Chapter 4

Reid was wrong. That didn't happen often. Only when family was involved.

Gemma didn't slap him. She broke his nose.

Now Reid was sitting in an examination room in St. Thomas hospital waiting for a doctor to take a look at his nose that was leaking a terrible amount of blood. If it was anywhere else, Reid would be worried about the amount of blood, but he knew that the head bled more than any other part of the body.

He was giving everything that had occurred in the past two hours a thorough turn over in his overworked brain.

Gemma's tears.

The pain just below his eyes.

His childhood room.

Gemma falling down, clutching her chest.

Reid could not help but feel a little guilt when he saw his birth mother on the kitchen floor, her breath coming out in uneven breaths. Her repaired heart skipped a few beats when Jackson introduced him not so carefully as Little Tommy.

The birds were squawking.

His blonde, blue-eyed nephew Abel was throwing cereal on the floor from his secured chair.

The loudest perhaps, was Jackson, screaming at him to call the paramedics and "Wait the fuck outside while he deals with this."

Reid could not understand why his brother was so angry with him. He should have known to introduce him back into their lives with a little more care in regards to the family flaw, but no, Jackson, or Jax as he apparently preferred, was thinking with his emotions more than his head right now.

And Reid, he was thinking he should have just stayed in Quantico and did all in his considerable brain power to deny the situation.

His thought process was interrupted with the opening of the examination door.

The person that entered, however, was not wearing a white lab coat traditionally sported by a doctor, but was wearing a suit. The woman was tall, still shorter than he, with dark blonde hair and big eyes accentuated with a hefty amount of eye make-up. On her hip, her belt held a standard government issue gun and badge. She smiled crookedly as she closed the door.

"How's the nose doing, Agent Reid? Or do you go by Teller now? I'm Agent June Stahl. ATF."