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Last time…

We began walking up the ramp of the ship.

I heard C.C. mutter, "This should be interesting…"

I agreed.

The ramp closed behind us. I commanded the Geassed pilot to take us to the nearest planet that showed signs of intelligent life. One of the things that had improved greatly over the years was scanning devices, which was the only reason that we had been able to pick up the signals passing our area in the last few years.

As we settled ourselves, and prayed that the ship wouldn't get destroyed before we reached our destination, I took a few small books out of my jacket.

Suzaku was the one to ask, of course. "What are those?"

I smiled. "I've been working on getting a basic understanding of what seems to be the main language that is spoken in other parts of the galaxy. These are some manuals I made on the basics of Basic, which is what they call it."

Both Suzaku and Jeremiah looked astounded.

Once again, Suzaku was the one to respond. "You managed to figure all this out based on those intercepted signals I sent you? I've had people working on working on them for months!"

"You should never underestimate His Majesty, Kururugi." Jeremiah said.

We descended into silence as everyone read the manuals. I'm pretty sure The Witch was sleeping while she hid her eyes behind the book, though.

After a few hours, I got bored and decided to ask the captain when we would be there.

A few minutes later, I managed to find the cockpit. I hadn't had time to look over the designs, so I had no clue where I was going.

When I stepped into the cockpit I was amazed at the technology surrounding me. There were buttons, flashing lights, and digital screens everywhere. Lloyd would have a heart attack if he were here.

Trying to resist the urge to press every single button just to see what happened, I turned towards the pilot.

"Pilot, how much longer until we reach a habitable system?" I asked.

"Approximately 4 hours, Your Majesty." The pilot said.

Now that I thought about it, I had no clue where we were going.

"Where are we headed?" I asked.

The pilot replied immediately. "To a system called "Aldaraan", according to our sources. I can send a signal to them requesting communication, if you would like."

I was thrown for a loop there. "We can do that?"

"Yes, Your Majesty"

I considered it for a moment, before deciding that it was best to contact them now, rather than wait till we got there and risk getting mistaken for an enemy.

"Please do that, then." I watched as he did something on the control panel, before the main display in front of me lit up with a list of frequencies. A LONG list.

"What are all these for, pilot?" I asked

"I do not know, as I do not speak this language. All of these signals are coming from the planet though." I sighed. Obviously he didn't understand what I meant.

"Do we know which one could get me in contact with some form of politician? "

"No, Your Majesty."

I felt a migraine coming on…

In the end, the only course of action was to try to land on the planet and hope someone would contact us.

So, after a few hours of sleep, I, and all the other passengers, walked into the cockpit, right as we came out of hyperspace. The sight was awe-inspiring. The view from space of a planet filled with lush forests, deep seas, and huge cities is truly amazing.

We were broken out of our trance by the sound of the radio crackling, before a voice spoke to us.

"Unidentified craft, this is Alderaan flight control. Transmit your identification codes and state your purpose."

Jeremiah was the one who responded, "We wish to speak with one of your leaders. We are from a world that has only recently discovered faster-than-light travel, and we do not have identification codes because this is our first voyage into the galaxy."

There was a choking sound, followed by the rustling of papers and what I assumed to be cursing.

"Um… I'll try to redirect you to the senator's office… There's not really protocol for this kind of thing…" Said the flustered voice.

And so, we waited on hold for a while.

In Senator Gaul Panteer's office, a battle of words raged.

"WE CANNOT ALLOW THE METTING TO BE HELD ON ALDERAAN! To do so would cause massive civil unrest!" Gaul Panteer raged.

The topic of discussion was whether to allow the Empire and Republic to hold a meeting on Alderaan.

"He's right, even if the goal of it is to seal a treaty as they say, you can be sure the Imperials will pull something!"

As another man started to respond, a protocol droid walked in.

"Excuse me, sirs, but a starship just came out of hyperspace claiming to be from a planet that recently discovered long-distance space travel. They are requesting a meeting with leaders from this planet. Should I patch them through?"

That shocked everyone into silence.

After a while we were told to wait while they sent our signal to the Senator's office.

I quickly adopted my "Demon Emperor Mask" when I found out that it would be done through video chat. Apparently, they had to get special equipment just to adopt their holographic signal into a signal that would display on our monitor.

Soon a man's face appeared on screen. I was surprised to find that he looked exactly like the typical human from our planet.

"Greetings. I am Senator Panteer of the Alderaan system. Do you understand me?" He looked at us like we were toddlers. I had begun to hate him already.

I was the one who spoke, in choppy Basic, "To some degree, yes. We have been deciphering your language for a few years now, actually."

"Good. This won't be as difficult as I thought. My assistant tells me that you claim to be from an undiscovered system. Is this true?"

"It is."

"I trust you have full authority to represent your planet, then?" He asked.

Remembering my days as Demon Emperor, I responded. "Yes, I do."

He seemed to accept this. "Very well then… What may I call you?"

"My name… Is Lelouch vi Britannia!" I did a stage bow.

He grinned despite the situation.

"I think I'm going to like you, Lelouch vi Britannia…"

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