AN: this story is in the X-Men movie section but it will have some characters from the comics

Unknown point of view

My lab was silent except for the occasional scream. I was working with some mutant DNA in a vial I acquired from my last battle with the X-Men a few days ago. I had yet to decide what I would use it for. My extraordinary picked up movement behind me I turned around to see a figure that seemed cloaked in darkness standing before me. He spoke

"I have a proposition for you."

That sparked my interest and I said, "I'm listening."

"I need you to put someone out of commission you could do whatever you want with him just make sure he never sees the outside world again but be careful he's powerful."

I scoffed "I can take any mutant you send me."

The mysterious person lifted an eyebrow "but that's the problem he isn't a mutant he is a demigod, I should hope you know what that is."

That pissed me off but I didn't want to show any weakness instead I said coldly

"Of course I know what that is, now who do you want me to go after?"

The cloaked figure came up to me and whispered a name in my ear.

"Any ideas on how to detain him." I asked

"Yes go after his family if you threaten them he will play right into your hands."

With that said the man vanished. I smiled a plan already forming in my mind and I looked at the vial still in my hand, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.