Hey everyone! I am writing again and I have a lovely little story for you based on Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries. Only this will be from Caroline's POV. I know some of you aren't TVD fans, so sorry that you got this story request hoping it was another HP or Twilight story, but this is what I'm currently obsessing over, so it's what I'm writing about. I hope you enjoy!

The Wayward Future

Chapter one: Strength

Caroline decided not to leave her bedroom for the rest of the day, or possibly the rest of the week, or her life. She wasn't even able to move at this point. Her pain had resided too deeply in her bones, keeping her from being able to do more than look at her phone through tear-blurred eyes. Bonnie had called her twice. After the second time, Caroline had listened to the message Bonnie had left for her only to discover that things in Mystic Falls were even worse than she had hoped.

"Caroline, I know why you didn't pick up, but you need to know about what is going on. Elena… Elena and Matt had an accident off of the Wickery Bridge. Matt is okay, Stefan got him out of the truck, but Elena. She-she's a vampire, Caroline. She drowned with Damon's blood in her. I don't know who she got blood from, but she transitioned this morning. Also, Alaric is dead, officially, because of Elena drowning. I understand if you want to lay low for a while. I'll be by later, I need to tell you something else, but I don't trust doing it this way. I need to tell you in person. I'll talk to you later. " The phone message clicked off and there was only silence.

Caroline was jolted by the news of the car accident. Her friends were nearly killed last night, Tyler was killed, because Alaric killed Klaus, but now Alaric is dead. She was slowly losing everyone around her. Not to mention, the town was still after her, even if Tyler was now not a problem, they still knew what she was. She didn't care though. She needed to get up, to make sure her friends were okay. She needed to stay strong. Tyler wouldn't have wanted her to remain invalid for the rest of her life; he would have wanted her to go help her friends. So that is what she was going to do.

She drove to the hospital. It was funny how not a single cop she passed on the way there stopped her. They were looking for her, right? She was using her car to get around. They would more than likely see her. She smiled inwardly to herself, maybe they knew about her, but maybe they were afraid. That was a convenient thing.

When she got to the hospital and found that no one she knew was listed as being brought in, she was kind of flummoxed. Why hadn't they brought Matt here? She pulled her phone from her jeans pocket and dialed his number. He picked up on the third ring.

"Caroline?" She immediately brightened at how good he sounded.

"Matt? Where are you? Where is everyone? Are you okay?" She rushed her words, but was headed out the door as she said them, back into the morning light that stung at the corner of her eyes.

"I'm fine, Car," the shortened version of her name rolled off his tongue. She had always secretly liked how it sounded like "care". It made her feel like she was caring, even when she was a vapid fool. "Everyone is at Elena's right now. Stefan helped me out and now we are all keeping an eye on things at Elena's."

Caroline caught on quickly. Matt had been given vampire blood to help him avoid what ever had happened to him and now everyone was on "Elena watch" to see what the new vampire Elena was like. Matt was probably there to help her with her humanity. She figured Jeremy and the others were probably with them as well.

"You mean trapped me here! I don't understand why you all are here when we have other things to worry about. I can't even go out anyways. I don't have a sunlight ring like the rest of you." Elena sounded a bit cranky, but sounded like herself none-the-less. Caroline smiled at the thought that Elena would become an over-worried vampire version of herself. It was going to be interesting to see what was heightened with her friend, especially since Caroline knew the side of Elena that was often kept hidden.

"I'm coming over." Caroline said as she started her car. There was a scurry of noises on the other line of the phone and then a short shout of "ow" by Matt before Elena's voice came over the phone. She clearly had stolen Matt's phone from him.

"Oh, Caroline, you don't have to. I know you need some time right now and I don't want to force you into anything." Elena took a short breath and then seemed to change tactics. "That is, of course, unless you need a friend. Then please come over. Matt and I don't want you to be alone and we can call Bonnie, even though she hasn't been answering our calls. I think she is upset with me and…" Elena went silent and Caroline could hear Stefan through the phone.

