Dark Little Secret


Warning: Ideologically sensitive material ahead.

They asked him a lot of questions which he never answered even though he had an answer to all of them.

They asked him, why he never smiled. They didn't know he did, everyday, when he headed to that room. With each step, the smile would get wider and wider. And once he was inside it, there was nothing that could take that smile away from his lips. Nothing.

They asked him, why he never showed any emotions. They didn't know how his heart went through so many of them everyday but they only grazed his face when he had entered that room. The room where she lay inside the translucent box he had constructed with his kidou. They didn't know how wide he smiled, how tears threatened to well in his eyes, at the sight of her fuller cheeks, pinker lips and her pale skin with its returning hue.

They asked him why he never married again. They didn't know his wife was still with him and he could never fall in love with another woman. Never.

They asked him, why he was still celibate, even though 50 years had passed? Didn't he feel anything towards Rukia, seeing how much she resembled the love of his life? They didn't know how his wife's tight sheathe enveloped him every night as he reached the peaks of ecstasy. With her life returning, she became more and more irresistible by every passing day. Why should he be attracted to someone who resembled his love only in physical sense when he could make love to his beloved every night?

They asked him what he did on his holidays and why he never enjoyed himself with relatives and friends. They didn't know how everyday he knelt beside that box and concentrated all his strength to pull back those shreds of reishi and bring her back to life. He had been doing this for 49 years now and now when the results had started to show in such splendor, he was spending even more time than before.

They asked him why he never shared his grief with others. Why he never opened up and bare his heart to anyone, not a single person. They didn't know if he did, they would realize what he was up to. How his heart was brimming with satisfaction, elation and delight and just how easy it was to scream it to the world. To tell them, how happy he was. To tell them how his life would finally return.

But he was patient.

They asked him a lot of questions which he never answered, even though he had an answer to them all. He couldn't answer them, at least not now or he would end up revealing his dark little secret.