Callan Twins: Toni's Side


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My name is Toni. I just wanted to help them, save them. They won't, no can't leave my mind, I will save them, and nothing will stop me. I was their neighbor in Tennessee and I know what their Father does to them.

I know this only because once, when I was younger, I went over to their house to play spy and surprise them. I ended up with the shock of my young life. I went over and looked in the hole in their fence and their father, Luke, kicked Mark in the stomach. He cried out in agony. Anna only whispered for their father to stop, she begged him pleaded even. He wouldn't stop and I threw up on the spot.

I ran home crying and went to my room. The next day they came over to my house they had scratches and multiple bruises all over their face. I had a complete mental break down and told them that I saw what had occurred. Their face dropped and grew cold, distant. Mark only asked me one thing, "Why, how could you. You were someone important to me." He turned his back on me all I could say was his name, "NO MARK DON'T LEAVE! ANNA I'M SORRY DON'T LEAVE I LOVE YA'LL I'LL FIND YOU AGAIN I PROMISE I'LL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" "This is the last you'll ever see of us Toni, I love you and I'll miss you." Under her breath she whispered to no one in general, "Mark loves more and will miss you the most he won't forget you."


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