Title- Secrets

Rating- T

Summery- Jean has a secret and so does Rogue and Scott. But Jean's secret can kill… Rogue. You see Jean found out about Rogue's crush on Scott and it didn't sit well. Jealousy can unlock the dark in us all.

Warning- Contains attempt suicide, attempted murder, angst and death. Oh and Jean bashing.

Other- This was written because it was requested by Shego2009. So she owns most of the plot. Slight AU in which Logan and Ororo are Rogue's parents. Oh and Irene was her babysitter when she was younger when her parents were off on missions; which is where she got her accent.

"I sense there's something in the wind

That seems like tragedy's at hand

And though I'd like to stand by him

Can't shake this feeling that I have

The worst is just around the bend" –Sally's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas

"Jean!" Scott yelled up the stairs as he paced at the bottom. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

"She take's forevah, don't she." Rogue stated as she walked down the steps. Scott nodded as he took in her appearance. He was about to speak when Jean made her grand entrance.

"I'm ready." She called from the top before slowly and elegantly sashaying down.

"What are you doing here?" Jean asked Rogue shock playing on her face.

"I invited her." Scott answered and then redirected the topic, "You look pretty Jean."

Anger sparked in Jean's eyes but once she was the center of the topic it cooled, "Doesn't this color fit my complexion perfectly?" Jean asked and gazed at Scott expectantly. Scott gulped and tugged at his collar, "Yes."

Jean beamed at him began to stride to and out the door.

"Her dress is a red that's a few shades lighter than her hair. Her boots are the same color." Rogue stated as she too headed out the door.

"And what about you?" Scott asked and grabbed her covered elbow.

"Dark purple long sleeve, black pants and biker boots. Not hard to figure."

Scott nodded and together they made their way to the car. Jean sat in the front her cold eyes stared accusingly at Rogue. Rogue rolled her own eyes and slid into the back.

"So how did Scott end up taking you to the school picnic Rogue?" Jean queried with a sugary sweet smile.

"Well it is a couple's picnic and Ah was the only girl available since you're meetin' up with Duncan and Kitty's with Lance."

Behind Scott's sunglasses his eye twitched once Duncan was mentioned. Biting down on his tongue to stop a retort about Jean's "precious" Duncan he spied Rogue staring at him funny out the corner of his eye. She shook her head and adorned an amused smile. Rogue met Scott's sunglasses in the mirror and she winked. Jean sent a chilling yet searing glare to Rogue through her review mirror. Rogue saw and gave a smirk.

Scott pulled into the last available parking space; that another car was actually going to get if Jean hadn't used her powers.

"You know where not supposed to use our powers like that." Scott reprimand as he shook his head.

"Yes but I was not about to walk three blocks just because of some car."

Rogue rolled her eyes and got out the car. She grabbed the basket and went to stand beside Scott.

"Where do'ya want sit?" She asked completely ignoring Jean who was in fact wishing to choke her.

"Anywhere you want to."

Rogue nodded and started walking toward her parents. She could feel Scott tense once he realized where they were headed. She laughed inside her head. She hadn't met a guy alive who wasn't scared of her father. Mostly because she only knew a handful of guys and they knew of his powers and murder record.

"Hey dad, mom." Rogue greeted as she bent down to hug them.

"Evan was just here." Ororo told her. Rogue grinned Evan was her favorite cousin. Okay so maybe he was her only cousin but it didn't matter.

"Hello Scott." Ororo greeted him; Logan just nodded his head in the general direction. He really didn't care for Rogue coming to this with him. Sure he respected the boy but he was too hung up on Jean. Rogue was going to get hurt. And when she did he would personally disembowel the boy.

"Well we just stopped by to say hi. See ya back home."

Scott let out a sigh of relief, which Logan caught and glared at his retreating back. Ororo laughed into her hand at his over-protectiveness.

"You're welcome." Rogue told Scott once they were on the opposite end of the yawn.

"Thanks." Scott said after a few seconds of confusion. To himself he was thinking 'How can she and her mom be so at ease around a man that has killed others in cold blood?'.

"Well that was fun." Rogue stated as they walked to the car. Scott nodded as he looked around for Jean.

"Hey guys. Duncan's going to take me home." Jean stressed the word Duncan and me. Rogue raised an eyebrow but said nothing. As she walked away she glanced behind her. She scoffed at the flirt-with-another-boy-when-Duncan's-away Jean. 'Slut' she thought and slipped into the car.

Jean glared in Rogue's direction but quickly returned her attention back to Jake.

"Alright, I'll meet you then." Jake said before running to catch up with his blonde date. Jean shook her head and a smirk played on her lips.

"Come on Jean." Duncan commanded from behind her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward his car, with her fuming the entire time.