"Aw! She's so cute!" Sayu squealed as she hugged the latest member of the Yagami family. Not surprisingly, Sayu had taken an instant liking to the small creature and had named her Chewy.

Despite how much he loathed the dog, Light couldn't help but smile as he watched his little sister cuddle the small buddle of fur. If only there were more people like her on this Earth perhaps the world wouldn't be in such a sad shape. "You seem to have taken a liking to the dog, haven't you Sayu?"

Sayu nodded in response, "Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

"I'm glad that you like her, it was very nice of dad's boss to give the dog to you,"

"Onee-san, but I thought Chewy was your dog!"

Light inwardly grimaced at his younger sister's remark , "Yeah but I'm giving him-"

"Her" Sayu corrected

"Right, her to you," Light replied giving his beloved younger sister one of dazzling smiles.

Sayu looked her older brother. She knew that smile; it was one of the smiles that made her brother so popular with all of her friends. However, Sayu had known Light all of her life and knew that whenever he gave her one of those 'smiles,' he wanted something from her. "Onee-san, is there something about Chewy that you don't like?"

'Shoot, she's on to me!' Light thought to himself as he picked up the puppy, "What would make you think something like that Sayu? What is there not to like about owy, gooey, chewy, bundle of fur" Light said, squeezing the puppy perhaps a bit too hard on that last part.

Mr. Yamai had just watched the whole scene and decided to call his son over to talk to him in private. "Son, I know that is all a bit unexpected, but I don't like it that you are trying to pass the dog onto your sister."

"Do we have to keep it dad?"

Son, what do you have against the dog?

"Because dad, it's a dog! They smell, need to be trained, shots, house broken, and coast money to take care of! They also like get into dirty things like dirt, mud, garbage, dead animals, and don't you dare bring up the myth that their mouths are cleaner then ours! Have you smelled that thing's breath?"

"Light, I know this may seem a bit strange but I trust Ryuzaki and I'm sure that he has his reasons,"

"Dad, L hates me with a passion! The only reason why he dumped that bag of fleas onto me is because he thinks I'm Kira!"

"I doubt Ryuazaki would do something like that! I admit this may seem a bit strange but I'm sure with time everything will become clear,"

~Meanwhile, with a certain famous sweet tooth detective ~


"Bless you L, are you coming down with a cold?" Watari said

"I don't feel sick; someone is probably talking about me,"

"Who would be talking about you?" Watari asked

"Probably Mr. Soichiro trying to convince his son that I had no ill intensions with giving him that dog,"

"And did you have ill intentions with giving Mr. Yagami the puppy?"

"Oh course I did! This is Kira we are talking about! If he is allowed to go around killing people, shouldn't I be allowed to have my fun as well? And nothing makes me smile then like seeing an evil man squirm don't you agree?" L asked

"If you say so,"

~Back with our evil protagonist~

Light marched up stairs to his room and slammed his door, not able to handle another moment of his family fussing over the new pet.

"What's wrong with you?" Ryuk asked

"L! He's the problem! He just found a new way to make my life miserable!" Light snarled as he threw himself onto his bed

"How is that so?"

"He forced me to take in a dog that I don't want! It's disgusting and -"

"Why did he force you to take in a dog?"

"Because I hate dogs! And forcing me to take in that vermin to make my life miserable,"

"Wow, he almost sounds as big of prick as you are!" Ryuk chuckled

Light glared at Ryuk, "That was hilarious, if you keep this up; I'll make sure I'll never buy you another apple for you again, ever!"

"I'm just messing with you. If you say that the dog is really that bad, I'm sure it is."

Light let out a sigh, "At least someone agrees with me,"

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