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Mount Justice

June 20, 2012 12:53 A.M.

When the vortex closed a gust of wind blew around the cave. It wasn't really big, but it was big enough to wake up the teenagers. Everyone groaned a little. Then their eyes shot open.

"Ahhhh! Get away from me Baywatch!" Artemis yelled which made the whole cave wake up instantly.

"Why am I covered in cheese puffs?" Wally asked himself.

"I don't care, I don't even know why I sat next to you." Artemis said while still yelling.

"You two just shut up and make out already!" Robin said while still closing his eyes, because he was still tired and haven't woke up yet.

"Why don't yo... wait." Wally said as he looked up and saw that his best friend was still sleepy and his arm was wrapped around no other than a groggy Zatanna who was rubbing her eyes.

Robin noticed that Wally paused a little bit. He looked up and saw that he was giggling, then he looked back and saw that his right arm was around Zatanna's shoulders. Zatanna didn't notice his arm around her until he had a blush on and took his arm away from her shoulders.

Then Robin retorted back, "Well at least I'm not covered in cheese puffs!"

"Dude! I don't even know I got in this mess." Wally said.

"Gosh stop screaming already, I can hear you loud and clear on the other room." Superboy said as he entered the room with M'gann.

"Sorry Supes, but good morning to you too." Wally said as he digs out of his cheesy snacks to get up.

Kaldure was the last one who woke up. Hw didn't really open his eyes until he shifted the position he was on and his book dropped on the floor. He looked around and everyone was already up. He looked at the time. It was almost 1 o'clock.

"It is more like afternoon."Kaldure said as he stands up and puts his book on the chair.

"What! I missed breakfast and lunch!" Wally yelled.

"We couldn't have slept that long." M'gann said.

They didn't know what had happened, but it only left Robin and Zatanna speechless with blushes on them, a confused Kaldure, M'gann, and Superboy, and an angry Artemis who just realized that some of Wally's cheese puffs were on her hair.


June 18, 2027 7:00 P.M.

"I'm glad were back in the same time again." Wally said. He was still holding a sleepy Rachel in his arm. It wasn't but only a minute ago that they were back in 2027 in Bludhaven.

"Okay I had enough drama today. I'm just going straight home." Raquel said.

"Wait what about the video." Conner said.

"Oh yeah." Raquel said.

"Well we all have to watch it, and I mean Artemis, Kaldure, and M'gann too." Zatanna said.

"Do we really have to tell Artemis." Wally groaned.

"Yeah, and were all going to watch it at the same time." Dick said.

"Hey Dick, wouldn't the kids ask about what happened to them." Zatanna asked.

"Their still little kids so lets just make them believe it was just a dream." Dick insured her.

"Why can't you just erase their minds?" Raquel asked.

"Their minds are too young and undeveloped." Zatanna answered her.

"Okay, so do we come back here tomorrow to watch the video of what happened." Conner asked.

"Yeah probably at 7." Dick said.

"Okay crazy night, don't you guys agree." Wally said as he smiles at everyone else when they nodded.

"Well this isn't exactly how I was going to imagine my night either." Zatanna said.

Conner's phone beeped. It was M'gann; he looked up and said, "Guys I got to go, M'gann's probably worried now."

Everyone just took their children and they were all out of the Grayson resident. Maria was still wearing a dress that looked really familiar to Zatanna. They changed her out of it and into her pajamas. Then they went back to their room to change. While they were changing Dick wanted to start a conversation.

"Hey Zee, what did you mean by this isn't exactly how I was going to imagine my night." He asked.

She looked up, she was already done changing, "What?"

"From earlier."

She paused a little bit. She didn't really imagine telling him this way. He was done changing so he went close to her because he thought something was wrong.

They looked in each others eyes then Dick leaned in to kiss her on the lips. When the kiss ended Zatanna had a big smile and she said, "I'm pregnant."

Mount Justice

June 20, 2012 1:25 P.M.

"What is this thing doing here." Conner asked as he looked at the weird contraption in front of him.

The one thing they forgot to hide was the time communicator; they were too busy changing the footage and erasing their minds that they forgot to hide or destroy it.

Then Wally and Robin came in the room talking about something.

"For real she shouldn't have punched me. I really don't know what happened." Wally said.

"You did get the cheese puffs on her hair," Robin said and then he looked at a confused Superboy, "hey supes what are doing."

"Seeing what this thing is." Conner said as he points at the object.

"What is it?" Wally asked.

Conner rubbed the back of his neck, "I don't know."

