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Harry landed hard and had the wind knocked out. He gasped when pain started flaring from his ribs. He tried to stand but leg buckled from his weight. He fell and dust swirled around him making him sneeze.

'Wait, dust?' Harry's eyes focused. No wonder he couldn't see, it was the middle of the day. Looking around, it looked like he was on a beach somewhere. He could hear splashes and screaming along with some cursing. He couldn't hear them, but could make out three blobs with a fourth dragging something with them. Everything started catching up to him by this point. The portkey, resurrection, Cedric, connection, his parents, poison. It was too much for him and passed out in the sand.

Lucy could tell that there was something wrong. Not with the dwarf, but something else. She cut him loose and didn't hear a word he said and was scanning the beach instead. The sun was overhead so she had to squint. Looking around, Lucy saw something laying on the beach.

"Lucy?" Edmund called. She didn't answer. Walking towards the thing on the beach, it looked like a boy, about Edmund's age. She started running towards him, ignoring Edmund's calls to her and didn't notice him running after her. Peter and Susan didn't notice since they were talking to the dwarf. She ran and the closer she got, the worse he looked. She knelt beside him and uncorked her cordial.

"Lucy! What are you doing?" Edmund panted.

"Shush Edmund!" The boy moaned and twitched. Lucy ran a hand through his hair, noting how untidy it was.

"Come on, open up," she coaxed. The boy's mouth finally opened little and Lucy poured a single drop into his mouth. She re-corked the cordial and watched his leg start healing and his arm started closing up. A black mist started to surround him and blood oozed from a scar on his forehead that she didn't notice. The mist started forming and was about to attack when it gave an inhuman screaming and evaporated into nothing.

"What, was that?"

"I don't know Ed!" Lucy said panicking a little. She heard a small moan from the boy as his one hand twitched. He opened his eyes. Lucy saw the most beautiful pair of eyes in her life. Thy were an emerald green that had a shine and sparkled almost. But there was a sadness lurking behind them. He jerked his head up and frantically looked around, looking for danger. Lucy turned to look for Peter and Susan, but they haven't noticed yet. They found the dwarf much more interesting then where their siblings went. The boy noticed Edmund still staring at him.

"Who are you?"

'That was blunt.' Lucy thought. Edmund usually has a bit better of tact.

"Harry, Harry Potter."

Harry was still trying to figure out what was going on. His head was spinning a millions miles a minute. One second, he was battling his way to the port key and the next, he was hit by a stray curse and landed on a sunny beach.

'Wait, sunny? Beach? What the hell is going on?' Frowning Harry looked at the girl. Her hair had brown hair that seemed to shine in the sunlight and chocolate brown eyes.

'They're pretty,' Harry thought.

'No! You're not suppose to think like that!' While Harry had his internal battle, Edmund was looking at Harry with a critical eye.

This boy seemed to appear from no where and looked like he was in a battle of some sort. No school yard fight ends up like this. He looked exhausted and had on a uniform.

'Competition?' Edmund thought. He was startled when Lucy asked Harry question after question. Trust Lucy to trust a boy who just appeared from no where. Lucy felt that this boy was trustworthy. It was in his eyes, she could feel it. So, she started asking questions.

"Where did you come from?"


"How old are you?"


"How in Aslan, did you end up looking like this?"

"Well um…" Harry felt uncomfortable.

"I was in a school competition that was meant for those 17 and older. Someone put my name into the competition and I was chosen. Naturally I was hated. I mean, a boy three years younger getting chosen for an event when he already has enough fame." Harry said bitterly. He didn't even know why he was telling the girl this.

"The competition had three tasks. I came out pretty well and this last task which was today, I was transported with another competitor and he was killed while I barely escaped. Somehow, I ended up here."

"That sounds awful. But, when did you come from?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said when did you come from? It's obvious you didn't come from our time. It was 1942 there. We were going to a boarding school safe from London because of the bombings."


"So, 52 years in the future. Out of curiosity, who wins the war?"


"What? I'm allowed to ask, seeing as we're not in England anymore and frankly, I happen to enjoy Narnia."


"It's the land we're in right now. Lu, you want to call Peter and Susan over? We could've wandered off for all they knew."

"Alright Ed." Lucy sighed. When she left to get Susan and Peter, Edmund offered a hand to Harry.

"Lucy has the best judge of character. I'm Edmund Pevensie."

"Harry Potter." When they shook hands, a brother bond was forged between the two, never to be broken. Edmund helped Harry up as Lucy stalked over with Peter and Susan with a dwarf trailing behind them.

"Who's this?" Susan asked.

"Harry. He just appeared on the beach like I told you," Lucy said, staring at them as if daring to contradict her. Harry raised an eyebrow at Edmund how mouthed 'later.' Harry gave a small quirk of a smile.

He tuned out the three siblings squabbling and took a good look at where they were. There were ruins of a castle on the side of the cliff and an endless sea with the sun glittering on its surface. Edmund saw his gaze.

"It's beautiful out here isn't it."

"Yeah, it is."

"I would sometimes come out here to think is the castle was feeling too crowded."

"You lived there?" Harry gestured to the ruins.

"Yeah. Cair Paravel. What you need to know is that Narnia time moves completely different then Earth time. My siblings and I were here for 15 years. When we got back to England, only an hour went by."

"I can see what you mean. Does this mean you're all over 20 then?" Edmund laughed.

"No, we are all the age that we look like. Although we still have the memories of this place. We were the Kings and Queens of Narnia. I'll explain it later at the camp fire." Lucy, Susan and Peter have all stopped bickering by now and were staring at Edmund.


"Never mind, lets go." Edmund and Harry fell into step behind the others towards the boat and Peter pulled in the boat.

"Is Peter always this bitter?"