"Deep breaths, Matt go into the kitchen and get some water." Caroline was slightly confused by what happened.


"Hold on, Caroline." Was the only answer she got back, and it was from Stefan, not Elena.

Caroline was pulling into the drive now and hung up the phone.

When she came into the house, she closed the door quickly, not wanting to let too much sunlight in to the place for Elena's sake. She found Elena encompassed by both Damon and Stefan on the couch. Elena's hands were fisted into her eyes and she was seemingly sobbing into them. Words were being cooed very lightly from Stefan, while Damon looked on as if something was tearing him apart inside. Matt and Jeremy were both watching from the kitchen, until Matt saw Caroline enter the room.

"Car," Matt moved to come through the rooms to her, looking like he was going to hug her, but Elena was up in a flash, beating him to her.

"I'm so sorry." She rang out loudly into Caroline's shoulder. "I didn't want any of this for anyone and I'm such a terrible friend. I should have just done this all along and then…" Elena stopped, her eyes getting dark again.

Caroline hugged back, needing the comfort of her friend, but was also distracted by the over-reaction Elena was giving her. It was kind of comical to see Elena react this way. The hug seemed to calm Elena down though. When the girl pulled away, Caroline could see that her eyes were no longer vein-y and dark like they had been.

"Well, if a hug was all Elena needed to calm down, imagine what a kiss would have done." Damon's words were responded to with glares from every person in the room.

"I wasn't suggesting, Caroline." He announced as if that had been the problem everyone was having with what he had said. Stefan stiffened.

"Damon, why are you here?" Caroline was the first to attack the older Salvatore as she felt a comment from anyone else would be over-examined and Elena needed to avoid deeply connected thoughts until she could control her emotions better.

"Why is anyone of us here? Because Elena can't have any fun until dark or Bonnie decides to grace us with her appearance and a ring." Damon was sounding like his old self, and Caroline didn't like it.

"Well then why don't you do something helpful for once and go find her." Caroline suggested.

"Why do I have to be the one to go? I'm not exactly someone the witch wants to talk to ever again." Damon's eyes glowed heavily with the meaning of his words, and Caroline relented.

"Fine, I'll come too." Caroline was surprised to hear Matt take the words right out of her mouth.

"Me too." Caroline added. "See, now you aren't the only one, Damon. I'm sure Elena will be fine here with Jeremy and Stefan keeping her company."

Elena turned around toward Caroline and grabbed Caroline's arm. "Are you sure you want to be going out and looking for Bonnie. I'm sure Matt and Damon will find her. You don't have to-" Caroline cut Elena off.

"No, I need something to distract me and looking for Bonnie will help. Plus, she left me a message earlier saying she needed to talk to me, so I think I'll be able to find her quickly anyways." At Caroline's words everyone's eyes drew to her. "What?" she asked innocently.

"Bonnie called you? Today?" Elena asked, disappointed.

"Yeah, I missed the call and she left me a message. That's how I knew what was going on with you and Matt." Elena turned around to look at Stefan and Damon. Just as she did, the two Salvatore brothers made eye contact themselves, as if to say something to one another with just one look.

"We need to find her, now." Damon lashed out suddenly, grabbing his jacket and heading past Elena and Caroline to the door. Elena swiftly moved away just as the door opened and let in sunlight, before closing quickly again.

"Text me the details." Caroline said seriously to Elena before waving Matt over and they headed out, taking Caroline's car. Caroline couldn't wait for the text message though and she immediately jumped on Matt.

"What was with everyone getting all on Bonnie's case?" She asked as she turned the first corner, heading toward Bonnie's house.

