he broke through the large crowd of the bloated midgets and was finally face to face with king Gubby. Zack smirked at the terrified Halfling king ''Surrender now Gubby and I might let you live to see another day'' said Zack.

Gubby scowled as he stared at Zack' 7ft tall armoured frame ''I will never give up you war loving barbarian!'' shouted the king of Halflings before he ordered his guards to attack the Overlord. With a roar the ten 2ft tall Halfling swordsman charged at the Overlord, though he noted that some of the smarter Halflings looked terrified of him and wanted to flee.

Zack grinned under his helmet, those pint sized weaklings should be afraid of him, he was the Overlord, evil incarnate. ''Time to show you weaklings why you should fear me'' roared Zack before he charged at the ten Halfling swordsman. With a side way slash of his blade he cut one of the Halflings in half not even giving it a chance to scream before he booted the Halfling to the floor and stamped on its head, spreading blood and bits of brain all over the ground.

With a quick fireball spell Zack set a Halfling on fire, enjoying its screams of pain, before he thrust his sword forward, stabbing it through the head of the Halfling who stood infront of him, covering his blood soaked sword in even more blood as well as a small amount of the Halflings brain. Swinging his blade again he smashed through the sword the Halfling was using to block and removed the bloated Halflings head from its shoulders and even running his sword through the Halfling behind it.

Zack gave of a dark laugh ''Pathetic weaklings, at least try to give me a challenge!'' said the Overlord before he electrocuted one of the five remaining Halflings, frying it brain and causing its head to explode, splattering blood on the other four Halflings, Zack and even Gubby who roared in anger ''Kill the thilthy Human already!'' screamed Gubby. The last four Halflings seeing six of them being killed by the Overlord with ease did what anyone creature with a sense of self-preservation would do, they ran for their lives, leaving their King to face Zack alone.

Gubby gaped, he never expected for his soldiers to abandon him. Growling Gubby grabbed his large sword, which to a human would be a reguler sized sword and faced the Overlord despite the fact he was slightly terrified of him, not that he would ever admit it.

Zack chuckled darkly ''So much for loyalty Gubby'' said Zack as he watch the last of Gubby guard flee and join up with the Halflings fighting his Minions, though it looks like roughly five hundred Halflings had already been killed. ''Your own troops would abandon you because they are afraid of me, the Overlord'' laughed Zack.

Gubby grit his teeth ''Shut up you filthy Human!, I dont need them to kill you'' roared Gubby as he raised his sword and prepared to fight. Zack smirked ''How are you going to beat me Halfling, you and every single Halfling are weak, I bet you only became their king is because you were the fattest of all the Halflings'' mocked Zack.

Gubby smirked, which caused Zack to raise a eyebrow, ''Your wrong Human I became King because I am the strongest and I proved it, now I will show you my power'' said Gubby the smirk never leaving his face before he lifted a necklace from under his shirt, the necklace looked average but something seem off about the orange crystal in the center of it.

Zack narrowed his eyes are the crystal 'I can sense a power coming from that crystal as well as small amounts darkness inside the crystal, the darkness inside the crystal is almost as pure as mine!' the Overlord shook his head ''Your going to beat me with jewelry'' mocked Zack.

Gubby gave a sinister grin in reply ''Witness and fear its power Overlord'' said Gubby before he began to chant ''Crystal of sin I beg of you grant me the power of your deadly sin so I may spread your ways across the land, I accept your power of sin, the deadly sin Gluttony!'' chanted Gubby before the orange crystal gave of bright glow and as it did Gubby began to change, his 4ft frame grew un till he was 6ft tall and he began to expand untill he was as fat as a troll, even his sword changed, it grew two foot longer and tripled in width.

The end result looked like a Halfling/Troll hybrid, taking all the fat qualitys of a troll and the looks of a Halfling and mixing them together. Gubby began to laugh ''See this is true power Overlord and now I will crush you'' said Gubby before he ran at the Overlord but due to his massive weight it looked like he was simply walking quickly.

