Ichanged into a light green tunicand dark green leggings. I placed my boots onto my petite feet and grabbed my quiver and bow. I saw Elizabeth standing outside the barn talking with Taylor.

"Hey guys!"I called as I walked over.

"Hi Ariona, just do me something, please come back in one piece!" Taylor said as she hugged me.

"I will, I promise." I smiled. Elizabeth had told me earlier that Gandalf would send Taylor, Sierra, and Serra back home.

"Ready Gandalf!" Sierra said. Gandalf smiled and in a matter of seconds, they were gone.

"I am going to miss them you know!" I said as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Me too, but hey, were here, aren't we?" I smiled.

"Yup we are miss Comer? Do you wish to accompany me to the practice field?" She laughed.

"Of course Miss Lee" I smiled as we hooked arms and walked towards the field.

"Oh look!" I said pointing at the practice devices set up across the field.

"I know, I know!" She laughed. I ran away from her over toward the bow area. I set my bow up, ready to fire.

"Don't mess up Ariona!" Elizabeth called.

"Why would I mess u..." I stopped mid-sentence. Legolas was walking toward me with his bow in hand with his quiver on his back.

"Oh my goodness gracious!" I whispered as I turned my back toward him, and tried to concentrate on the target in front of me.

"Mind if I join you?" He asked once he made his way to my side.

"Be my guest!" I stated as I kept my eyes glued on the target a head.

"So, you and your friend are coming on this quest with us?" He asked, sounding slightly interested.

"Yes, indeed we are, Gandalf had told us it would be best!" I said, as I glanced over at him. His piercing blue eyes were set on me. I met his gaze and couldn't pull myself away from his gaze. He was one of the handsomest men I had ever seen, ok the only one I have ever seen.

"Well, can you shoot, or are you just here for a lesson with someone?" He asked, still not leaving my gaze.

"Oh, I came here to shoot, why did you do the same?" I asked as I smiled at him. 'Whoa! did i just flirt? really?' I must be losing it!

"I came to do the same as you, mind showing me your skills?" I smiled and set my shoulders and feet in the correct position. I raised an arrow and aimed. I could feel Legolas watching me as I let go of the arrow. It bounced off of a tree and came barreling back toward Elizabeth.

"Whoa!" She yelled as he dived for the ground.

"Sorry!" I said as I shyly smiled.

"Are you trying to kill me?" She said as she stood up and dusted herself off.

"That's up for debate!" I winked at her and turned back toward Legolas. He was laughing.

"And may I ask what is so funny?" I asked as I raised one of my eyebrows.

"You are so tense, relax, here, take your stance again." I slowly got back into position. He chuckled again and walked toward me. I toke in a shaky breath as he got close.

"Here!" He said softly as he walked behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I could feel a bright blush rise in my cheeks and I looked down.

"Head up" He whispered as he placed his other hand over mine which was holding the bow. I lifted my head and rested it on my hand holding the arrow.

"Now just relax." He whispered into my ear. His warm breath hit my ear and made me shiver. He didn't notice, 'Thank God!' and he squeezed my shoulder gently. I finallyrelaxed and aimed for the target.

"Alright, now take a breath in" I followed his instructions and breathed in.

"Breath out and release!" He whispered, putting a little 'umph!' on release. I let go of the arrow and it went straight into the target. He let go of my hand and I brought my bow to my front.

"How did that feel?" He asked softly.

"Wonderful" I sighed as I leaned back against him. I closed my eyes as I felt his arms come to my shoulders.

"I don't think we have officially met, I am Legolas Greenleaf, and you are?" He whispered into my ear. I sighed then I realized what I was doing. I jumped away from him and faced him.

"Oh, sorry, I am Ariona" I said as I paced my hand out in front of me for him to shake.

"It is very nice to meet Ariona" He said as he grabbed my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it's surface. I toke it back and still felt his his kiss lingering on the skin.

"Um... Thank you for the help with the bow!" I said shyly. I never get this nervous around guys, but something about Legolas, he makes me feel weird, or weirder then I usually am.

"Think nothing of it, I am just glad I was able to help" He said with a smile, but all of a sudden, he smirked.

"What?" I asked him. "You seem to be aggravated very easily."

"No!" I said, I was starting to panic because I do get aggravated very easily.

"Fine, lets see!" He smirked as he walked closer to me. I put on my 'nothing you do is going to affect me' face on and placed my hands on my hips.

"Let me see your bow!" He said, holding his hand out toward me.

"Um...okay?" I said as I timidly handed him my hand carven bow.

"It is a beautiful bow, looks to be hand-crafted. I wonder what you would do if someone were to, pure say run away and hide it?" I whipped my head around toward him.

"You wouldn't!" I dared.

"Oh, but I would" He laughed and toke off toward the back of the barn.

"Legolas!" I shouted after him, running after him. He kept running until he was surrounded by trees. I stopped in my tracks and toke in the beauty of the forest.

"Oh wow!" I whispered.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I heard a velvet voice say from behind me. I whipped around and saw a smirking Legolas.

"yes, now give me my bow!" I said as I placed my hand in front of me.

"Um... no!" He smirked and continued walking toward the trees.

"Leg... Get back here you!" I said as I ran after him. I ran after him when I stopped and gasped. A spider was in it's web straight in front of my face. I jumped backward and landed on the ground. 'Alright alright, I am being a sissy but I am deathly afraid of spiders, and not for the reasons you would think.' I screamed and crawled until my back hit another tree.

"Ariona? What is wrong? It is just a spider!" Legolas said as he walked toward me. I could feel tears rise in my eyes so Icovered them with my hands and placed them on my knees.

"Ariona?" Legolas asked again, sitting on the ground next to me.

"I-i-im sorry, It's just, my p-, never mind"

"No please tell me!" Legolas said as he placed a hand onto mine.

"It's just, my father was bitten by one of the poisonous ones, and well, he died when I was 12. It was painful to watch him be in so much pain, so I am now deathly afraid of spiders. My mother died 4 days later because of the grief she had. I live with my Aunt and Uncle now." I said shakily between gasps.

"I-I'm very sorry for your loss!" Legolas said quietly, squeezing my hand reassuringly. I looked up at him and smiled slightly, but then I saw his eyes wander to my neck. 'Oh no!' I thought as I brought my hand up and covered the bottom of my neck.

"What is that?" He asked softly.

"Um... just a scar, no big deal!" I whispered.

"It is a big deal!" He said softly again.

"When I was 14, my Uncle came home drunk one night, I had gotten a F on a school project and when he found out, he threw his beer bottle at me, it broke and scratched my neck. That's why I try so hard to get good grades, because I am afraid he might do something like that again." I began to cry silently, replacing my hands with my head so it was resting on my knees. I felt him shift closer to me and place his arms around me.

"Shhh!" He whispered as he pulled me into him. I gladly wrapped my arms around his narrow waist and cried softly into his soft tunic. We sat there for a while, silent, just holding one another.

"T-Thank you for being here, I think I need to get back and find Elizabeth, she probably thinks I was eaten or something." He chuckled as he let go of me. I stood up and wiped away my stained face.

"You are quite welcome Ariona, and if you need anything, ever, don't hesitate to come to me!" He said as he stood up next to me.

"I will, thank you again!" I said as I gave him a quick hug. We held the embrace for a second and then I ran back toward the city. "Bye Legolas!" I shouted as I waved back at him. He smiled and waved back. 'I have never told anyone about that, only Elizabeth, and she only knows about my parents, not my uncle. What is going on with me?'

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