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Friday night, six thirty. It was ironic that Brittany had asked Santana out to dinner, because right now she felt as if she was never going to be able to eat again. She was so nervous that her stomach was in knots. Had been for several days actually.

On top of just having the nerves swirling around, she was feeling bad about them. She and Santana had known each other for a while now, they had hung out alone several times, and although she hadn't really let herself think about too much, she was pretty sure Santana liked her too. So really, there was no reason to be nervous at all, was there?

Brittany realized that it was just because she had never wanted anything in her life as badly as she wanted her and Santana to be together. And there probably would never be something that important again. Even her biggest Christmas wishes as a child had never felt as vital as being with Santana did.

She was in her bedroom, getting ready. She had pretty much been there since she got home from work, almost two hours ago. Considering that she had had her outfit ready to go for days now, and considering that she barely wore any make up, that was a very long time. But once she had gotten out of the shower, she had spent most of her time staring herself in the eye in the mirror, and trying to give herself a pep talk.

Finally it got to be six forty-five, an acceptable time to leave. After giving her hair, which hung loosely down her back, a final brush through, and giving herself a last stern look to not screw this night up, she closed her bedroom door, and left her house.

She pulled into Santana's driveway, took one last deep breath, and got out of the car to ring the doorbell.

She was surprised not to hear Helena's little feet making their way over, and a little taken aback when Santana opened the door herself.

"Hi," she said, "where's Lennie?" she couldn't help being a little worried. Santana's mini-me was usually so excited to see Brittany.

"I took her to your mom's," Santana replied. "I hope she'll be okay, away from home, without me, but it was her idea, and your mom and dad were on board."

"I'm sure that she'll be fine," Brittany beamed. Now that she wasn't worried anymore, she had the chance to take in the way Santana looked, and she looked, if possible, even more gorgeous than usual.

She was in a casual striped dress and ballerina flats. Her hair was loose, like Brittany's, but it wasn't straightened or curled like it usually was, the waves were all natural.

Brittany loved this look on her, and, as a plus, felt like her outfit didn't stand out too much compared to Santana's, so she felt pretty good about herself.

"You look great," she couldn't help but say.

"Thanks, so do you," Santana blushed. "But I didn't know where we were going, so I didn't know what to wear," she pouted.

"Yeah, well, we didn't really get to that, did we?" Brittany said awkwardly. "Anyway, what you are wearing is perfect for the place we're going to."

"And where would that be?" Santana asked, mischievously.

"I hope you like Mexican food," Brittany replied, feeling there was no sense in keeping it a secret. They were going to her favorite Mexican restaurant, which was one town over. It was a nice place, but definitely not too dressy, so she thought they both looked fine.

"I sure do," Santana smiled excitedly, "Let's go."

Brittany chuckled, glad there was no awkwardness so far. As she had hoped, it rather felt like any other time they were hanging out together.

Making sure that Santana wouldn't forget the evening's purpose, though, she grabbed her hand, and led her to the passenger side of her truck, opening the door for her, and helping her in. Santana smiled at her gratefully, and she quickly made her way to the driver's seat, beaming at the brunette in return.

On the way to the restaurant, Brittany found it easy to keep up with Santana's small talk, mostly just anecdotes about work and Lennie. Santana seemed to be in a very good mood, which calmed the blonde down a little bit, but also caused her to wonder why all of a sudden this date didn't seem like a big deal to Santana anymore.

Maybe she had given herself a more effective pep talk than the one Brittany had given mirror-Brittany. Or much, much worse, maybe her mother had something to do with it. Santana did see her just before the date, while dropping off Helena. This thought, and imagining just what all her mom could have had said to Santana, distracted her thoroughly, and as they pulled up to the restaurant, Santana noticed.

"What's wrong, Britt?" she asked with that soft voice Brittany loved hearing. "Nothing," Brittany assured her, as she parked, got out, and once again helped Santana.

They walked up to the hostess in silence, and didn't talk until they were properly seated.

Even then, they simply opened up their menus, and started a conversation about what to order. Brittany told Santana about all her favorites to get here and they both had a hard time deciding what to eat, but finally their waitress came over and they put in their order.

As soon as she was gone, Brittany noticed that Santana was looking at her with anxiousness in her eyes, so obviously she hadn't forgotten her earlier question. Brittany took a second to think, but knowing that this was going to keep bothering her until she had an answer, she decided she was going to be brave, and ask Santana about her sudden change in attitude, even though it might ruin the date.