The Overlord sneered ''The power of sin?, interesting but it won't protect you Gubby'' before he charged at Gubby with his sword raised. Now within range Zack thrust his blade forward, burying it into Gubby's stomach. Zack smirked ''Look like you were all talk Gubby'' said Zack before he saw Gubbys blade speeding towards his head, Zack tried to jump back but his sword has stuck in Gubbys stomach. Zack gritted his teeth before he let go of his sword and jumped back, narrowly avoiding Gubbys blade.

Zack was shocked to see Gubby grinning at him, even though his sword was jammed deeply into the transformed Halflings gut. Zack was abit worried here 'If stabbing my blade right through his gut didnt affect him what could?' thought the Overlord before he heard a laugh and looked towards Gubby. The Halfling King continued to laugh ''See! In this form I cant be killed by any weapon, sharp or blunt, I am Immortal in this form Overlord'' laughed Gubby.

Zack grit his teeth 'He must be lying even I'm not Immortal and I am darkness incarnate' thought Zack before he roared and charged at Gubby. Smashing into Gubbys fat folds he gripped his sword and with one large heave the blade was ripped out of Gubbys gut, after gaining his blade back the swung his blade at Gubby again, leaving a deep slash mark across the fat Halflings side. The Overlord narrowed his eyes as Gubby contined to laugh, as if he didnt even feel the cut Zacks sword had inflicted on him, Zack swung his blade again and again leaving multiple deep slashs across the transformed Halfling king.

Jumping back Zack looked at Gubby, he didnt look affected at all even though he could see the wounds he had inflicted on Gubby dripping blood and even small amounts of fat, 'Why isnt he feeling any pain the wounds I inflicted on him would cause even me a large amount of pain'. Gubby contined to laugh as he stood in the small spot as he had been when Zack began slicing him with his sword ''See Overlord, I am unbeatable'' laughed Gubby.

The Overlord grit his teeth 'Nothing is working, wait, Gubby said he cant be killed by any weapon but what about magic?' thought Zack as he cast a fireball spell at Gubby. The fireball impacted onto Gubbys flesh and the bloated Halfling King screamed in pain. ''Looks like I found your weakness Gubby, while a normal weapon cant hurt you Magic can'' laughed Zack as he began to charge a fireball spell.

In his mind Gubby was panicking, while the powers of Gluttony made him immune to all weapons, sharp or blunt, it made him weaker against magic. Seeing the Overlord charging a fireball spell he charged at the Overlord sword raised ''Ill will end you Human'' screamed Gubby as he tried to reach the Overlord before he could complete his spell.

Zack grinned, he could see the fear in Gubbys eyes and he loved it, with a roar he threw the over charged fireball spell at Gubby who tried to raise his sword in a futile attempt to block it. The Fireball impacted against Gubbys blade and exploded, consuming Gubby in a large ball of flame.

Gubby was in agony, it felt like every nerve in his body was on fire, he could see the skin of his arms being burnt off as well as feel his eyes melting. Gubbys last thought before he died was 'I may have fallen Overlord but the other six lords of sin will end you' and with that Gubby, the Halfling King, finally died.

As the fireball ended Zack could see the scorched remains of the former Halfling King. As Zack approached twenty orbs of brown life force rushed at him and were absorbed into the Overlord Stone, gazing at the remains of Gubby he saw what remained of the necklace, the metal of the necklace had melted but the orange crystal appeared to be untouched. Picking up the crystal he could feel the darkness inside it try and corrupt him but Zack simply forced his own darkness into the crystal, over powering, and forcing the crystals powers to serve him.

Turning towards where his Minions and the Halflings were fighting he saw their were roughly one thousand Halfling left and if he was seeing right then some of his Minions had been killed by the bloated blighters. Zack breathed in deeply before he roared ''Halfings!, your king is dead, surrender now and I shall let you live!'', all fighting stopped at that point, the Halflings turned and saw the charred remains of their leader behind the Overlord. Seeing as they had lost half their numbers all ready they threw down their weapons and bowed before the Overlord.

