Chapter 2

Percy's P.O.V.

All I was aware of was pain unbelievable pain, that and the fact that I was strapped to a metal lab table. I kept blinking in and out of consciousness. I remember nothing after Mister Sinister drugged me but I do know that he is doing something to me. I feel it inside me my DNA is changing and man does it hurt. At one point I'm awake enough to feel something growing out of my hands between my knuckles it feels odd.

Each time I wake up it's for longer and everything seems sharper than before somehow brighter. As I drift out of unconsciousness again I notice the beeping of a heart monitor to my left side and metal walls all around me. There're bright lights glowing in my sensitive eyes. I also see a camera in the right corner of the room and I got unbelievably mad. Was I just some lab rat a toy to play with to him I started thrashing around.

That's when I noticed them scraping my side. Claws are coming out of my hands three on each made of what looked like bone. I stared in shock. No way could this be I thought but sadly I knew better than that and somehow I can tell the worst has yet to come.

During my panic attack Mister Sinister decided to make an appearance. When I shake myself out of this I settle with glaring at him. After a long silence I can't take it any longer (I blame my ADHD) I yelled at him

"What do you want?"

He just continues to scrutinize me. I can tell that he's studying me. He walks around me and grabs my hand looking at my claws closely and fingering them roughly. I hiss in pain they are still so sore. I see the pride in his eyes the excitement. I really am just his toy now. I wish I were with my family, with Annabeth but I have to protect them from crazies like the man studying him.

He puts my hand down and walks to the metal door but turns back and says to me

"Get ready for phase two, Perseus."

He walks out and the door closes with a resounding boom leaving me to nervously ponder his parting words.