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It was just another day for the task force team except for the fact it was raining like cats and dogs. Even L had to admit that storm was one of the worst that he has seen through his travels.

"Sorry I'm late, the roads are packed tight with cars." Mogi said as he accepted a towel from Watari.

"Are the others still trying to get here?" Aizawa asked the strange detective who was glancing through a parted window curtain.

"Soichiro and his son should be here any moment now, but I haven't heard from Matusuda," L answered

"I could have sworn that he was right behind me when I came in," answered Mogi

L just nodded in response as he stared at a TV which was talking about the weather.

A moment later two sets of foots sets could be heard down the hall and Soichiro Yagami's voice could be heard. "Matsuda, I know you are trying to do the right thing but are you sure that this is a good idea?" Not after were the words said did the man come into view of the rest of the detectives.

"Oh hey Soichiro, where's your son?" ask Aizawa

"The elevator was full, so Light said he was going to take the stairs instead," Replied Soichiro and then looked down the hall. He waved to Matsuda who had yet to come into view.

Matsuda shuffled into view looking somewhat embarrassed. In his arms was towel bundled up as in way to conceal something.

"What is in the towel Matsuda?" L asked

Matsuda looked at Soichiro who gave him a reassuring nod. With some reluctances, Matsuda parted some of the towel to reveal a small and wet puppy.

"Matsuda, why did you bring a dog here?"

"I found him next to some bushes near the entrances and I just couldn't bring myself to leave him there," Matsuda muttered putting the puppy on the ground.

"Put it back outside," L said not seeming to care

"But, it's storming outside!" protested Matsuda

"It's just a bit of rain, it can handle"

Matsuda looked at the other investigators hoping one of them would step in for his defense,

"That's okay Matsuda, I'm sure my daughter would love to have puppy, it seems friendly enough," Aizawa said as he kneeled down and let the dog lick his hand.

"You already have enough on your plate Aizawa and having a dog would only add to your troubles. Look, I know all of you want to do the right thing, and that is to catch Kira. A dog would only be a distraction to our cause."

"L, have a heart, at least we can drop him off at a shelter," Watari added.

L looked up at his assistant, surprised that even he was gaining up on him. "It's only a dog, there are thousand out there, and I'm sure-"

"GET THIS STUPID MUTT OFF OF ME!" Yelled Light who had just came into view of the rest of the task force. During L's speech, the dog had run off and clamped onto Light's pant leg. Light tried to shake the dog off but the puppy only tugging on the pant leg even harder. The brunette finally gave up on trying to shake the dog off and looked at the task force his expression demanding an explanation.

The situation was quit comical to watch except for Light's face was glaring daggers which silences everyone who dared laugh. The silence was quickly shattered by a loud clap of thunder that sent the puppy crying towards the investigators. Matsuda bent down and scooped up the small bundle of fur.

"Matusda, why did you bring your dog to work?" Light asked, directing all of his furry towards the young detective.

"Um, uh its not exactly mine its uh…" Matsuda stammered obviously not sure how to answer the question.

A smile formed on L's pale face "The dog doesn't belong to Matsuda, he belongs to you!" L beamed.

"What? I don't own any pets!" Light snapped at L

"You do now!" said L who seemed as happy as Light was angry

"L, I'm not trying to be disrespectful in anyway, but what would throwing this dog onto my son really be the best idea?" Mr. Yagami asked.

"The better question would be what wouldn't this be a good idea? We came into field of work to try and help people," L got of the chair and walked over to Matsuda.

"And how does giving me this mangy dog help people?" Light asked

L took the dog out of Matsuda's arms and held him, "For one, it will give this little guy a home and a change for a better life."

"It's a dog Ryuzaki, not a person, and if you want him a home drop him at a shelter or something,"

L lifted the dog up, "Not 'him' Light, 'her.' The puppy is a girl,and she has feelings just like the rest of us."

"Fine just drop him or her or whatever gender that mutt is at the shelter and let's forget the whole thing ever happened."

"I don't she would like being locked up in a crowded kennel very much. She might not even get adopted and be put down or be brought by someone who wouldn't take care of her."

"So that makes my son the best candidate to take care of it, I mean her?" Mr. Yagami asked.

"But of course!" L continued, "The rest of us work full time. Light only works here part time and which gives him more free time."

"What free time? Whatever time that I don't spend here helping you track down Kira I spend with college!"

"We all have our other responsibilities, but yet thousands of people seem to manage to hold down a social life, a job, and a pet. If they can do, I'm sure you can to."

"That is just nonsense! It's just a dog! It doesn't have feelings, and it doesn't care if it's on the streets or in a house. I don't care if you send that flea bag to live in Buckingham Palace or to a meat market in China so long as it's out of my sight! Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go to the bathroom to try and clean of the slobber of my now ruined pants."

"Only someone as heartless as Kira would say something which I think are!" L


"Just because I don't want to take the mutt that doesn't make me-" Light started but was quickly cut off.

"Look Light, I already have a profile being made that proves you are Kira. Your heartless statement has just been recorded by the camera that surround us will only add to my case, or would you like go over the rest of the evidence?" L challenged

"Fine! I'll take the stupid mutt! But don't think he-"

"She-" L corrected

"Whatever! I'll put up some ads up to find IT a good home, so IT will be out of my hair forever! Are you satisfied?"

"You have no idea," L said all the while wearing a smile sweet as sugar.

This story isn't meant to have any romance in it what so ever or to be take too seriously. I know that some of the characters (especially Light) will seem a bit out of character, but that is just to add to the humor of the story. Again, this story is just meant to be humorous.