AN: So, recently I've been re-obsessed with Sons of Anarchy and the gorgeousness of Charlie Hunnam and thought how it would be great if Hunnam and Matthew Gray Gubler were on screen together. So, this may contain spoilers for both SOA and CM but it'll probably be a bit AU for both shows. Now, I know that the date of Thomas Teller's birth was sometime in 1984, but I'm moving it to 1982. Reviews are welcome.


The Name's Not Reid, It's Teller

Chapter One

I wasn't always Spencer Reid. I also wasn't always a Las Vegas native. My father wasn't William Reid and my mother wasn't named Diana. And I wasn't always an only child. I had an older brother that I don't remember too well.

When my father's motorcycle club got deeper and deeper into trouble with other outlaws, my father decided to fake my death and send me away to a smart, normal-on-the-outside couple in the suburbs of Vegas. My mother thought I was dead. My brother thought be failed in his duty of being a protective brother.

At age eight, Thomas Teller died and Spencer Reid was born.

At age twenty-six, I got a phone call from my older brother Jackson. It was then that I questioned what I was doing in the FBI and if I really belonged in Quantico with a fabricated family history or with the truth back in Charming with SAMCRO.

I'm writing all of this down, in a form of letters, like the letters my father wrote that held my secret adoption. In case I die, this shall be the proof, the proof that I am a man struggling to figure out which side of the law I belong on.