Alice fell down the rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland right? Well you are absolutely wrong.

…... …... …... …...

I looked around the forest, I needed some game by the end of the day, so Greasy Sae could cook something. Apparently that wasn't going to happen, I found nothing all day, well this stinks!

I was walking home, on the verge of breaking down, I looked over of the other side of the fence. There was a girl, in a blue dress, she reminded me of Prim, who is now dead, sadly. "Prim?" I look over at the girl, she looks at me curiously. I climb under the fence and greet the girl reluctantly. "I'm Katniss." I tell her. "My name is Alice, I don't know where I am? Can you tell me, Katniss?" "Of course I can! You're in Panem! I'll explain more later, you can stay with us until you find your way back home." "Thank you." I take her to the house, where Peeta and I live. I walk inside and take off my boots, Alice shortly follows. "If it isn't Mrs. Mellark, and a new friend!" Haymitch shouts, I didn't even notice him, he was drunken at the moment, Alice looked disgusted. "You'll get used to him Alice, don't worry about him." I hear footsteps coming from the kitchen, Peeta. "Peeta!" I run up and hug him, and introduce him to Alice. "Nice to meet you Alice." They shook hands. "Don't forget to make her some cheese bread!" I acknowledged, Alice had to try his cheese bread, she had to. "I'm tired." "Alright then, we'll lead you upstairs!" I could hear Haymitch follow us, he wanted something. Peeta showed her one of the extra bedrooms, and laid out one of Prim's old dresses for her to wear the next day. "Thank you so much, good night." "Good night, Alice!" She falls asleep right away, and we shut the door behind us.

"She's a very nice girl." Peeta addressed, "I agree, I found her in the woods when I was hunting, I didn't find any game,but I did find her." "Her name is Alice? What kind of name is that?" "Please Haymitch, be nice! She said we didn't know where she was, so somethings up." "I agree, we'll sleep on it, she can explain tomorrow." Peeta and I head to our room and fall asleep, I dreamed of Alice walking in a unfamiliar woods, she was chasing a rabbit, she fell down the hole, The nest morning I wake up to the smell of cheese buns,which forced me down the stairs. I saw that Alice was awake, Haymitch wasn't drunk, and Peeta was happily baking some bread. I could see Peeta take something out of the oven, cheese buns! Peeta sets the cheese buns on the table and Alice took one before me, she bit into it and I could see that she enjoyed it, just by the look on her face. "Peeta is the best baker in the world!" She declared as she ate her cheese bun. "Thank you very much!" We all laughed and continued eating our breakfast, enjoying ourselves and having fun. When breakfast was finally over Alice decided she wanted to go with Peeta to the bakery, and I went along with them. She watched as Peeta made his cakes and pastries, awestruck by his amazing baking and painting skills. "Can I help?" "Of course!" He replied and Alice went into the baking area, alongside Peeta, and they started baking a cake. Alice made the batter all by herself and put the cake in the oven, Peeta and Alice patiently waited for the cake to bake, once it was done they took it out the oven and got everything ready to frost. "What kind of flower should we put on the cake?" He asked. "A daisy!" "A daisy it is!" He and Alice frosted daisies all over the cake, it looked beautiful when it was done. There were lots of colors of daisies including pink, blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, and even gray! "Good job Alice! The cake is beautiful!" Peeta and I said at the same time, we put the cake in the top display, so everyone could see it. We all three watched the people walk by and look at the cake, they loved it. Peeta found a piece of wood and started painting, when he was done we saw that he painted a sign that said "Alice's Daisy Cakes!" He hung the sign by the price sign, and now Alice's choice of daisies was now famous to all of District 12. She looked so happy that day, I thought she didn't want to go back home.