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-Young! Who Me?-


'The first step to starting a conversation is saying a simple hello.'

The books words echoed in my mind. I mean really that's a no brainer. It isn't like I'm stupid. I just wanted to see how Anna and Mark were doing. Guess that wasn't meant to be when Anna turned around and saw me and gave me a hard glare.

I shivered, 'Great.' The sarcasm oozed around in my head.

She had turned back around when I gave a stare back not a hard glare but pleading with her for acceptance. Not that she saw that was out. She was walking between two guys and since I was great at hearing everything I started eavesdropping.

"Anna, let's tone down on all the blood; you're over doing it." The guy with the bouffant said.

They were heading for the parking lot. I didn't recall Anna saying anything gory or gruesome so I definitely had a question mark blinking like a light bulb in my head. Maybe I just didn't hear her. I mean it is kind of loud in this school.

"Edward, I will not let this, this meddling child bring the…" she paused lowering her voice, as a group of students walked by, "You Know who down on your, our, heads again. I'd rather stay, uh, like this for a little longer if you caught my drift."

What the heck I'm like two months younger than her I'm not a child. I stuck my tongue out at the back of her head it was revenge even if it was silent. The detective in me was wondering who 'you know who was'. Did she get in trouble with her Dad and these two men with her? I shuddered at the thought of what he could have done it; there was nothing pleasant going through my mind just then. What did she mean by stay like this a little longer? 'If you caught my drift.' Nope, I sure didn't catch it and it doesn't look like I ever will they all seem like a tight knit group I'd be lucky even to see Anna or Mark by themselves in a hallway.

"Anna, first this is not the wizarding world, and second," Jasper listed efficiently, "We can take care of ourselves. There's no need to kill the child."

'What 'wizarding world' as far as I see we are still in plain Jane Tillamook, Oregon.' I thought pryingly.

I'm about to fry my brain they speak in code too much.

What is up with everybody calling me a child? People usually say I look older than I actually do, hopefully that's not a bad thing, but really come on.

"Fine, just because y'all don't know how persisting the twerp is doesn't mean I don't. She's been almost killed twice and I don't mind carrying through on the third….."

That was all I heard of what she said but she said more 'cause I saw her lips flapping away. The guys paused and gave each other a look shrugged and followed Anna. I struggled to hear and see if they were going to say anything else on what Anna said but the next thing said shocked me like I'd just gotten cold water thrown on me because I was sleeping in church.

"Anna you've got to be joking surely your father has some morals!" The other of the two boys exclaimed.

I gasped and shook my head in shock. How did they know anything about the Callan's? I stopped feeling a little fearful for my life because it had been threatened and someone had almost succeeded in killing me once, I don't know what she is talking about saying I'd almost been killed 'twice' unless she had been planning on it but decided not to, I am still sensitive to threats and have come to realize that life is important it can be taken away any day at any time. What a joke. I was hurting for Mark and Anna as much as they try to hide all their inner thoughts I really do feel the sorrow and anger of what's happening to them. They will never forget. They don't want help from me though. Usually people are at least a little grateful that someone is thinking about their well-being. I'm not as weak as I once was I'm stronger and way wiser. Not that they'd know or care but I still care about them and I won't give up.

I smirk as I turn around to swiftly avoid their attention, 'Looks like I have a little digging to do.'

They were approaching another of their friends in a group. I slipped around a corner after my gasp had drawn attention to me and was gone down the hall before they even saw my backpack going past the corner.

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