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True Love Found

"Uncle Deker, Dayu is Dalia." The words hit Deker like a ton of bricks. Jenny watched the expressions change across his face, shock, disbelief, anger, rage, sorrow and the list went on. She was sorry for him and she put her hand on his arm. Deker jerked his arm away and the look on his face told Jenny to back away.

"Why should I believe any of this?" He yelled at her. "Pictures, HA, this story you told me, why can't I remember any of it?"

Jenny dropped her eyes down and in a calm voice, even though she didn't feel calm, she said, "I think it was Serrator's trick on Dalia. She remembers, but you don't. I believe if you truly do remember then you could have ended this after it had started. Remember, Serrator wants you to battle for him, he does not want you to have feelings, especially of love, for anyone, just hatred."

Deker looked at her, and she could tell her words hit home. Then, out of nowhere Antonio appeared. He raced over and stood between Deker and Jenny protecting her. Jenny saw Dayu out of the corner of her eye, she knew that she brought Antonio here. "Look Deker," he pointed his finger at him, "if you want to fight, I'll be happy to accommodate you, but leave Jenny alone." Antonio knew that he could tear Jenny in half with one swipe of his blade.

"I have no wish to harm her at this time." He too caught a glance at Dayu and watched her for a moment, but it seemed a lifetime. He turned his attention back to Antonio and Jenny. "So, you would protect her with your life?"

"I would!" Antonio resounded back at Deker. The two stood there face to face. Jenny was frightened, would Antonio have time to morph if Deker struck first? She could not let him get injured, she would do anything to save him from Deker's rath. An idea struck her and she stepped in between the two.

"Deker, I would do anything to save Antonio, if I had to, I would give my life." Deker stepped back and Jenny saw that her words of protection for Antonio and his protection of her made Deker think. With that Deker turned and just walked away. Jenny looked over at Dayu, who dropped her head and turned away. Antonio turned towards Jenny and she just melted into his chest. His arms held her tight and she realized that Dayu/Dalia did what she had to do to save the man she loved. She would have fought Deker to save Antonio, but she smiled slightly knowing that Antonio could take care of himself, after all she did catch gold!

Just as Antonio started to kiss Jenny, his phone went off. "Okay, Got it, be there." He looked so apologetic to Jenny that all she could do was chuckle. Antonio took off and Jenny stayed, then she thought, no, I'll go too.

When Jenny arrived the battle was on. Everyone was fighting, the Moogers were huge in numbers, and there was Serrator. She didn't see any other monsters, just Serrator. She thought how bad he was and only could imagine how bad Master Xandred was if he was worse than Serrator. There were explosions and bodies flying and it looked bad. The Rangers were being bombarded with scores and scores of Moogers and Spit Fangs and whatever else Serrator threw at them. Then Jenny noticed Deker and Dayu appear both in their Nighlock forms. 'Oh great,' she thought, 'why are they joining in.' Then before Jenny could think, both Deker and Dayu started fighting WITH the Rangers not against them!

"What trickery is this?" Jayden yelled.

"I don't know," Mia answered as she slashed her sword into another Mooger, "but any help right now is welcomed!"

Emily was thrown into the side of a car and collapsed, Mike ran to her to see if she was okay. That act did not go unnoticed by Deker. He fought harder and harder and then he was face-to-face with Serrator.

"Ah Deker, why are you defeating the Moogers?" Serrator sneered at him. By this time, the battle with the Moogers, etc was at an end. Everyone stood motionless and watched the exchange between Deker and Serrator. Jenny ran up to Antonio who was standing near Dayu. Dayu nodded at Jenny and went to stand with Deker. "Both of you fighting with the Rangers, with the good guys? We will definitely have to do something about this." He raised his hand to fire at them when Deker turned towards Dayu...

Deker demorphed into his human form and turned, "Dalia, you are my true love." He took her Nighlock face in his hands and looked at her. "I forgive you for what you did after the fire. I understand you did it out of love without any idea any of this was going to happen." He paused and the tension all around mounted waiting to know what was going to happen. Then as he held Dayu's face he once again transformed into his Nighlock form. From there, he leaned forward and kissed Dayu!

As everyone, including Serrator watched in amazement, Dayu and Deker were both transformed into their human forms! Jenny was right! True love would break the spell. True love was the cause of the spell, so true love's kiss would break it! Everyone cheered and Jenny hugged Antonio as if HER life depended on it.

Serrator stood there speechless and Jayden took the opportunity to attack him. Serrator was injured but he disappeared before the other Rangers could help Jayden. All the Rangers demorphed and gathered around Deker and Dalia. Dalia had tears run down her lovely face. The two of them turned towards Jenny and she walked up to them.

"Jenny," They both started and chuckled, Deker went on never letting go of Dalia's hand, "WE thank you. It won't be long but we will go to see my brother and the rest of our kin. We will thank them for sending you to us. You have been able to free us from this hell we have been in and finally we will be together as we were meant to be." He looked at Antonio who was right by Jenny. "Fisherman," Deker said, "take care of her." Antonio smiled and nodded. Then Deker turned to Jayden, "Red Ranger, you are a true warrior and I extend my hand to you now in friendship and admiration." Jayden shook Deker's hand.

Deker looked at Dalia and they nodded, they turned to Jenny one last time as he said , "We must go now, but true love has found you."

Dalia kissed Jenny on the cheek and said, "Thank you."

Deker and Dalia smiling and waving to the group faded from their sight. The curse had been broken, but these were people who were not of this time and must join with the ancestors.

The Rangers were all quiet, they were shocked at what had happened. They didn't expect for them to fade away, but all were quite happy with the outcome.

"Dalia was beautiful." Emily sighed, "They looked so happy."

"Who would have thought that Deker could really smile!" Mike exclaimed.

"Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!" Jayden announced. "I think we all deserve the rest of the day off!"

Later that afternoon, the team celebrated on the beach with a fish fry and fun. They laughed and laughed, splashed in the water and played volleyball. As Mike and Emily were fighting for the ball, Jenny looked at Mike, "You know, I think when you ran over to see how Em was during the fight, that was the final push Deker needed. He saw true love at work!" True love! Mike and Em looked at each other and blushed. The rest laughed and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Soon, the only people left on the beach were Antonio and Jenny.

They had gone and sat on the higher rocks watching the waves as the sun set. It was a beautiful sky, pinks, blues, reds, yellows, greens and GOLD. They talked about the day and that Jenny would be leaving soon. They both skirted around their feelings for each other, but neither one could deny the way they felt. They were comfortable together, whether talking or not. Neither one felt that they had to fill the air with talk.

As the sky grew darker and the hour later Antonio said finally said, "Jen," Antonio looked into her eyes, "I don't want you to go, in fact you cannot go." Jenny looked puzzled and looked at Antonio, he chuckled. "You heard what Deker said. He told you that true love has found you AND he told me to take care of you." He leaned forward and kissed her, this time true love was found between a fisherman and a farmer. Jenny's ancestors, including Deker and Dalia, were cheering, as their Jenny had been caught by Hook, Line and Gold!

This is the end of the story, I hope you all liked it! Thank you for reading.