Chapter 3: Sorry it's late

Teachers Pet:

The teacher sighed, running his hands through his chestnut brown hair. His emerald green eyes scanned the classroom to see if anyone was actually listening to his lectures. He was currently teaching his class history, but many had requested that he "put on Hetalia" and stopped talking altogether. Heck, he didn't even know what Hetalia was. *

The blonde haired girl glanced at her teacher, he wasn't getting anywhere with the lesson and she was worried. The look in his eyes showed everything. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Nikaido sensei?" That sweet voice snapped Yuu out of his daydream. He looked at the girl who was now stood in front of him, she looked worried.

"Yes Su?" he questioned, yawning slightly and sitting in his chair.

"Sensei, how much sleep did you get?" Su fretted, frowning when yet another yawn erupted out of her teacher's mouth.

"Enough." He replied. She shook her head.

"I'm going to get you some coffee sensei." Su muttered walking out of the classroom. "And a copy of Hetalia too." She added to herself, now outside the classroom and on her way to the cafeteria.

Once there she got her sensei a cup of coffee before walking back towards the main office in which she could pick up the DVD. She finally arrived at the office, picked up the DVD and walked back to the classroom.

It was chaotic in the class; her sensei was asleep, muttering "Su, Su." And loud noise filled the classroom as the pupils chattered.

"Enough now, I have gotten a copy of the DVD you wanted to watch, so watch it and be quiet until the end of the lesson please. Its last period so you get to leave soon enough anyway.

The noise died down and Su put the DVD in the disc drive of the DVD player. Hetalia soon started playing.

"Finally." Su muttered. Sighing and sitting back in her place.

During the credits of Hetalia the bell signalling the end of the school day rang and all the students quickly escaped the classroom. Su smiled slightly, walking over and turning the TV off, taking the disc out and placing it back in its case.

She took her things and went to leave before a hand reached out and grabbed her wrist.

"Sensei!" Su squeaked, turning around and meeting the kind and tired eyes of her teacher.

"Thank-you Su." Yuu muttered, leaning down and kissing Su on the cheek. Su flushed red before smiling and replying.

"No problem Sensei, see you tomorrow." She then turned and left the class room, a huge smile plastered on her face.

Face it. We all knew Su was always going to be her Teacher's pet.

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