Heart of Ash and Coal


The doctor looked over what he had been told would be his next test subject. Quite frankly, he wasn't impressed. She was only of moderate build, nothing extraordinary, save for her height; which was much taller than normal. And, although her skin tone tried its best to hide it, her body was littered with scars, well hidden to even your normal vampire's eyes, but not to a professional like himself. Coupled with her extremely short hair, it seemed clear to the doctor that she held more endurance than your average female. Like a man trapped in a woman's body.

Though he could see why the major took an interest to her (For any regenerating vampire that had survived any event which was as violent to leave her almost invisible scars was definitely worthy of note), he still had serious doubts as to whether this test subject was to survive. She was, after all, a woman, and the first one to enter this experiment at that. All the other men, even the most promising ones, had never even come close to being able to endure the effects of having every muscle in their body enlarged to its physical limit so suddenly. Though the toll to the body had been carefully regulated to be survivable by now, it was the pain that seemed to push people past the point that they could handle; for this this trail of endurance was not just one of the body, but of the mind as well. All survivors of the first part of the experiment had completely lost whatever bit of sanity they had left, becoming a danger to Millennium itself, and therefore a threat that had to be eliminated.

But there was no other choice, no other test than this for those who wanted to be able to survive possessing the power of the demon eye, and the major had been very clear about his decision.

He pushed up his glasses and began asking the mandatory questions "Test subject number forty-three?"

"Ja" the female responded in German, her voice devoid of any obvious emotion.

"Good. Before we begin I need to ask you some questions. Just formalities, surely you understand"

She was silent, her piercing green eyes focused on the metal chair that she would have to be strapped to.

The major stood near the doctor, giving him a side-ways glance to tell him that the vampire in front of him was less than social.

Clearing his throat, the doctor proceeded with his questions "I know you have been warned of the risks of this experiment before, but I will remind you once more. Are you aware that this could kill you?"


"Are you aware that this will be the most painful experience in your life? That this will push you past the amount of pain a human could even feel?"

"Ja" Her voice was as cold as ice.

"Are you aware that no other test subject has ever survived, and that you will probably meet the same fate? That you will most definitely die an agonizing death and have nothing to show for it?"

"Ja" No fear. No anxiety. Nothing.

"You can still turn back. If you walk away from this, no one will resent you. This will not work unless you are certain you want to endure this. I will ask you one more time: do you want to go through with this?"


"Very well, now, for the records, will you tell me your name?"

"Zorin Blitz"