Chapter 2: The Moment Of Reliance.

Emily could feel Trellis's eyes on her back, watching her like she was his prey.

"Um, Trellis could you not stare at my back? It feels uncomfortable… and a little wrong, somehow." Emily said turning around.

"I was- Emily, look out!" Trellis gasped.

"What! Why?"

Just then a giant bird swooped over them.

It came at Emily, She was too shocked to move. Trellis saw that she was in danger, dove towards her.

When they stopped tumbling, Emily was on top of Trellis, and he was laying flat on his back. Groaning, Emily sat on Trellis.

"Emily… get of me!" Trellis groaned. Emily stood up quickly.

"What was that?" Emily said ducking another swoop.

"They're called 'Reptle Birds'." Trellis' voice was almost drowned out by the wind the birds were making.

"Rep..tle..birds?" Emily turned her head to him.

"Yes, they don't bother humans unless threatened. They eat the other, smaller birds that call this place home." Trellis said looking at the reptle birds.

"Well… then why are they attacking us? We didn't threaten them… did we?" Emily said, her voice shaking with fear. "Don't worry Emily, they think we're food. They'll fly away soon." Trellis encouraged the frightened Emily.

She felt like a baby, did he really have to say 'don't worry'? You know Emily, instead of waiting for them to go away, let's kill the! Kill them, it'll feel good.

"Shut up will you! Nobody asked for your advise!" Emily found herself shouting.

She caught Trellis's gaze and her knees buckled. She slid to a sitting position. "Um… I wasn't talking to you, if that's what you think. My amulet is talking to me. He-heh!" Emily said embarrassed. Oh, what a scene I'm making!

Then one of reptle birds screeched and swooped at Emily.

It caught her by the waist and flew up. Emily, shocked, gave a scream. Trellis stood up sharply. His stone glowed with fury. What just happened? Should I save Emily? Or let the reptle bird carry her away? I think you should save her, after all she is your love!

'Why do you speak to me in such uncalled for moments?'

Well because… just save her already! 'Alright! If it'll make you shut up about the love stuff!' Trellis ran to the railing, he shot at the bird carrying Emily, who was screaming her head off, he missed by an inch. "Emily, don't scream!" Trellis yelled over the loud wind.

"Like, how can I stop? This-this reptle bird is squishing me to death!" Emily yelled back. There was pain in her voice and Trellis sensed it immediately. He shot again, this time he got it. The reptle bird screeched in pain, letting go of Emily it flew away. Emily, still screaming, fell.

Trellis shot at her catching her gently. Emily gasped when Trellis caught her in his arms. A cold wind blew, and Trellis wrapped his arms around her. Emily stopped breathing for a moment. But soon she found herself snuggling against Trellis's chest. Wow… he usually has his armor on, but now he doesn't. So warm! Emily thought as she closed her eyes.

Wow, she sure is light… and warm… I wish we could be like this forever.

Love birds!

They both heard in their heads. Trellis quickly dumped Emily on the floor and she stood up turning away from him.

What a scene! They both thought.