Robin analyzed it. He pressed some buttons, but it didn't do anything. He looked around if there was any off or on button, but it didn't have any. "It looks like junk." Robin said.

"Oh well, hey do you want to blow it up." Wally asked.

"Maybe it belongs to someone else." Robin asked.

"No I don't think so." Conner said.

"Good that means were blowing it up." Wally said as he already carried the small machine.

"What are you guys 6?" Conner asked.

"No, but it's called living. Come on Rob lets do it at the beach." He was already racing out of the room.

Robin just looked back at Conner, "I think Artemis just punched him really hard. Are you coming?"

Conner just shrugged, "Sure."

Mount Justice

2 days after the mind erasing...

Artemis and Zatanna came in from the zeta tube. They both said in unison, "Hey M'gann."


"Watcha doin?" Artemis asked.

"Oh I'm just doing the laundry." she answered.

"Oh yeah today is laundry day." Zatanna said.

"Yeah, I'm done with mine so do you need any help." M'gann asked. (I know M'gann's clothes are organic and she can just morf her clothes, but just bear with me on this)

"Sure, I'm sort of behind a little bit." Zatanna said.

"I can help you too if you want." Artemis volunteered.

"Thanks." Zatanna said with a smile on their face.

They all headed to the laundry room. They were sorting out all the clothes of which one's is Zatanna's. When they were almost done sorting the clothes they saw some small clothes in the corner. M'gann picked it up. They were pajama's and ordinary clothes.

"Did you guys shrink your clothes?" Artemis asked.

"No, but I'm having this weird vibe." Zatanna said as she touches her head.

Then when M'gann blinked she saw herself handing the pajama's to the cash register to buy them. Zatanna and Artemis saw M'gann flinch when she finished her 'thought'.

"Are you okay M'gann?" Artemis asked.

"Yeah, but I think I bought these clothes." M'gann replied back.

"Why?" Zatanna asked.

"I don't know." She answered back.

Mount Justice

3 days after the mind erasing...

Everyone was out of the cave except for Kaldure. He didn't know what else to do so he just looked around the cave. He stumbled upon a guest room that caught his eye. It was labeled Guest Room 2.

He entered the room. He really didn't know why he came in there. It's like something just grabbed him and pulled him in. He stared at the bed and the chair which was close to the bed. He sat in the chair and closed his eyes. When he closed his eyes it was like he heard a little boy giggling and laughing. He opened his eyes to see if he was there, but the laughter just faded away. He shook his head and headed for the door. He took one last glance at the room and then closed the door.


June 19, 2027 7:00 P.M.

"Wait so your telling me that Rachel and the little kids went to the past and met our young self?" Artemis asked.

"Yup." Wally said.

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday?"

"We all agreed on telling you guys in person as all of us." Wally replied.

"Artemis don't be mad at him, we're here to watch the footage of what happened." Zatanna tried to calm her down.

"They didn't do anything stupid did they?" M'gann asked.

"We don't really know, but that's why we're here to watch what happened." Raquel said.

"And the kids are still up in the room?" Conner asked.

"Yes, I just saw them." Kaldure said.

"Good, because it took a long while to convince that it was just a dream." Conner said.

"Hey Dick, are you almost done." Zatanna asked.

"Yeah, I just I have to do one last thing. And I'm done." He connected some things together and put the CD in.

They sat together all coupled up and watched the entire footage from the beginning to the end.

They all had different reactions: (You can look back at the past chapters if you want to match their reactions or not.)

- "Okay so what, some men faint."

- "Wow, were we like that when we were young?"

- "Yikes, ice cream everywhere."

- "Aw, they look cute in their pajamas."

- "I'm so good at story telling." (And you know who said that)

- "Wow Dick your really good at singing."

- "I didn't know they activated their jumpsuits."

- "Maria reminds me too much of you Zee."

- "Their so sweet, they miss us already even though they haven't seen us for only one day."

- "Yeah and we're also good parents even though we were at that age."

- "I love them so much!"

- "Really, they got cleaned again."

- "Ah, good memories right Rob."

- "Sure, but I mostly remember you as the annoying one."

- "Harsh dude."

- "And that's when we come in."

- "Awww."

When the video was almost finished they saw Flash put a note on Wally P's pocket. They all looked at him.

"What? I was only helping myself."

"What did you put in the note?" Artemis said.

"Easy, it was to kiss you on New Years." He said.

They all had smiles on their faces and went back to the video.

