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We were walking out of our high school. We had only 2 more weeks, then we were done, for good. Our Senior year had been awesome. My friend Sierra and I were graduating at the head of the class, with our other 3 friends right behind us. I loved my friends, and had no idea what I would when school was over. I looked over to my right and saw my friend Sierra.

She was about 5'3 with shoulder length brown hair. She had a nice complexion, and was a light color of tan. She was the one who knew how to speak her mind. Truthfully, she was the loudest out of the whole group. Next to her, was Taylor.

She was the shortest, she was 4'9. She had short hair, the color of carmel. Very light. She always wore her skinny jeans with either a cute top, or a black zip up jacket. Next to her was Serra.

She had light brown hair that came to her shoulders. She was around, eh I would say 5'4. She had brown glasses that kind of brought her whole complexion in. Then there was my best friend to my left.

Elizabeth. We had been friends ever since kindergarden. She was around 5'7, with shorter auburn/brown hair. It came about an inch or two past her shoulders. She was white, like her skin color. She burns very easily, unlike me. I just turn dark with tan. She had bright blue eyes that could pull in anyone who looks her direction. I on the other hand, wasn't anything special.

I was about 5'7 maybe 5'8. I had long brown hair that came down to my lower waist. I was darker then all of my friends. I work on a farm, so when the term 'farmer's tan' comes to mind, I am the one people are usually referring to. I always wear comfy clothes, you wouldn't catch me in a dress, and if you did, I would probably be dead, because that is the only way someone would ever be able to get one on. Even for Prom, I wore a pair of camouflaged pants, with a longer white blouse. The principle and the cheerleaders weren't really happy, but my friends and I had an amazing time. We got to the end of the parking lot, and stopped.

"Alright guys, we'll see ya'll later!" I said as Elizabeth and I waved goodbye to our friends as they walked to their cars.

One thing not everyone knows about us, we love Lord of the Rings, and medieval times.

"Do you have the equipment?" Elizabeth asked as she climbed into the passenger seat of my truck.

"Yup, there in the back, are we going to the usual place?" I asked as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed down Main Street.

"Yup, it is the best place to practice." I laughed as we continued to drive. We didn't say much on the way there, we just listened to the radio. I finally pulled off the main road and onto a little dirt path leading back into a wooded area. I carefully parked the truck between two trees so it was hidden from the main road.

"Ready?" I asked as I turned the ignition off, and unbuckled.

"You know it!" She said as she hopped out and ran to the back. I opened the storage container, and handed her 2 swords, and a practice dummy. I myself toke out both of our bows, and threw the quiver full of arrows onto my back.

"Did you remember your boots?" I asked. She laughed as she set the swords underneath a nearby tree.

"Of course, I wouldn't leave without them." I laughed as I followed and set the bows next to the swords. When I walked back, she was sitting in the bed, taking her TOMS off and throwing them into the storage container. I soon followed her action and toke out a pair of old fighting boots that my grandfather had given me. Elizabeth had about the same pair, but her's were engraved with beautiful carvings. I then toke out a shirt that was made out of chain-mail.

"Where did you get that!" Elizabeth gasped.

"I got it at an auction yesterday, it was supposed to me a surprise, but turns out I wanted us to use them today."

"Wait did you say them?" She asked as a smile spread across her face. I nodded as I toke out another shirt. She squealed like a little girl and grabbed it out of my hands and put it on.

"It is a perfect fit! But why do we need these all of a sudden?"

"I don't think I could explain to my parents again if I cut a 4 inch slash in the side of my arm, that is a little hard to hide, and explain."

"True!" She said as we finished strapping on our new piece of 'clothing'.

"What shall we practice first? Swords, or my favorite archery?" I asked as I put a slight puppy dog look on archery.

"Oh you just want to do archery first because you can beat me, but when it comes to the swords, whoa, I whoop your sorry butt!" I smirked.

"Oh yeah, we'll just see about that" And with that, I ran over a grabbed my sword. I then ran to the middle of the clearing, waiting for my opponent to strike.

"Are you ready slow poke?" Elizabeth said as she got in her own stance in front of me.

"Who you calling a slow poke hu..." I was interrupted my her lunged forward at me, luckily all I heard was a clash of metal. We stood there, swords pushing on one another staring at each other.

"who you calling a slow poke now huh?" I asked again smiling.

