Ok, this was just an idea I had a while back and decided to post it here. This story will be updated slowly because of the other ones I have on here. But, I hope you like it. I'm open to ideas if you have any.

Chapter 1

"Don't turn your back on me Harry Potter! I want to see the life leave your eyes!" Harry was gasping for breath behind a grave. His leg was shaking from the venom that the spider used when it bite him and it felt like there was a poison from the dagger Wormtail used to cut his arm. He looked at his wand then back at Voldemort.

'If I go down, I go down fighting,' he thought while pushing himself off the grave and limped towards Voldemort. The two stared at each other for a minute.

"Don't you know the proper rules for a duel Harry Potter? We must bow to each other you know," Voldemort bowed although Harry was sure that he was mocking him. Harry didn't move so Voldemort raised his wand to him.

"I said, bow!" Harry felt his torso bend and it felt like his ribs were on fire. Harry bit his cheek from wincing in pain. He wouldn't give the snake face the satisfaction of knowing he was in pain. Harry took a deep breath.

"Stupifey," Harry yelled. Voldemort flicked his wrist with boredom.

"Crucio," Harry dodged, but just barely.

"Avada Kedava!"

"Expelliarmus!" The two spells connected and turned gold while creating a shield around then. Harry's wand was vibrating and had to use both hands to steady it. Ghosts started appearing from Voldemort's wand. Cedric looked sadly at Harry while an old man came out as well. It looked like the man from his dream. Bertha Jones came out next while he saw his mother come out.

"Your fathers coming." Her voice sounded like an angel to Harry and it stirred a memory that he couldn't quite remember. A messy haired man came out of Voldemort's wand.

"Harry, we are so proud of you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

"We can distract him for a moment sweetheart," said Lily. James nodded.

"Harry," Harry looked at Cedric's ghost.

"Take my body back to my family please." Harry nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

"Sweetheart you're ready. Let go!" Harry raised his wand, severing the connection. Voldemort was stunned but Harry ran back to the portkey. Voldemort shook out of his shock and blasted a curse at Harry when he, Cedric and the cup disappeared.

Harry held on for dear life when the curse touched him. He did a sticking charm on Cedric and the cup before he was whisked away to an unknown place.

Cedric's body came back but was covered in blood. Fleur Delacour noticed first and screamed in horror. The music that started playing stopped abruptly while Fudge, Dumbledore and Mr. Diggory all ran to Cedric's body. Hermione and Ron also ran down as Harry hasn't sent up sparks yet.

"Professor, wh-who's blood is that?" Hermione asked faintly. Dumbledore did a quick DNA check (although the wizarding world didn't know about DNA). He looked faintly when he saw the results.

"Minister," he started.

"You may want to put up 'missing' posters for Harry Potter."

"Dumbledore, what's going on?"

"Harry Potter is missing." He pronounced loudly.