Ok I wanted to do this story, but someone already did this. Sadly the story wasn't finished; well it said it was finished in the last chapter, but I believe it wasn't finished which is sad because it was really a great story. The story was called "Ourkids" it's better than it sounds. Well, first I'm going to summarize the two chapters for those who haven't read it yet. And since this is my story I'm going to change some of the things from the original one.



These 4 children came out of a time traveling vortex. They said their names are Maria, Rachel, Adam, and Kenny. Maria is the daughter of Dick Grayson and Zatanna Zatarra a.k.a. Nightwing and Zatanna. Rachel is the daughter of Wally West and Artemis Crock a.k.a. Flash and Artemis. Adam is the son of Kaldure and Rocket (Rocket is not yet introduced at this point of the story) a.k.a. Aquaman and and Rocket. And Kenny (in this story, Kenny is a mini Caucasian version of Conner) is the son of Conner and Meagan/M'gann a.k.a. Superboy/Superman (in this story Conner grows up) and M'gann. While in the cave before the vortex arrived it was a normal Friday night. Kaldure was reading a book, Wally and Artemis were bickering, Robin and Zatanna were talking about how they would just stop arguing and make out already, while M'gann and Conner were in the kitchen. It wasn't until Wally told them to go to the Main hall because they had a problem. Later on they found out about who the children were. Later on Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Black Canary came out of the zeta tube. Batman was looking at the little 6 year olds (yeah they are all the same age, but don't worry later on I'll explain how; later on in the story) and was going to say "Explain" but got distracted because Maria kept saying, "Grandpa, Grandpa!" a lot of times. Which shocked the whole entire team.

Present Time

"Enough." Batman said. Everyone's head whipped around to face Batman, who was really pulling out the bat-glare. The four unknown kids lightly shook in fear from the intensity of the bat-glare."You are going to explain what's going on. Now." Kenny leaned toward Adam and said shakily, "You remember when I said that Maria's grandpa is scary."Adam nodded."I was wrong, he's more scary now. Is that even possible?" Adam replied, "I don't know my friend."

Dinah saw how Batman got a little angry so she said, "Hold on, their just children, don't scare them." Before Black Canary could finish the rest of her speech Wonder Woman came on the screen that flashed up. She said in a hurry, "League, we need your help. Now!" Batman told the team and the 4 kids, "Stay here." Then he glared at the team and said, "Find a way to solve this." The league was going straight to the zeta beam in a hurry.

Seconds later they were staring at each other. The silence was broken when M'gann said,"Umm guys I made some extra food for diner; what if we just set the table and you 4 can just watch t.v. until we're set. I hope you're hungry."

Rachel smiled and said, "We're starving!"

Then Maria added, "We can help you if you want." She said in an adorable voice. Then Kaldre said, "It is okay, we can handle it. We also needed to discuss some things." Then Zatanna said, "Come on, we'll show you where the t.v. is and we'll pick a show." The 4 kids followed Zatanna and Artemis too who came behind them while the rest of the team went to the kitchen. While Zatanna and Artemis turned on the t.v. and chose the Blue's Clues; Robin whispered to M'gann to link them so they can all have a private conversation while setting the table.

Wally finally said, "Is it just me or is this kind of awkward?"

"Yeah this is overwhelming. Infancies on the over." Said Robin.

Then Conner added, "Well their not really our kids in the future right, this is crazy."

"Well time traveling is possible," said Zatanna.

"Well either way we have to get those kids back to their right future time line." Robin said

"Yes, we must." Kaldure added.

"Wait do we even know if their kids from the future, maybe their spies from the bad guys or something," said Artemis.

"Aren't they too young to be spies?" M'gann questioned.

"Yeah cool down Arty, just trust them. We'll find a way to get them back home." Proclaimed Wally.

"Why don't we start interrogating them or talking to them about what happened before they got here, so it can give us a little clue to how to get them back." Said Robin.

"Well we have 15 minutes until those chickens come out of the oven." Said M'gann.

While the 7 teens were talking telepathically there was another telepathic conversation happening between the 4 kids.

Maria started saying, "Okay they're probably talking about how they can get us back home."

Kenny replied, "I hope so, I heard my dad had a big temper when he was young."

Adam said, "Well we need to help them, our parents are probably worried about where we are right now."

Rachel said, "Maria why can't you just do the same spell to take us back?"

Maria replied, "I can't Rachel, I didn't remember the spell that you all made me say out of one of my mom's magic spell books. Magic is unpredictable."

Rachel said, "Ugh, I still don't understand magic."

Kenny said, "Well they must be talking telepathically too because I can't hear them with my super hearing."

Adam said, "Let's just let them finish talking and setting the table, and we can just watch t.v. for now."

Everyone nodded and watched the big screen

The teens thought they should be talking to the children they trust so Robin and Zatanna was talking to Maria. Wally and Artemis where talking to Rachel. Conner and M'gann are talking to Kenny. And Kaldure is going to talk to Adam.