Chapter 1: Meeting outside

Emily couldn't fall asleep, even though it was warm and cozy in her room. She sat up in her bed and looked around her. Slipping out of bed she made her way out of the room.

"Maybe some fresh air will do me good!" Emily said as she turned down the long hallway. She stepped out on to the balcony unaware of Trellis, who was standing by the railing looking out.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" Trellis asked looking at her.

Emily gasped and spun toward Trellis. "Um… I… well…" she stammered. "Can't sleep?" Trellis asked teasingly. "Look who's talking! You're up too!" Emily said, her neck was hot with anger and embarrassment. "I'm not sleepy, what's wrong with that? And I never really slept much." Trellis replied with a grin.

"You're what's wrong!" Emily said under her breath. A cold wind blew over them. "Brrr, it's cold!" Emily said shivering and hugging herself. Her sweater was no help, the wind passed through it.

Trellis on the other hand just wrapped his cloak tighter around himself. "You should've have brought your cape." He said looking over at Emily and seeing how she was shivering. "It-it's nothing! I've been colder before!" Emily snapped at him. Trellis stepped toward her then smiled. "This is not the coldest it gets here."

"I can take it!" Emily said sharply glaring at him in disgust.

Trellis stepped back and gave an innocent look. "Okay. I'm just saying it'll get colder, way colder." He said looking up. Emily followed his gaze. Far off in the distance she could see a cloud forming, a storm cloud.

"What kind of cloud is that?" Emily asked Trellis. "The worst kind of cloud there is." Trellis said calmly. "Luckily, it won't come this way, only the cold winds will." "Oh." Emily said gazing out into the night sky. A second breeze blew over them, but it was colder than the first. Emily shivered as she quickly glanced at Trellis.

With the wind blowing on Trellis, he looked almost, handsome! Wait, what! What am I saying? Did I just call Trellis handsome? Emily thought stepping back.

Oooh! This is getting INTERESTING! Emily's stone spoke.

"Shut up!" Emily snapped at her stone.

Trellis swung his head toward her in curiosity. "Your stone is talking to you, isn't it?" he asked. "Yeah, but how would you know?" Emily said blushing uncontrollably. "My stone used to talk to me, but that was a long time ago." The two of them stood there not saying a word.

What do I do? Trellis asked himself looking at Emily with a lost look. Her time in Alledia is almost up. I won't see her ever again. Wait, what do I care if I don't see her again? I'll miss her terribly. She'll get married and have kids, I really want to see her when she's grown. But how can I? She'll go to her own world and never come back…

So where are you going with that?

Something spoke in Trellis's head. 'Wha-what? You were listening?'

Trellis said to his stone.

Duh! I'm right on your chest. I can hear you, you know.

'Um…yeah? You know what? Just forget I even thought anything about Emily!' Oh, but I can't do that! It's already stuck in my head.

'The last time I checked, stones didn't have heads!' Trellis growled. Oh, okay fine! Be like that and never make her see the true you. It won't be my fault when your heart breaks.

'Wha-what do you mean?' Trellis asked alert. His stone didn't answer. What did my stone mean by the true me? The true me…

Trellis looked at Emily, she was facing away from him, her hair blowing slightly in the light wind.