Zack grinned before he cast a spell at the ground, causing a gate to the Netherworld Tower to appear. ''Seven hundred of you will go through this gate to my tower while the rest of you will remain here'' ordered Zack, slowly seven hundred Halflings, mostly males, went through the gate, which lead to the dungeons at the tower. Turning to the last three hundred Halflings which consisted of mainly women and children ''Now the rest of you may live out your lives as you usually would but you will send a tribute of gold and food every month for my protection, as I am sure the Shadow Claws and Ruborian Raiders wont be happy that you failed to defeat me'' said Zack before he looked at his Minions, it seems he had lost around one hundred Brown Minions. Summoning some more Minions Zack stepped on the Netherworld gate and was transported to the Netherworld Tower, leaving five hundred Brown Minions, two hundred Red Minions, one hundred Green Minions, fifty Blue Minions and roughly three hundred Halflings to mourn those who had fallen and to begin turning their village into a new outpost for their new lord and master, the Overlord.

With a flash of light Zack appeared in the Netherworld Tower. The Overlord marched over to his throne and sat down and looked down at the seven hundred Halflings that were cowering below him.

Zack gave a dark grin ''I am the Overlord, ruler of the Netherworld, conqueror of Nordberg, Nordhaven and Spree and it's castle and now the suppressor of the Halflings. I have slain your king and now your lives will be spent serving me and helping my empire expand around the land'' spoke Zack in a booming voice that was heard through out the Netherworld.

The Halflings bowed before the Overlord and one Halflings stepped forward ''M-m-my Lord, h-how shall we s-serve you in your conquest'' stuttered the Halfling. Zacks first response was a dark grin, not that it could be seen behind his helmet. The Overlord second response was to lift his hand and give of a signal which caused one thousand Halflings to flow into the hall and surrond the Halflings.

''Well I have found a book which contains a certain curse and it will require many sacrifices and it is more easier to use the lives of Halfling then to waste my own Minions'' said Zack in a dark voice.

All of the Halflings eyes widened in terror, they would all die, but their eyes also showed defeat. The Halflings were outnumbered and outmatched they simply bowed their heads and accepted there fate.

In one of the empty rooms of the Netherworld Tower stood Overlord Zack and ten of the Halflings inside a circle made of ashes as well as a four Brown Minions that guarded the door.

Zack took of his helmet and looked at the book in his hands ''The spell in this book was originally a light spell to help the forces of light defeat the darkness but I have managed to modify the spell to serve my purpose''. Zack threw the book into the corner and began to chant.

''Oh great gods of the darkness I call upon your might'' chanted Zack as the circle of ashes began to smoke ''The light threatens the darkness so I call upon you to aide me'' now the ashes burst into flames ''I offer these unwillingly given souls in exchange for power so I can fight the light!'' chanted Zack as he finished the chant and stared at the Halflings.

At the moment the last word left Zacks lips the Halflings were surronded in a dark aura and began to scream in pain as their souls were ripped from their bodies. As their souls left their bodies a small part of the Halflings souls split from the rest of the soul and entered the Overlords through his eyes. Zack roared in pain, it felt like his eyes were being melted. After a few seconds the pain passed and Zack took a deep breath and closed his eyes, trying to sense how much stronger he had gotten.

The Overlord growled ''The power I gain is only enough for to power a simple fireball spell.'' Zack turned and pointed at the brown minion guards ''Go get me ten more Halflings, I need more power'' ordered Zack as he sat down in a chair and waited for the Minions to complete their task.

Six hours, seven hundred dead Halflings and seventy sacrificial rituals later Zack walked out of the room, the only difference being is that his fingernails had turned as black as night.

Zack scowled as he walked out of the room ''Those seven hundred Halflings only gave me about a thousanth of my power, I need more sacrifices, more power'' muttered Zack darkly ''But first...'' trailed of Zack as he watched his mistress walk up the stairs to their personal chambers "I need a way to lower my frustrations" said the Overlord aswalk marched up the stairs to spend some 'quality time' with his mistress.

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