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1. Funeral

He'd never felt so terrible. He stood behind his mother, Bret's small hand clutched in his right as if it were a lifeline and an old grey fedora dangling from his left. They watched silently as visitors shuffled past, hugging his mother and glancing pityingly at the three boys before they moved on. Once-ler ignored them, staring vacantly past and trying to keep his hands from shaking. He wanted to be strong for his mother, who was falling apart at the seams. For his brothers, who were looking to him now. For his father, who wasn't there anymore, comforting them with strong arms and a gentle voice. Their father, who wasn't there to take care of them anymore. Their father who wasn't there.

Once-ler wanted to be strong. He had to be strong, even if he felt like he was falling apart inside.

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