2 once taught me a song.

How did it go again?

He was always singing it... Whenever one of his projects went wrong and even when they went right. When he realized he'd absent-mindedly stayed up all night working. Or to cheer 6 up after a nightmare! Or to distract the twins from thunderstorms when they occurred! For some reason 8 used to smile but then give 2 a look like he was dumb or crazy when he had his back turned... I remember 1 would huff and shake his head when 2 sang that little line to him, I always thought I could see a slight smile... I was never sure... 7 and I used to love it when he'd sing it to us when we had problems or when he was fixing us... What was it? Something bright, something sweet... Something 2...
Oh yes!
I remember now!

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da! Life goes on! Braa! La la how the life goes on!

I miss his voice, his kind smile and touch and i miss the slight limp in his walk. I miss his cheerful humming, I miss his optimism and love of life...

La la how the life goes on... He always used to say... But...

But how can life go on now that he's not here to say it will?

I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY SAD SAD ONE-SHOT! basically 5 starts thinking out loud at 2's funeral when the body goes out of sight and the a few seconds after he says this he just dissolves into stitchpunk tears... poor lil' stitchie ... :(

the song id Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by The Beatles for all those aliens who didn't know XD