To Never Die

Chapter 1: I'm Back!

The ground rumble slightly with energy that the sealed being could feel came from miles away. He didn't move though, not even to open his eyes. He had been asleep for so long… or rather sealed, that he rarely bothered to open his eyes anymore. It wasn't like he would be able to see anything if he did since he couldn't see outside the seal.

It angered him that he was sealed after everything he did for his village, his comrades… his friends, everyone. The powerful being pushed his anger away though; it had been his idea to be sealed. To be put away so nobody could get to him, no one could use the power he held since his birth. He told them to seal him away for so long the Nine Tailed Beasts would be nothing but legends and old stories that no one but children believed.

At the time though he hadn't known he couldn't die. That he would never age after his prime and would forever be bound to only sense the outside world. He had thought only the Kyuubi's chakra would be left and would simply disperse into the world when the seal finally did release. Energy pulsed over the ground again, this time closer and more powerful. A blond eyebrow twitched, annoyed at whoever was flexing their power around him while he couldn't do the same.

Another even more powerful wave of energy swept over the seal and clear blue eyes snapped open sensing the crack, the blond could now see in front of him just from the light that spilled through the crack. For a minute sky blue eyes just stared at the crack, daring to hope he could be free again soon. After so many years, hundreds or over a thousand he wasn't sure anymore, but after all that time the seal of the five Kages must have weakened. Bit by bit and that little energy wave just cracked it.

The blue eyed being smirked coyly, and wasted no more time thinking about it. The timer the five Kages' had set was for five thousand years but the blond hadn't sensed anyone that felt like a ninja in a very long time, and he was tired of waiting. Doing nothing day after day, he wanted, no needed to be free again. The powerful being started gathering energy in his hands.

Powerful blue energy that hadn't been seen since the world of the ninja spiraled over two strong hands looking almost out of control but the blond never wavered and the energy continued to grow inside the small confines he had been sealed in. The seemingly immortal being put one hand in front of his face and his other in front of his waist, still gathering more energy into the two swirling vortexes. When he thought he had enough to make a flashy exit he pushed his hands forward and stopped containing the energy.

Freed from the control, the energy exploded outward straight into the seal holding the blond immortal. The seal bent trying to hold for a second before it exploded outward, breaking the seal and the Genjutsu around it. There was nobody nearby to see the explosion which was on the side of a mountain about five-hundred feet up on the side of a highway.

However about fifty miles away a blond man with a green stripped hat and a cane, stilled in fear and uncertainty at the high amount of weird energy he sensed. Slowly he sat his tea down and black cat next to him was as unusually still as him. The black cat slowly turned to him after a moment when nothing else happened. The being they had sensed could easily be a powerful threat, especially since the man was sure the energy he sensed from the being wasn't reishi… and he didn't know what it was, which made whatever or whomever it came from dangerous.

Kisuke Urahara sighed at the possible new problem. He'd look into the anomaly later, well sooner rather than later with the power he was sensing. Turning to the black cat Kisuke sighed.

"It looks like we may have a problem, on our hands." The blond man stated plainly to the cat as if it could understand him, before he took another sip of his tea. The cat seemed to roll it's eyes before going off. The cat turned back to the man when it reached the door, eying him the black cat flick its tail and Kisuke sighed again.

"Alright I'm coming." The man said as he put down his tea cup and rouse to his feet.

Back where a powerful seal had just been broken a young blond pulled himself from the hole he'd made. He looked about seventeen, barely older than when he was sealed. His hair so blond and wild it could rival the flames of the sun and his eyes an expressive blue, which as he pulled himself out of his cocoon-like seal they were expressing pure joy at being free.

As he looked around they dimmed somewhat, other than the mountain he'd been sealed in, he recognized nothing. So many years had passed, and he had long ago felt all his friends die in one way or another, through battle, old age or something he couldn't pinpoint. So now he was free… but the world was different and his friends were gone. Well he already knew they would be, and as for the world… well what did he really care if it changed?

With nothing to do the blond headed toward the nearest village or town, or at least he sensed more people that way so he was pretty sure it was a village… but bigger, much bigger. Idly he realized it was the same way the energy that had cracked his seal from the outside had come from. Not that it mattered, even if they attacked him for some reason he'd just beat them down. The blond smirked speaking for the first time in a long time "Look out world Naruto Uzumaki is back!"

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