- arachnidsGrip [AG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EG] at 23:44 -

AG: Heeeeeeeey Joooooooohn!

EG: oh hi vriska!

EG: :)

AG: so whaaaaaaaat are you up to? ::::D

EG: oh nothing really! just watching some nic cage shit!

AG: Sounds like fun!

AG: Anyway, John? Do you know what tomorrow is?

EG: hmmm… is it your birthday or something?

AG: No silly human!

EG: is it one of your troll friend's birthday?

AG: No it's no one's 8irthday!

EG: what is it? :)

AG: If you muuuuuuuust know!

EG: ?

AG: I'm coming to Earth so we can watch a movie together! ::::D

EG: wow really? awesome vriska!

AG: Yes! It will defina8ly 8e a 8last!

EG: okay well I think I should ask my dad! Ill be back in a few minutes! :)

AG: ::::D

- ectoBiologist [EG] ceased pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] at 23:55-

You quietly walk downstairs to see what your father is up to. When you reach the bottom step, you find him on the couch with a news paper in hand and a pipe twirling out smoke. You think about how you could bring this up with your dad, you think he would be proud of you for bringing a girl home, but what about the fact that she is a troll?

"Hey dad?" You stammer trying to clear your throat at the same time. He simply nods and looks at your over the paper. "Um… I have a friend, who's a girl, and she was wondering if she could come over to watch a movie with me tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Oh well," He starts to say but then looks back at the paper and takes another breath of his pipe. "I guess that would fine. You say this is a girl?" He smirks into the paper and you see him let out a fatherly chuckle.

"Uh yeah. She's a girl. Can she come over though?" You plead.

"I guess that would be fine," He shoes you away to return to his lounging in silence and you run up the stairs to tell Vriska.

- ectoBiologist [EG] began pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] at 23:58—

EG: I asked my dad…

AG: Shit John! Don't leave me in suspense!

EG: … aaaaaaaand


EG: …he said yes!

EG: :)

AG: Well that's great John! I really look forward to meeting you.

EG: heh me to!

AG: Ok8y! ::::D Well John I 8m quite h8ppy 8nd 8ll 8ut I think I should get my rest!

EG: oh right! well I guess I will see you…. today!

AG: Good8ye John ::::)

EG: see ya!

- arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EG] at 24:06—

You can't help but squeal with joy! Vriska is actually coming to see you and watch a movie with you! You scamper to your bed after shutting off your computer and get under your poofy comforter. You imagine about what she's going to look like, how she will act when she sees you, and what she was going to do after you kiss-


You were planning on kissing her? Jeez you're pathetic!

You set your mind straight and wonder why your conscience is telling you not to. You seem to love her and you think that she loves you back. But gosh! You can't kiss her right when she comes through the front door! You gape at your ceiling and wonder about later today and what you will actually do when you see her… except kiss her.

You wake at the sound of a tapping on your window. It's so gentle and sweet you only know who it could be. You open your eyes completely and concentrate on the tapping. Checking the clock as you get up, you put your slippers on and go check out the window. You are so excited that you open the window and exclaim her name only to find that it was only a tree caught in the wind and scraping the window.


You whip around to see a dark figure in your doorway and see that it must be her. She steps forward and you feel your cheeks getting hot and your eyes opening wider. She had long black hair and pale gray skin. Her golden eyes were staring at you in curiosity through her wide framed glasses and you stepped forward to… shake her hand? Yeah let's go with that. You stick out your hand and wait for her grasp.

"Oh John!"

She pushes your hand out of the way and wraps her arms around your neck. Your face is burning and you feel the unbearable warmth of her skin, but only on your left side. Your arms wrap around her waist and you stand there a few moments, enjoying her sweet aroma.

"Um hi Vriska!" You say and breathe in as you let her go.

"So," She looks around your room and her gaze lands on you, or what you're wearing for that matter. "Uh… hey John? Do all humans sleep in only underwear?" She pointed a robot finger to your boxers and let out a little giggle.

You blush and quickly make your way to the edge of your bed to retrieve your robe and slide it on. "Heh no. I just do because it gets kind of hot in here at night." Your face is like a cherry but Vriska just seems so distracted with your posters, you guess she doesn't realize it.

"Nic… Nic Cage?" She dashed to your wall with your desk on it and hugged a Con Air poster.

"Yeah I have a lot of those…" You sway around awkwardly unsure of what to do or say.

"So should we watch the movie now or later?" She demanded. You caught her eye and she turned and walked towards you. You feel your face get warmer again as she pushes you down to the bed and sits next to you.

"Oh um, I guess anytime!" You manage to say clearly.

"I kind of want to now if you don't mind!" She looks into your blue eyes with a crinkled up nose and a smirk. "Unless you don't want to."

"I could watch a movie." You jump off the bed and get the courage to take her hand and guide her over to the movie rack next to your closet. "Which one?" You say hesitantly and you realize that she hasn't let go of your hand.

"Any with Nic in it!" She grips your hand a little tighter and her smile grows larger. You look at her and smile back showing all of your teeth including the bucked one.

"Okay! Man do I have a lot! You can pick." You watch as her endless gaze sets on the rack and look for a good Cage movie.

"How about this one? I haven't seen it before." She holds up the movie "Wind Talkers" and you nod in approval. She lets you out of her grasp and runs to the TV. You realize that she probably doesn't know how to work a DVD player and walk behind her to plop down on a bean bag chair in front of the TV. You push in the DVD and pat on the bag next to you for her to sit in.

"I can't wait until the movie starts!" She whines as she plunks herself next to you waiting for the opening credits to end.

"Maybe I should turn out the light." You suggest. She looks at you for a moment and nods in agreement. You get up to hit the switch and your lights all dim at once. You apprehend that she has taken the liberty of closing your curtains and it becomes as if it were night again. The only light in your tiny square room was the TV and the clock on your nightstand which read 11:30 am.

"Okay I think it's about to start! Hurry John!" You make your way back to the bean bag and sit again just as the start of the movie was happening. Your stare darted from the movie to her at times when you felt her stir.

"Oh hey Vriska." You whisper so quietly you doubt that she could actually hear it.

"What is it John?" Her eyes never left the screen and she sounded a bit annoyed.

"Well I was thinking that since you are here, we could maybe have you meet all my friends. Or something." Your face once again becomes pink and a bump grows in your throat.

"Sure I guess. Please shush John. Nicolas is talking." Her eyes only met yours for a few seconds and then returned to the movie.

"Alright." You blankly stare at the screen and before you know it, the end credits scoot up the screen.

"I think that movie made me love him more! Hey what was it you were talking about during the movie again?" She asked as she uneasily got off the bean bag and pulled up her jeans.

"Oh! Well I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet the others." Your gaze meets her unmatched pupil eyes and her face becomes sour.

"But I don't want to meet the others John. I came here only for you." At that exact moment you felt her hands on your neck and her lips smashing into yours. You were hesitant as to where to put your hands at first but then you eventually rested your hands on her waist, kissing her gently and firmly.