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"Don't stop setting traps" Sarutobi shouted

"We have to hold it off until the fourth arrives" another unnamed shinobi said as the brave men and women of Konoha launched themselves fearlessly at the enraged Kyubi no Yoko.

They had not a shred of hope at defeating the beast, yet the fought on bravely, willingly, throwing their lives at the beast—just to bide enough time for their Kage to arrive.

The beast was preparing another Biju-dama; the first having already been disposed of by the Yondaime before he was dragged into battle with a strange masked ninja.

Totally helpless, there was nothing the Sandaime could do. He was in the direct path of the blast and he as well as the men and women defending the village would feel the full and fearsome power of the unimaginably destructive attack. However, before the beast could let loose its giant ball of destruction Gamabunta landed atop it.

The Yondaime had arrived!

"It's the Yonadaime!" All the shinobi present cheered as their leader appeared in the nick of time.

"Hold the beast down for a while Gamabunta" The fourth said atop the large toad's head.

"Minato-kun, I may be big but I'm not a miracle worker you know!" Gamabunta replied in his usual gruff self.

"I just need enough chakra to take him away from the village"

"Ok, ok!" the large toad said and before long the Kyubi along with Minato was gone and in the distance.

A large explosion lit up the sky; he had successfully deflected the great beast's attack for a second time!

At an unknown location away from the village…

"I have to put up a barrier quickly!" Minato said.

"My chakra is almost drained Minato-kun!" Kushina said in visible agony.

Just then a newly born Naruto began to cry.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun I didn't mean to wake you." Kushina said in a soothing voice to her newly born son.

When the baby heard his mother's voice he began to smile; his very first smile. That smile brought both joy and anger to the Minato's heart. The young Kage knew what needed to be done, and he knew that he would die in the process.

He was brought out of his musing by his wife's voice. "Minato-kun, I am going to drag the beast back into me and die with it inside me. At least that way I could protect my two precious loves as well as the village!"

"Thank you for everything my love, and thank you Naruto for being my son!" the woman said with genuine happiness.

"Kushina no! You made me your husband, you made me a father and you made me Hokage!" Minato said.

The usually stoic and unflappable man was overcome with emotion as his wife was about to give her life to save him, his son and their village.

"Minato I am happy. I am happy that I met you; I am happy that I married you; I am happy that you are the father of my child; and I am happy that it's our child's birthday!"

"When I imagine the three of us surviving and living together, that image only brings happiness to me. I am filled with love and joy with the thoughts of the three of us! The only regret is that I won't see Naruto grow up!"

"Kushina! You don't need to take the fox down with you. I can use our last bit of chakra to see Naruto one last time."

"What?" Kushina asked quizzically.

"I will seal the last of your chakra in Naruto with the eight trigrams seal and then I'll seal the beast with the dead demon seal"

As soon as Minato finished his statement Kushina blurted out "But that means that you will…"

"I will most definitely die, but I will also be able to permanently seal half of the fox's power in the belly of the death god and the other half I will seal in Naruto" Minato explained.

"No, no, no!" Kushina pleaded with her husband.

"I can't let the nine tails be revived without a jinchuriki. That would destroy the balance of the tailed beasts and it would only lead to another world war. Also, a time will come when Naruto will need to gain control of the fox's power and he will need our guidance."

Minato continued. "I know what you want to say, but Jiraiya sensei spoke of a great revolution in the ninja world and along with it a great disaster. I've confirmed two things tonight my love. One, that masked man is the harbinger of that disaster and two, Naruto-kun would be the man to stop him!"

"I know it!" The fourth Hokage said with conviction as he began to weave the hand signs for the dead demon seal.

"But…I don't want our son growing up knowing nothing but hate and fear!" Kushina said as the reality of the situation began to sink into her. Naruto would be all alone while he bore the most heavy and cruel burden.

"I wanted you to be there for him; I wanted you to raise him and train him! Why are you sacrificing yourself for the village, the country and me?"

"Why Minato? Why?" the distraught woman said unable to stop the river of tears from flowing from her eyes

To which Minato replied. "Turning one's back on the village is the same as abandoning a child. You know the pain of losing a village and your loved ones." Minato's voice became even more forceful than before.

"In the end, we are a family—of shinobi"

"And besides, you're much better at these things than I am. I'd be totally lost without you honey." his countenance completely changed, and his trademark goofy grin made the woman smile. He grin was irresistible.

