One-shot 1: Su's wish

Su's P.O.V

The embryo shone brightly above all of our heads. Me, Amu, Ran, Miki and Dia had been presented with it whilst fighting x-eggs. It made me wonder, what would I wish for if I got given it.

"Nikaido sensei. Nikaido sensei. Have some tea I made you!" Su floated up to the teacher and placed a mug onto his desk.

I shook my small head. "I have to stop thinking about him." I muttered to myself before "It's impossible. I'm a chara and he's a human. It's forbidden. Unless." I then realised my wish. "To become human that's it!" I remembered it all so suddenly and looked up at Amu who was shaking her head.

"I don't need it; I have my prince now and am happy with my life." Then at Miki

"I have everything I need." I then glanced at Ran who shook her head looking at the embryo. Dia only looked at me and nodded my head. She knew I wanted to be human and was more than happy for me to be one. She was the one I told everything. Dia went up to Amu and tapped her shoulder.

"Amu-Chan I think Su-Chan wants the wish." I blushed slightly looking at the floor while Amu looked at me and laughed.

"Of course Su. We don't need it do we guys?" The others shook their head and Dia pointed up to the embryo that stayed in the sky, still shining brightly. I flew up to it hesitantly and touched it. I was absorbed into a bright light and a voice asked me a question.

"Now, what do you wish for young one." I smiled and confidently said.

"I wish to become human desu!" The light shone blindingly bright again and I felt myself growing. I became human sized and my blonde hair became longer but still had curls at the bottom. I was wearing what was a lot like my chara outfit but my blonde hair was let down and I wore a headband with a green clover on.

After the transformation I was let down and floated daintily to the floor where Amu and the three charas were at.

"Wow Su." They all said in unison as rain droplets started to fall from the sky. I had to go seem him. I just had to.

"Amu, guys, I have to go. I need to see someone. I will be back later." I said to Amu and her charas who stood there waving to me as I ran. Ran to the place I needed to go.

The rain was starting to seep through my clothes and left me soaked as I ran to my destination. I had to see him, I had to.

I finally arrived at his apartment that was quite near to the school. I tapped the door three times to become face the face with the scruffy haired man. The reason I wanted to become human.

"S-Su?" He yelled, shocked at the sight in front of him. He moved out the way to let me through and I sat on the sofa.

"You do recognise me then." I said cheerfully. "Would you like a cup of tea Sensei?" I said standing up and walking over to his cluttered kitchen.

"Yes, and please call me Yuu." I put the kettle on and waited for it to boil before pouring the boiling water in a mug and adding milk and a tea bag. I handed him the tea once ready and took a seat once again on his cream coloured sofa.

"May I exclaim Yuu?" I said in which he replied with a nod and a sip at his tea. I continued. "Basically, while out fighting x eggs we came across the real embryo. Amu and the others already had what they wanted but I didn't. I wanted to become human. So when I was granted permission from the others to take the wish. I did and wished to become a human. I then ran here because I needed to talk to you about something." He spoke as soon as I had finished.

"So, Su, why did you become human?" I sighed and said.

"For you. I love you Yuu" I sat there and the floor suddenly seemed very interesting. I sighed again and stood up to leave after five minutes of an awkward silence.

"W-wait, Su!" Yuu grabbed my wrist as I went to leave and pulled me into his arms. "I love you too."

"You don't have to just say that you know." I muttered into his chest, quite tired with everything.

"I'm not." He simply said back, resting his head on mine and sighing. I smiled slightly under his embrace.

"How was the tea?"

"Great, just great." He said chuckling a little and sitting us both down on the sofa. Where I fell asleep in his arms.

Thank you Embryo desu.