Mount Justice

The night after the events of 'Usual Suspects'

Everyone was already heading home. Wally had to put the souvenir of Sportsmaster's mask on the shelf first before he left. When he puts the mask on the shelf he looked back. All the memories of every mission was hung on the shelf.

"You did great keeping up with the souvenirs." Wally turned around and saw Artemis.

He said, "Thanks babe."

Artemis went out the room then the next thing he could hear was the zeta tube's recognition of Artemis leaving the cave. He looked at the shelf again. He buried his hands in his pocket. Then he felt a piece of paper. He took it out, "This looks like my hand writing," then he started to read it, "Wally West kiss Artemis Crock on New Years!" he paused a little, "Wow I was going to do that anyway."

He folded the note again and puts it in his pocket. He headed for the zeta tube to go home. Then he thought, "It most have been hard for Artemis to fight her father." Then he touched the note that was still in his pocket. He puts on a smile and said to himself, "I'm diffidently going to surprise her tomorrow night."

Mount Justice

4 days after the mind erasing...

Robin was in his room in Mount Justice, he was cleaning his little volt that he keeps his precocious things in. He moved it in Mount Justice since Batman was all suspicious of what was in his secret volt. And the truth is he has lots of things in there, he even has a video of Bruce singing to karaoke. He chuckled at the video tape. He saw his first batarang that he threw and the Flying Graysons Poster. Then in the corner of the volt he saw a picture of Micky Mouse. He held out the picture and stared at the baby blue eyes. Then he remembered a flash back of hugging a crying little girl while he sings You'll Be in my Heart. He went back to reality thought of what just happened. He puts back the picture and the other things back in the volt.

He locked his volt and went to the kitchen to grab a bite. When he went there he saw Zatanna grabbing an apple.

"Hey." Robin said as he went from behind her and grabbed an apple.

Zatanna smiled back and said, "Hey."

"These few days have been weird right?" Robin said as he smirked.

"Yeah." She answered back.

She was going to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water when something sharp ripped her pocket open. There weren't that much, but a few quarters, dimes, and a folded paper. When Robin saw what happened he helped her pick up all the things that dropped. He looked at the paper on the ground and saw that someone signed the back of it. It had a heart and then Maria on it. Zatanna saw what he was looking at and looked at it too with a confused look. She opened the paper up and saw a picture of Minni Mouse. She stared at the eyes and saw a little girl ,that looked a lot like her when she was young, charming with her big blue eyes. The next thing she new Robin was snapping his fingers in front of her face.

"Are you okay Zee?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, I think these few days got weirder." Zatanna said.

Mount Justice

5 days after the mind erasing...

"Hey dude watcha doin." Wally asked as he entered the living room.

"Nothing much, just checking on my phone for any updates of new stuff." Robin said without even looking at him.

"Cool let me see it." Wally took the cell phone and started reading it. It was about the white house.

"Stop it KF!"

Then Robin tried to get it back, but Wally keeps moving the phone. When Robin touched the screen of the phone it changed to where it was and appeared a picture of Wally, Artemis, and a little girl, Rachel. He immediate stopped what he was doing when he looked at the picture. In his head he remembered tickling the little girl and Artemis was right behind him; they were all laughing too. He couldn't believe it, Artemis laughing or let alone smile at the same room he was in. Robin snatched the phone in his hand and looked at what he was starring at.

"Who is this girl?" Robin asked.

"I don't know it's your phone." Wally said as he want back to reality.

He checked his phone of when he took the picture. It says that he took it 5 days ago.

"Maybe it's photo shop." Wally suggested.

"No, this is the real picture," Robin said, "I'm going to check what happened here 5 days ago."

He grabbed his laptop and started to check on the videos around the cave then he set it to 5 days earlier. While Robin was doing that Wally looked at the picture again and saw that the little girl had Artemis's storming grey eyes and his red hair.

Then he got interrupted in his thoughts when Robin said, "This didn't happen 5 days ago, this happened last week."

"Maybe we just did the exact thing again."

"I don't think so, last week was the only time we broke out into a random pillow fight in the middle of the day." (LOL I just wanted to write something about that.)

"Oh yeah, good times."

Robin looked back at the videos 6 days ago. It was redoing a video that was 2 weeks ago. Then he looked at the footage from 7 days ago the day was normal and they all remembered it, except around the time of 6:00 lots of the videos became hazy and you can barely see it.

"Either someone sabotaged the camera's or something happened and we weren't suppose to see it." Robin said.

Then Wally asked,"Then what happened to us for those 3 days?"

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