"Since recently yes. The shock going from a king and adult back to a school boy too young to fight a war was pretty bad. It was a huge shock. Me and Lucy took it better as we knew that we would probably end up in England again. Peter and Susan were content since they were the most important of the four of us."

"So, basically suck it up for now?"

"Pretty much. I mean, it's been a long time since we've been here."

"1400 years Narnia time and a year England time," Lucy said walking towards them.

"Susan is talking to Trumpkin, the red dwarf."

"There are different kinds?"

"Yeah. Red and black dwarfs, fauns, centaurs, minotaurs, talking animals and trees and different kinds of creatures." Harry was surprised.

"Are there dragons here?"

"No, are there dragons in the future?" Harry bit his lip.

"I'll tell you both later, when your explaining the points you left out."

"Fair enough."

"Come on you three! We're leaving now." Susan called out. The three of them got in the boat. Peter was rowing when Lucy noticed the trees.

"Their so still."

"That's what happens when the Telmarines invaded. The trees receded into themselves so deep, they haven't come out in over a thousand years."

"That's so sad. And the animals?"

"If you're treated savage enough and long enough, you become savage yourself. You may find Narnia a more savage place then you remember." Trumpkin said grimly. Harry thought that a place so magical shouldn't be so still like this. He could feel the magic dance through the air, caressing things lovingly. Lucy seems to be covered in the and so is Edmund. Perhaps they connect to Narnia deeper then the two older siblings? Harry decided not to ask and just enjoyed the boat ride down the river.


They set up camp near the river. Peter and Trumpkin went to find wood while Susan went to find some small game. Harry decided to talk with Edmund and Lucy as they looked for berries.

"Lucy, do you believe in magic?" Lucy looked at him.

"Of course I do! It's in the air and, it feels sad. The Telmarines had suppressed the magic and now it longs to be free."

"Back in England I mean."

"Oh, well, you always have to keep an open mind now don't you."

"Magic is real in England. Dragons, centaurs, sphinxes, trolls, unicorns, they all exist. Including witches and wizards. I'm a wizard." Harry blurted out the last bit. Edmund snapped his head up when Harry said witches were in England. Lucy saw Edmund's look.

"Ed, their not like the White Witch."

"Who's the White Witch?"

"Here, lets sit." Lucy said.

"Two years ago, we were evacuated from London to the country side during the Blitz as it's being called. There was an old professor there who took the four of us in. After a few days, we were exploring the house and playing hide and seek. I hid in an old wardrobe that had beautiful carvings everywhere. I was expecting the back of the wardrobe and found a whole land covered in snow. Narnia. A faun called Mr. Tamus found me by an old lamp post and we became friends. I came back through the wardrobe after I've been gone for hours and realizing that only seconds past. Naturally, I have a big imagination and everyone brushed it off. I went back that night but didn't realize I had a follower."

"I said I was sorry! Anyway, that's when I met the White Witch who called herself the Queen of Narnia. She said that I could be better then my siblings and could become King. I was very bitter when dad went off to fight. So I said yes. She said I had to bring all my siblings with me back. Lucy came to me after she left and knew I'd believe her. After we got back, I told Peter and Susan I was kidding. After a nasty fight, we were playing cricket one day and I broke the stain glass. The house keeper was after us so we ran to the wardrobe room. Thinking it was the perfect time, I led them all to the wardrobe and found ourselves back in Narnia. Mr. Tamus was arrested earlier that day and we were found by the Beavers. We were led to their house where I snuck out to the Witch. I was punished for not bringing my siblings. Later I found out that she turned people to stone so I only gave her necessary information to stay alive. That's all I know for now."

"When we all found out Edmund was gone, we ran after him and only saw him going inside the palace. Peter was all for charging after him but we ended up running when the Witch send out her guards after us. It was only a stroke of luck they didn't find us. We stayed in trees for the night. The next day, we made the long trek to the stone table where Aslan was waiting for us."

"Who's Aslan?"

"The King of all Narnia and Narnians. He is a large lion and the only one that Peter would bow to."

"Thanks. Continue Lucy."

"Anyway, we heard a sleigh behind us and thought it was the witch so we ran. We found out after it was Saint Nicholas. We all got gifts. Peter got his sword and shield, Susan got a horn where help will always come, and a bow and arrows. I got the cordial that would cure any injury and a dagger. We had to cross a river that was melting and after a small confrontation, we made it to Aslan's camp where an army was waiting for us. There was a prophesy that two girls and two boys would defeat the white witch and bring peace to Narnia. We were there for a few weeks when Edmund was rescued and sent here to train with Peter. Of course, the witch came after him and 'owned' him in a sense because he was a traitor to us. Aslan made a deal. His life, for Edmund's. The witch forgot one detail, if the blood of an innocent was spilt on the stone table, they would come back to life when the table cracks. By that time, Peter and Edmund were in battle. Hours later, me and Susan came with desperate reinforcements and Peter was battling the witch. Edmund took a blow for Peter and was dying. Aslan finished off the witch and Edmund was healed by me. The prophesy was fulfilled and we became the kings and queens of Narnia, with Peter being High King. We ruled for 15 years. 'The Golden Age' it's now called. On a hunt, we stumbled upon the old wardrobe and went through. We were back in England with only hours passed. I've tried getting back to Narnia through the wardrobe but it never worked. We were being sent to boarding school a year later. Susan passed everything off as a silly adventure and Peter was being moody. We were at the train station when we were whisked back here where we found you. That's our story. Now what's yours?"

Harry was about to start when Susan was calling for them.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." They gathered their barriers and made their way back to camp.

Whatcha think? Good? Bad? I know I probably left some details out, but that was mostly an overview of what happened. I'll be probably taking elements from mostly the movie because there's more action in it.