Avi wakes up one morning in the world of Avatar. This is her journal of the events to follow.(Read and find out what happens)



Alli: Do I have to?

Smellerbee: Yes you do and if you don't I'll send your little brother after you while he's holding a chainsaw.

Alli: *Terrified at the thought* Ok!

I swear I don't own Avatar the Last Airbender. If I did the Freedom Fighters would appear a lot more!

Smellerbee: Good girl... Spaz

Alli: What did you call me?

Smellerbee: NOTHING, on with the froogling story!


Question, how would you feel if you woke up one morning and nothing looked the same? And when I say nothing the same I mean that everything was different! Even your clothes! My room (I think it's mine) now had mahogany floors and bamboo walls, my bed is stuffed to the Max with hay (that explains the scrapes on my back). The sheets or should I say sheet is a worn down old skin of some type of animal (I haven't a clue on what kind). My clothes were even different! Instead of my regular grey Aeropostale sweatpants and baby blue and orange basket-ball tank top I had on a green way too large shirt kept on by a brown leather scrap of material tied around my waist and brown wool sweat pant type pants that cut off at my knees with a flare.

Curious, I looked into the vanity mirror set on a wooden desk placed a few feet in front of my bed. Looking in I was happy to see that I still looked the same. My hair still short, a half an inch above my shoulders, I still had my bangs covering my forehead, my hair was still a chocolate brown with honey colored highlights here and there from my time in the sun. I still had a few zits and I still had my scars from some very random incidents (like getting burnt by a flaming marshmallow of death). So I guess only my clothes and house changed. Maybe I'm dreaming, that would explain a lot of things.

So I walked out the door of my "room" (I was so glad to find that I wasn't locked in) and I saw my mom making breakfast. Two reasons why

I thought that was odd: 1. Mom always is out running in the morning so I always have to make my own. 2. Why is she dressed in a leather apron and have a green robe on underneath?

I sat at the counter seriously pondering about what was going on.

Let's see, wake up in a room that kind of looks like my room, I'm in odd clothes that kind of remind me of Toph's from Avatar... OH MY GOOBERS! Maybe I'm in the Avatar world! I'm crossing my fingers that this is the case but I'm not going to sugar coat it because if I'm not, then I'll have had spaz out for nothing.


Breakfast was quite good; I had some type of green egg (Doctor Seuse much?) with bread on the side and some type of fruit juice that looked like orange juice but tasted like a mix of pineapple, mango, and apple. The egg tasted like a normal egg but a bit sweeter (sounds gross but it was actually kind of yummy). The bread tasted like bread (what did you expect? The bread to taste like a BLT?

Other than physical appearances, nothing seemed to have changed...

Unless you count that everyone is buzzing about the Fire Nation and how our little town somewhere in the earth kingdom is going to be destroyed by it. Good news: Oh my goobers, I think I really am in the avatar world! Bad news: That means the Fire Nation might overtake my town and I might die... Up side: Maybe I'll meet the Freedom Fighters!

If I do meet them I have the perfect "warrior" name for myself picked out! Sadly, I am that much of a dork. I absolutely love the freedom fighters. Who doesn't? I mean there is Jet who is absolutely gorgeous. Then there is Longshot who is ok looking but he is like the best archer in the world. And then there is The Duke who is super cute but way too young for me. Pipsqueak isn't that cute and same goes for Sneers. But still, the freedom fighters are AWESOME!


Authors Note: Ok, before you slaughter me like a pig I would like to say a few things. I know you're probably thinking, "What the goober happened to Smellerbee?" When I didn't mention her when Avi was raving about the freedom fighters. And let's just say that Smellerbee isn't part of the freedom fighters... Yet. This is different than any other fan going into the avatar world an I swear I have never read this kind of idea before :D

PS: I accept constructive criticism and maybe a flame if I'm really that terrible. This is my first fan fiction story ever so I'm going to try to update weekly. I know some I you might have gotten advice from me about writing so I'd live to have some advice from y'all :D

I promise that this story will get better as it goes along.