Your eyes widened as her snaky tongue wrapped around yours and her grip became irresistible. You could feel her searing hands back their way to your hair and clench pieces into her fingers. You harden the kiss and make it so she can't chicken out, and so she knows that you won't.

She pushes you towards the bed and rams you into the bed so you are on your back and her on top of you.

"Are you ready for this?" She inquired.

You nod your head and she comes crashing into you once more. Her fingers run against your cheeks and you can feel her legs wrapping around you. You hold her back and rub it softly.

"I love you Vriska." You mumble between kissing. She breaks the kiss and stares at you through her crooked glasses and frizzy hair.

"I love you too." She keeps her gaze fixed on your eyes and you can't help but feel a little uncomfortable.

"I didn't mean for us to stop kissing, it was just what I, uh, wanted to… um…" Your voice drops and you see her starting to….


"It's okay John! I mean I was about to say the same thing but I guess you beat me to it." Her fist lightly taps your shoulder playfully and you try to resist the urge to pull her back to your lips. She sits up all the way now on your stomach and you wince at a pain that happens. You're not sure if it was intentional or not but you felt her behind graze over between your legs.

"Um Vriska? If we go through with this, I just wanted to let you know… that I… I mean that this would be my first time and I'm totally okay with you… I mean if you want to just-"Her lips meet yours once again and you silence your crackly voice.

"You're my first too, John." She breathes into your mouth and her hands start to travel to her jacket, yanking it off to fall to the floor. "And I am only doing this because I cannot resist myself anymore." You are surprised when she says this. You thought that she only liked you because of your Nicolas Cage obsession that you shared.

She reaches now to the bottom of her shirt and she starts to lift it up to expose her flat gray stomach. You start to feel a weird not in your stomach and sense a heat near your manhood. You were getting hard as she tore off her shirt with only 1 more garment left on her chest.

"Can I?" You ask and reach for her back. You struggle with the clip at first but then you push them together and release her from the bra. Your hands have their own minds as they reach for her breasts and take a soft squeeze. You notice that she doesn't have nipples and figure it's not the only reason that's weird about what she looks like. She leans her head back and you start to squish them together and rub the sides of them.

"Oh John!" She pleads and you coat her neck in wet kisses. You undergo another heat wave through your stomach and your boxers are getting tighter and tighter.

"Are you positive you want to do this with… me?" You halt the kissing and look up to her waiting for an answer.

"Of course, John!" She kisses your chin and neck tenderly and guides her hands to the hem of your boxers. Your hands explore her back and glide around the smooth skin. She places her thumbs so close to your erection, you can feel the heat from her hands. You lay back down on your back again to let her pull the boxers from your waist to your knees and reveal your manhood, fully erect.

You tense up as she rubs your thighs and soon makes her way up to your length. Her hands seem hesitant at first, because let's face it, you both have no idea what you're doing. She grips you softly and pulls on it and pushes back to the base. You are overwhelmed with the pleasure and cannot help but make a tiny yelp. You close your eyes and she pumps again waiting for your reaction.

"Oh…. Oh Vriska… Mmmm gog… keep going…" You whisper. She starts to finally pump a little faster and you begin to move your hips up and down at her speed. She does this again and again, speeding up after a few times and at last the knot in your stomach is about to explode. "V-Vriska!" This is all you manage to say as you relieve yourself. She lets you out of her grip and she lies down on your chest.

You find the courage to roll her over so that she is under you, giggling mercifully. You sneak your way down to the beginning of her jeans and run your fingers down her stomach. You look at her yellow eyes and wait for her to respond. She simply nods and puts her head back and shuts her eyes. You unzip the zipper and undo the button and slowly slide the blue denims down to render her blue panties. You tug jeans off her gray slender legs and gracefully lean back on her to kiss her once again.

You hand trembles down to her waist and you suck and nibble on her neck. You index finger slides over her nook and rubs in a circular motion above the fabric. Her moan and tightness signal you for more and your middle finger joins in.

"Oh John… It feels so good… please never stop… don't leave me…" You are a bit confused with the last part but shake it off as your ring finger joins with the rubbing. You can feel the warmness return between your legs and you start to go faster. She bucks up her hips and you feel the wetness through her underwear. You figure that means that she's ready and you kiss her gently on her blue lips and pick her up only to lay her back on the bed, but the right way.

"You are sure?" You question as you kneel between her legs almost touching.

"Oh yes! I am so ready!" She bites her bottom lip and grips the blanket. You leisurely push your hips and feel the wetness of her. Warmth against warmth, you push into her and hear her scream. You pull out and widen you r eyes. You are pretty sure you just hurt her.

"W-Why did you stop?" She frowned and grabbed your face. "I know you think it's hurting me, I knew it would. Please don't stop unless I tell you to."

Your face became flushed and you positioned yourself again. This time, when you made your way inside of her, you only flinched at her scream. You kept pushing in and once you were all the way in, you waited for her to queue you on. She moaned and breathed hard as you started to pull back out but stopping right before you completely exited her.

"Ohhhhh… John…." Her face was turning a dark blue and she began to smile again. You grinned and pushed in again as slowly as before. She didn't scream this time but you knew it still hurt. She clenched around you and you suddenly feel a draft behind you.

"John…" She whispered. She wasn't looking at you though; she was looking right next to you.

"What's the mat-"You turn you head and you flush with embarrassment through your entire body. Your dad was standing in the doorway with his mouth dropped and eyes in rage. You jumped off the bed to put on your boxers but he closes the door and walks over to you.

"What the hell are you doing?" He demanded.

"Well… dad... I uh… we were just um…" He couldn't talk. An unexpected lump formed in his throat and you turn to look at Vriska who was shaking under the covers.

"I thought you were going to watch a movie?" His voice was raising and he started to point his pipe at you, fuming.

"Well you see we… uh we did… and um well…" You still couldn't make out the words and then your dad lowered his eyes and voice and looked right at you.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to do this?" He whispered.

"I didn't even know it was going to happen." You finally pronounce.

Then he did the craziest thing you could ever think of. It was beyond what you thought of your father. He didn't hit you or send her home. He didn't curse or anything.

He handed you a square package and left. It was a condom. He gave you a smirk and made pistols with his hands and finally you were alone with her again.

"What is that?" She asked.

"My dad gave me a condom. A fucking condom."