"Stefan and Damon seem to think Bonnie has been acting weird lately. Something about how she looked when leaving the storage unit where they were hiding Klaus' body. Then Stefan talked to her last night right after Elena woke up and told her about me giving Elena blood so she could transition." Caroline was connecting the information in her head. Matt had been the one to give blood to Elena that's why Stefan had healed him. Hadn't Bonnie said she didn't know who gave Elena blood? That seemed odd. You'd think Stefan would have mentioned it was Matt. "Bonnie said she was going to come over this morning, but never did. That's why they are so worried; they think Bonnie might be backing out of helping Elena."

"Doesn't sound like Bonnie," was all Caroline said to accompany his words.

The second Caroline pulled into the driveway at Bonnie's house she knew she wasn't going to find her friend there. When Jamie answered the door and confirmed this, Caroline began to worry. She pulled out her phone when she got back into her car with Matt.


"Bonnie, thank goodness. I was worried something happened to you. Are we still meeting up today?" Caroline tried to motion to Matt to stay quiet.

"Yeah, right after I head to Elena's, I had to find a ring for her so she could go out into the sun like the rest of us. Actually I think I found her mom's ring, as in her real mother. I found it in the cemetery after doing a tracking spell for the lapis lazuli. I figured it would lead me to a jewelry store or something." Bonnie rambled on a bit about her morning, but Caroline let her. She didn't want to give away that she was specious. The Salvatore's were right to worry. Bonnie didn't sound the same, she almost sounded nonchalant and uninterested in her words, like she was acting like Bonnie instead of being her.

"Well, great. Give Elena a call. I'm sure she'll be glad to hear all this. She's been locked up all morning." Caroline stayed positive as she said this, but gravely had a turn of thought. Tyler. He was probably lying dead in the old Lockwood estate ruins right now. "I gotta go, Bonnie. I'm with Matt. We're about to drive. I'll talk to you later." Caroline hung up the phone.

"Why did you end it like that?" Matt asked Caroline, not missing her sudden change in attitude. "Especially since you wanted to keep me quiet?"

"I kind of need your help with something, Matt." Caroline said just as ominously as she felt. "I wanted to find Tyler's body and bury him, or take him to his mothers so she can. I don't want to leave him in the ruins." Her eyes were stinging, but not from the sunlight this time, she could feel the pressure of tears that were welling up. "I don't want someone to accidentally find him like that."

Caroline was engulfed by Matt's arms as he spent a minute or two calming her down. "Yeah, we should go get him." He agreed.

"Okay," Caroline sniffed and backed out of the driveway, heading toward the one place she never thought she would want to see again, but she had to go. She needed to see that he was gone and that he wasn't coming back. She couldn't leave things with him the way they were after the way he made her leave last night. She needed to say goodbye.

It was only a short drive through town, but Caroline was glad that she had to keep a human pace with Matt when walking into the woods. She probably should have fed before doing this. She was feeling a pang in her stomach and she assumed that it was from hunger and not heartache, or possibly it was both. She didn't want it there though and was upset she was going to have to deal with it while going after Tyler's body. In no time at all the two were descending the steps into the room she had left Tyler and walking through the doors. She saw the chains that hung from the wall and were tied to the floor, but something was missing from this picture. Tyler wasn't there.

"I don't see him." Matt said as he walked around the far right of the room.

Caroline refused to believe it, but her eyes were telling her the same thing. He wasn't here. He must have transformed and run out uncontrolled before death took him. Or, or…

"Matt do you think he might have survived?" Caroline voiced her question lightly, but was letting the hope of the thought get to her.

"I don't know. I don't understand any of this, but Car, you can't assume anything until we find him." Matt sounded like he didn't believe his own words.

"I know it's just-" Caroline saw movement out of the corner of her eye.

"Tyler?" Matt tried, giving Caroline hope, but with no response Caroline panicked. She chucked her car keys toward Matt.

"Go Matt, get out." Matt looked conflicted for a second as he juggled the keys he'd caught. He was just about to turn and run when the shadow came into view and Caroline was moving before he could even react.

"Tyler!" The cry was of joy that came out of Caroline's mouth and it stopped Matt behind her.