She laughed as we began a good duel. Finally it ended when she did a back hand spring and kicked my sword out of my hand and held her's up to my throat.

"Okay, Okay, maybe you are better then me and fencing!" I said as I put my hands in the air for mock surrender.

"Maybe?" She said as she laughed.

"Fine you are better than me! Happy?"

She laughed as she toke the sword away from my throat.

"Goodness!" I said as I picked up my sword and dusted it off.

"Oh stop whining you big baby, get your little bow and lets go."

I jumped up and threw my sword at the tree. I picked up my bow and my quiver and ran back to her.

"Aren't you going to shoot?" I asked.

"Nope, but you are, see that target all the way over there?" I looked to where she was pointing and saw far away, in a tree barely sticking out, was a red target.

"Ok, I see it, I think?" She laughed.

"Now shoot!" I laughed, she was always trying to be the teacher. I drawled a arrow, and pulled back my bow into position. I closed my eyes and toke a deep breath. I opened my eyes and aimed and let go of the string. I saw the arrow go whizzing through the air. I listened until I heard a *phhtt* of it making contact with the target. I smiled and turned back toward Elizabeth, who was watching in awe.

"I can't even make that shot!" I laughed.

"Yup, you are swords and I am the bow." She laughed.

"That's why we are friends" "that we are" I was about to go and retrieve my arrow, when the wind started picking up.

"I didn't think we were going to get a storm today?" I said to Elizabeth she nodded in returned as we looked at the sky. All of a sudden, I heard something behind us. I turned around and drawled my bow and aimed at the oncoming intruder.

"How in the world did you do that?" I heard Serra say, as she, Sierra, and Taylor crawled out of underneath a nearby bush.

"What are you guys doing here?" Elizabeth growled.

"We came to see where you guys ran off, and what are you doing with bows, and swords?" Taylor asked as she tried lifting my sword.

"Taylor be careful with that!" I said as I walked over to her and picked it up out of her hands.

"It is hard to explain!" Elizabeth said as she seethed her sword back into her side holder. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a huge tornado blew down out of the sky.

"Oh My Go.." Sierra screamed, before any of us could run, we were sucked into it.


I screamed. But all of a sudden I felt something hard collide with my head and everything went black. I woke to the sound of birds chirping. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes. It was bright, and I was in the middle of a field. I saw huge, green trees on all sides of me. I looked around until I saw my friends lying on the ground not to far from me.

"Oh no!" I whispered. I stood up and ran over to them. I was about to kneel down, when suddenly I froze.

Serra, Sierra, and Taylor all had huge feet, I mean huge, like Sasquatch feet. Also they looked so small lying there. I was confused until I saw Elizabeth. She looked normal, until I saw her ears. They were pointed.

"Where are we?" I whispered again.

"Why there you are! I was awaiting your arrival!" I heard a deep voice say from behind me.

"W w who me?" I said softly pointing to myself, then I recognized the man. But it couldn't be, could it. It looked like, no, it looked like Gandalf from Lord Of the Rings. But that was a book, how in the world could he be here.

"Yes Lady Ariona, you and your friend, oh I mean friends have arrived just in time. Please come and wake your friends, we do not wish to miss the meeting."

"Um . . Who are you, and what and where is this beautiful place?" I asked as I looked around.

"Oh my dear girl, you are in Middle Earth, just outside of Rivendal, now please we must hurry, I shall go get the steeds." and with that he walked away.

"Oh my goodness I am in Lord of the Rings! I mean we! Oh my gosh Guys!" I yelled as I ran over to them.

I started shaking them hard, until they sat up quickly and moaned.

"Where are we, and how did you get so big?" Sierra asked. That was until she looked down at her feet.

"Agghh! I have Bigfoot feet!" She screamed.

"No you don't you are a hobbit, hobbit's have big feet, get used to it!" She just stared at her feet, just as the other two did. I looked at Elizabeth who was smiling.

"What are you so smily about?"

"Ariona, your an Elf!" I gasped. I threw my hands up to my ears, yup they were pointed. "So are you Liz!" I said. She mimicked my action and gasped. She stood up and we hugged each other. "Were Elves!" We shouted together!" "Wait! Where are we!" Sierra whined.

"Sierra, my dear friend, We are in Middle Earth!" I said as I gestured to the beautiful surroundings.

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