Outside the barrier…

The Sandaime watched on helplessly as his successor used a forbidden jutsu.

"Third what's happening" a newly arrived ANBU asked

"They've set up a barrier; no one can get in or get out. Whatever they're doing; they're doing it alone" Sandaime responded.

Back inside the barrier…

"Curse you Fourth Hokage!" the Kyubi roared in its mind as the hand of the death god reached through the heroic Kage and ripped out its soul.

"Seal!" The fourth commanded and half of the great Kyubi's chakra was sealed in the Yondaime's body.

"What a heavy chakra, my body's gone numb! Now time it's time to seal the rest of the beast's chakra in Naruto." Minato thought.

"Shit! That damn blonde insect is about to seal me in that new born child! I have to do something before it's too late!" Kyubi thought.

Just as the beast finished its thought, the chains of Kushina weakened enough for the beast to use its large paws. Its target was Naruto!

But the claw of the great beast never made it to its intended target because it was stopped by the parents who refused to let their son die.

"You win Minato. It's the first argument that you ever won!" Kushina said while coughing up blood.

"Thank you darling! It seems that we both won't be around to see Naruto grow up." the fourth said in a down trodden voice. He then stretched out his hand and called forth Gamatora.

The long scroll looking frog yelped. "Fourth, nine tails? What the hell is going on here?" the small frog said in utter surprise.

"No time to explain Gamatora. I am entrusting the key to the seal to you; take it to Jiraiya sensei" the fourth commanded.

"Okay and goodbye Minato-kun!" Gamatora said in a sullen voice and disappeared.

"Minato is going to make his son the jinchuriki of the Kyubi in order to save the village! What a sacrifice!" Sandaime said.

"It's time to go dear we don't have much time left before seal the rest of the fox's chakra in Naruto as well as some of my own. If you have anything to say now is the time to say my dear."

With blood flowing out her mouth Kushina began her last words to her son.

"Naruto…don't be a fussy eater, eat a lot and grow to be a big boy; take a bath everyday and get enough rest; make friends, real friends who you can trust; study your ninjutsu and don't give your academy teachers too much trouble! Remember the three vices of shinobi: don't borrow money if you can help it, save some of the money from your missions, and no drinking until you're twenty one and don't overdo it. Find a nice girl, not a weird one and make sure she's like your mother."

Minato interjected "And the fourth warning. Watch out for Jiraiya sensei!"

Kushina chuckled and continued "Naruto-kun you're going to experience a lot of pain and suffering, but find a goal and stick with it and don't give up until you've achieved it! Remember who you are! You are my beautiful son and I love you Uzumaki Naruto, forever and always!"

She then gave the conversation over to her husband "Sorry I took all you time Minato-kun"

"It's okay sweet heart." the fourth said to his beloved wife.

He then directed his attention to his son. "Naruto, this is your dad speaking—listen to your motor mouth mother!" he said with a bloody smile. "And always remember I love you Uzumaki Naruto, forever and always!"

Then they both said together with all the love they had in their hearts "We love you Uzumaki Naruto! Forever and always"

As the life began to fade from their bodies, sadness began to descend upon their hearts. Sadness at not being able to see their son grow up and be strong, or get married and have children. They were sad that they won't be there to see him crawl or walk or run; they won't be able to carry him to his first day of the academy or his last. They were sad because they were leaving their only son.

But then something happened that literally stopped time for the dying parents. Their child opened his bright blue eyes and looked directly at them for the first time and he smiled. His little hands reached up and towards his parents.

Minato and Kushina couldn't believe it, but they were overjoyed. They both reached with all their might to touch their son one last time. The pain of the sharp claw of the Kyubi searing through their bodies as they moved couldn't stop the new parents from reaching their son.

In what seemed like an eternity the four hands of the family met for one last time.

The child's grip on his parents' fingers was strong as if to say "Don't worry mom and dad, I'll be okay and I'll make you proud!"

With heart filled with joy Minato said "Eight Tiagrams Seal!"

"We love you Naruto, forever and always!" they said one last time—and then they were dead.

After the sealing the new born baby began to cry—his wails piercing through the still of the night.

After the sealing a whole village began to cry—its wails flowed through the elemental nations.

On that night a legend died…On that night another legend was born…


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