Chapter 5: The Land Of Terror

Trellis groaned. How did that happen?

Emily stood up and looked around. "Well… we can't just sit here! Let's go and try to find someone for help!" Emily said excitedly. She grabbed Trellis on the arm and pulled him up. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! This island is probably dangerous… uh… you know, you might get hurt." He said silently Emily gasped quietly. Since when did he start worrying about my safety?

Somehow… I feel happy that he is. Emily thought smiling a little as she looks over at Trellis.

"But that won't be a problem if you're with me, would it?" she says tugging on his arm.

"What?" Trellis said shocked. He'd expected her to scold him, not go along!

"That's insane! Are you looking up to me?" Trellis said not getting over the fact that Emily was smiling at him like she had a evil plan to eliminate him. Trellis sighed. How could he say no to a cute evil smile like that?

"Fine, I'll go! But if you get hurt don't look towards me." He said. He regretted it for saying that. He didn't want Emily to get hurt no matter what. Emily tugged on his arm and led him up the hill. Emily ran ahead of Trellis. He didn't mind. Trellis noticed how happy Emily was running ahead of him and pausing on in a while for him to catch up. He smiled to himself. He never really saw her smile until today. She looks so beautiful when she smiles…

And you look stupid when you're not confessing to your love! Honestly! Gather up your courage, boy! Am I the only one to acknowledge you guy's love? Or maybe Emily's stone is too. Argh! I wish I knew!

'Shut up… you do know I need privacy sometimes, don't you?'

No… well, of course I do! Why wouldn't I?

'You're not giving me any, so I thought you didn't.' Trellis said cautiously. Emily had stopped, she was looking around in confusion.

"Um, Trellis, where exactly are we going again?" Trellis gave a confused look. Didn't she say we'd go on until we met someone? He thought.

"Um, we're not going anywhere specific." He said unsure what had gotten into Emily. "But, I know we planned to go somewhere! I… I feel like-" Emily fell to the ground unconscious. "Emily!" Trellis yelled. He ran to her side. She moaned a little, but that was it. Trellis picked up her frail body. Emily? What wrong are you okay? She didn't answer her stones call. Oh no! I wish I could do something to help Emily… but I'm just her stone.

She's lighter than when I picked her up yesterday with my amulet!

Do you think she'll be okay? Trellis's amulet spoke up. 'Oh, I don't know! That's why I'm worried! Do you think she'll be okay?' Trellis shot back at the stone. If I did, I wouldn't ask you and tell you! Did I do that? No!

'You have a twisted point… The sun's setting. I should rest.'

But you usually don't sleep this early! His stone protested. 'Hush…'

Trellis lay Emily down. Then he lay down beside her. Looking up at the sky, he watched the sun set quickly. He sighed, what had happened to Emily, she was acting like she was possessed. By what!

That was Trellis's last thought before he drifted off to sleep in the cool night. He woke in the warm morning to hear birds chirping in the forest close by. Emily hadn't yet. Trellis looked at her, she looked as if she was dead.

He touched her hand. It was cold, like it had been in the coldest part of Alledia for a long period of time.

Trellis sucked some air in and held it. When did she become this cold?

Trellis thought, he let his breath go.

She possessed.

An unfamiliar spoke in Trellis's mind. 'Whoa! Who are you?'

I'm Emily's stone.

' can you talk to me if you're Emily's?'

We stones can do that, but it's against the rules of our community. Isn't that right Harent? The stone replied.

Oh, yeah. But Seloes, why are you breaking the rules? I thought you're done with those days! And why did you choose now? Harnet, apparently, said.

I am… I chose now cause of Emily's sake. She's possessed by a spirit from this island. And I might know what to do about it… and I need you guys' help!

'Wait, you know how to cure Emily? Please say!' Trellis said anxiously.

What, do you like, like her or something? Seloes said to Trellis curiously. 'No way! Her mom would kill me if I return her like this or even dead, somehow!' Trellis blurted. Seloes made a noise like what sounded like halfway between a snort and a snicker.

He's just as stubborn as Emily! Just like her for not confessing.