I'm super late… again. But I'm also super sorry. The school load has increased and I'm sort of staggering under it and so I've been behind in everything the last couple of weeks. But I've caught up in most of it so I was able to quickly write this.

If there was ever a time to be scared of a person so badly that you wanted to run and hide under your bed; even if you didn't know you should be; it would be as you watched Jean stroll toward the stairs.

Jean stomped down the stairs with eyes narrowed, fists balled and teeth clenched so hard they were sure to shatter. Her entire essence radiated the same aura of a viper coiled and ready to strike. At least that was how she was descending the stairs in her head.

In reality she walked slow and steady as she gracefully came down. Her facial features were set in an indifferent manner that was just warm enough so that people wouldn't be put off by it. However they still wouldn't dare approach her. She moved through her current home with a purpose. One that willed her to hold her head high and swing her eyes left and right in search of the object of her desire. Her gaze flickered over and open doorway before jerking back so she could stare through it. A smile curved on her lips as she spotted part of her purpose sitting at the dining room table.

"Hello Scott." Jean used her best sultry voice as she brushed her hand across his arm while walking past him.

"Hey." His voice didn't hold the usual friendliness as usual but with a good reason. He was much more focused on shoving carbs down his throat after leading that intense training session. That and he was already planning the next one. In fact he didn't even notice that Jean had planted herself on the table beside him until she spoke.

"What are you doing?"

Scott glanced up startled at Jean's sudden closeness but took the turbulence like an export pilot.

"Creating a new training course." He held up a piece of paper dotted with assorted symbols at seeming random locations.

"What does the x mean?" Jean asked honestly curious as she peered at the designs. The x seemed to take up every available space on the sheet.

"Those are machines that will fling grenades and mini bombs." Scott smiled up at her proud of his work. However Jean was wondering just how much time Scott had to of spent with Logan to get that sadistic streak in him.

"Don't worry they'll be dummies." Scott filled in upon seeing the strange look on his friends face. Jean nodded once with a smile before changing the subject to one she found more desirable.

"So there's a new restaurant in town. Want to go with me?" Jean's voice lowered and turned to silk so that it sounded more like a fragile purr. Her face was uncomfortably close as she reached over and gently pushed the hand that held his plans to rest on the table. He unknowingly let the paper slip from his grasp and Jean seized the opportunity to lace her fingers through his.

"The new training course can wait."

Scott's eyes darted from his work to their intertwined hands before landing on her face.

"Afterwards we could catch a movie." She continued after a pause. She leaned even closer into his personal space. Scott's gaze seemed to have a mind of its own and lowered until Jean's lips were their focus.

"I… alright." Scott relented having fallen for the young woman's charm like so many guys before him.

"Great meet me in the foyer in thirty minutes." She demanded before leaving in a cloud of perfume. Scott carefully folded his plans and stuffed them into his pocket. He then headed out with a plan to brush his teeth and maybe throw on a different shirt.

"Hello Kitty." He greeted the scowling girl. She said nothing back, but stormed off in the opposite direction. Scott merely shrugged it off as her still pouting over him being the root of her play date being interrupted so he continued on his way.


"How could he do that to Rogue?" Kitty mumbled to herself but seeing as she made the mistake of saying it aloud somebody spoke back.

"Who's doing what to Rogue?' Ororo questioned as she stepped out of Kitty's blind spot.

"Oh, hello Ororo. Umm… well Scott's going on a date with Jean."

Ororo frowned slightly, for she knew all too well how deep her daughter's crush on the he

"Does she know?" Ororo mournfully asked as she prepared words of advice for her only child. Kitty pitifully shook her head no as her mind wondered to how heartbroken her friend would be.

"I'll tell her then."

Kitty smiled softly at the woman whose on smile was twice as soft and warm. With a wave the two parted ways.


"Hello Rogue." Ororo gently closed the door and approached the window where the girl stood.

"Listen Marie I-"

"If you're trying to tell me Scott's taking Jean out on a date I already know." Rogue interrupted after recovering from the mental disgust of her real name.

"How did you know?" Ororo asked truly confused.

Rogue twisted her torso so she could give her mom a small smile that overflowed with sadness.

"Easy you always call me Marie when you have bad news and Jean was singin' about her date while she took a shower. All Ah had to do was connect the dots."

Ororo came up from behind Rogue and lovingly hugged her; ever mindful of the exposed patches of skin on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry honey."

"Don't be. I'm fine; I always figured they would get together." Rogue grimily stated as she bleakly watched her crush drive the perfect girl away. Even after the car disappeared from her line of sight she continued to stare. Ororo's grip slowly loosened and she swiftly yanked the blinds down causing Rogue to blink and finally turn away from the window.

"Listen I do have some more news. Back when all this drama started I asked Beast if he could build a lie detector. He said yes and it should be tomorrow when it'll be completely ready."

A smile lit up Rogue's face as she shot forward and wrapped her arms around Ororo.

"Thanks mom."