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I don't like my house. It's quite, and empty. My Mother is always out cold. My Father is always knee under in work. The only sound that comes from the house is the sound of a soft piano. Sometimes I think that playing the piano helps my Mother fall into a deep abyss. Sometimes I think that it helps my Father not get stress. Sometimes I know that it doesn't because my Father comes down the stairs and yells at me to stop because 'Your mother is sleeping and I am trying to finish my work! Please Margaret!' I know he doesn't mean to yell at me, but it hurts when he does. After my Aunt Maysilee died in the Hunger Games, my Mother stays locked in her room.. Sometimes I go into the room to make sure she isn't died. She has a disease that makes her get huge migraines. The only way for her to escape them is to use morphling. Morphling's illegal in District 12, but my Father finds a way to get them for my Mother. Sometimes I wonder how my Mother would have been without morphling. Maybe she'd go crazy and start yelling at everyone or everything that makes even a small noise. I have to escape my quite and empty house so i won't go crazy. I walk, and walk into the sky starts to get dark and I realize I have to get back to my house, so my Father won't go crazy and start to yell at me for staying out so late. He would say 'It's dangerous out there. You don't know who could grab you and rape you, or kill you.' He's only said that once, after he told me that I never stayed out late. When I would get mad at him for always doing work and not paying attention to his family or at my mother for always staying on the drug, I would run, and run, and run until I couldn't anymore. I would find a place to sit. I would always say 'I'm going to sit here forever and not get up until my family would go back to normal. But I would always go back because I would always be to scared.

It's different now. I've learned to ignore the fact that my family is broken and will always stay like that.