AN: here it is: Aang's reaction to the wedding invitation!

There are few things an airbending master lets himself ponder. If those topics are stressful, the best way to deal with them is to not overthink them. Airbenders need to learn to be free and wise. Drama is not good for a soul seeking liberty. So, the three things on the Avatar's mind drive him crazy.

First, there's the threat of balance in the Fire Nation. Aang suspects there will be, if not another war, an epic battle. He saved the world once already. Now he has to do it again? And who knows if he'll succeed a second time?

Second, he knows his feelings for Toph have grown over the two years they spent together. He thought he was ready for the change in emotion towards her, and he would figure out how he wanted to act on them. Would he tell her he felt this way? Would he treat it like a little crush and let it blow over?

Whatever plan he had in his head was put on hold when he read that letter. That wedding invitation. He's over Katara, he tells himself. He has to be. But something in his chest has ached ever since he read that letter. Katara was marring Zuko. How did it come to this?

"Aang?" a voice registers in his brain. He shakes his head, coming out of his stupor, and says, "I'm fine." He walks to his bed and slumps down, head in his hands.

"Are you sure?" Toph asks, kneeling next to him. She takes his hand gently to reveal his face. "I felt your heart beat. You seemed pretty… lethargic."

"I said I'm fine!" he almost yells. Toph just sighs and says nothing. He knows what she's thinking. She's offended that he raised his voice at her, but, because of her new sensitive personality, she won't leave him alone. She knows he really is hurting. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright," she says, "but I know you aren't fine."

"Why do you say that?" he asks lightly, as if he's trying to lighten the mood. Toph laughs slightly and motions to Aang's right.

"You reduced the iron door to a crumpled ball." Aang's head snaps up, and he looks at the doorway. Sure enough, the metal door is off its hinges and on the floor in the shape of an uneven sphere. He must've been angrier than he thought.

"Whoops," he says sheepishly. Toph laughs genuinely.

"At least, your metalbending has improved tenfold." She gets quiet for a moment. "Do you need anything?" When he doesn't answer, she starts to go. At the last second, the airbender grabs her wrist and whispers, "Thank you, Toph." She smiles and nods.

Before leaving the room, she picks up the door-ball, bends it to the shape it's supposed to be, and places it back on the hinges.

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