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"I could take you on," she said haughtily. Brittany resisted the urge to laugh out loud. This tiny little thing thought she could physically beat her? Hilarious. Brittany had at least four inches on her and, she suspected, a whole lot of muscle. She played basketball on a daily basis after all. And she worked with her hands all day. This girl on the other hand looked like she never got her hands dirty.

Brittany glanced at the girl's hands. Nope, she definitely didn't use them to work with. Soft, feminine looking hands, carefully manicured. They were cute though… So tiny, they would fit in hers with ease. Brittany snapped out of her daze, confused. Why was she even thinking about this? This girl was her new enemy. She snorted, the thought hadn't gotten any less amusing. The girl glared at her angrily. Ready to lash out.

Brittany sighed, mentally scolding herself for getting into this ridiculous situation. That morning, Puck had told her – uncharacteristically nervous – about his new girlfriend, Santana. Tuesday nights were theirs. They would go out and try to pick up girls together, neither of them ever seriously involved with anybody. But Puck seemed to actually care about this girl.

She had apparently asked if she could join them on their night out. Puck hadn't been able to refuse, he could hardly tell her what the purpose of those nights really was after all. Brittany had reluctantly agreed, not looking forward to playing third wheel. Puck had tried to convince her it wouldn't be like that, that he wanted the two of them to meet, and to get along.

So after work, Brittany had gone home, took a shower, ate a microwave dinner, and headed to their usual bar. Puck had already been there when she arrived. "Where's your girl?" she had asked him. "Work ran late, and she needed time to get ready or something," Puck said absently. Brittany followed his line of sight, and saw him shamelessly checking out a girl she knew for a fact wasn't Santana. This was Emma; Brittany had slept with her a couple months ago.

Even though she wasn't particularly looking forward to meeting Santana, Brittany couldn't help but feel bad for her. Puck was probably the worst boyfriend on the planet. She whacked his head, "eyes off," she said exasperatedly, "your girlfriend is on her way over here!"

Puck had the decency to look guilty and returned to his beer bottle. Brittany went to the bar to order her own, greeting several people on her way. She knew pretty much everybody in this little town. Brittany loved living here. Sure, she and Puck didn't have the best reputation, but people seemed to like them anyway. In fact she wondered where this Santana girl had come from all of a sudden.

Even if they went 'hunting' – as Puck insisted on calling it – every week, they barely ever left Rowville, and as a result the amount of new girls they met was very low. They had both slept with a large portion of the available population – and occasionally with the unavailable person.

She got her beer, and made her way back over to Puck, determined to find out where he had met this new girl. It had been too long since she had had sex, and she hoped Puck had found a new source of girls or something.

She was sorely disappointed. Apparently Santana had come into the shop with her car about two weeks ago. Brittany had been out because of a doctor's appointment. She never got sick, and just on that one day a hot girl came in – she must have been hot, otherwise Puck wouldn't have asked her out – and agreed to go on a date with Puck.

While Puck was boasting about how easily he had gotten the girl to agree – apparently she was a new teacher at the local high school, and didn't know a single person in Rowesville – to go out with him, Brittany's attention was occupied by a gorgeous brunette walking in. She was wearing tight jeans, a red blouse and ballerina flats and looked effortlessly chic. She also stood out like a sore thumb. The women here either dressed extremely casually, like Brittany did most of the time, or they dressed like the good WASPs they were, neat skirts and jackets in modest colors.

This girl on the other hand, looked like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Brittany was entranced. Puck, who was sitting with his back to the door, finally caught on to Brittany's blatant staring, and turned his head. The brunette, who had been standing there a bit awkwardly, let out a relieved smile and made her way over to their table.

Just her luck, Brittany thought. Of course this gorgeous girl had to be Santana. Her and Puck had a strict code that once of them got a girl, she was off limits for the other one.

Puck helped Santana in the booth, and got up to get her a drink, leaving the girls to introductions. Brittany rolled her eyes, he really had the worst manners. At least he didn't make Santana go get a drink herself.

"Hi, I'm Brittany," she said, holding out her hand, trying not to sound too excited, but inadvertently flashing the girl a big smile nonetheless. "Santana," the girl replied, somewhat coolly. She's probably just a little shy, Brittany thought to herself. Santana, however, immediately got her cell phone out, and started texting. Or she is just rude… Brittany thought.

Although Santana put her phone away when Puck returned, the atmosphere remained somewhat tense. Santana seemed weirdly tense with Puck's arm around her, Puck was being an obnoxious show-off as usual, oblivious to the tension and Brittany couldn't stop staring at Santana even though the girl was anything but friendly towards her.

Eventually Puck and Brittany got to talking though, and the conversation soon turned to one of their favorite topics, their conquests. Not the nicest subject with Santana sitting right there, but Brittany couldn't handle it any longer, and she needed to remind Puck that she was just as big of a stud as he was. The conversation turned to Katie, a girl who had gone to high school with, and the epic fight she and Brittany had had at some point.

Puck and Brittany were both laughing out loud at the memory of the girl – who had been a lot smaller than Brittany – constantly trying to physically attack her. Santana who had been quiet this whole time, suddenly piped up: "I could take you on," glaring at her challengingly.

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