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Talking, "Talking."

Thoughts, 'Thoughts'

Sounds, Sounds.

Running through the halls of the castle that only moments ago held him captive with no magic, an angry Natsu steam rolled through any guards that got in his way of finding the bastards that held all his friends turned lacrima. With the pill Lucy had fed him a few minutes ago working it's magic, the couple of guards up ahead of the Dragon Slayer were treated to the full force of a Karyu no Hoko(Fire Dragon's Roar). The powerful spell made quick work of the guards, scorching them charcoal black as Natsu easily jumped over their defeated bodies.

'Where the hell are they!' Natsu mentally roared as he rounded a corner to another set of opened corridors. The spiky pink haired boy shouted out in outrage as he looked through the all the corridors, deciding which one to take, ' Eenie, menie, minie, mo, catch a dragon by his toe,' he sang as he counted off the openings infront of him, ' if he roars, let him go, my father told me to pick the very best and you, are, IT!' grinning, Natsu quickly ran through the corridor only to come face to face with a dozen or so guards.

"WHAT THE HELL!" he furiously shouted, pointing a flaming fist to the royal soldiers, "I'm trying to find the bastard in charge and all I get is a couple of fucking grunts! I'm not looking for a warm up!" he glared, causing some of the weaker guards to cower beneath his furry, " I'm pissed. So unless some of you want an ass kicking I suggest you run away. Or you can stay still as I scorch your butts black!"

Waves of fire wavered from Natsu's body as the guards could practically see the terrifying image of a proud dragon leering down at them from behind the Dragon Slayer.

Shaking his head, one of the senior members of the soldiers stood his ground, shouting orders to his brother's in arms, "Do not stand back! We have orders to guard this door from any outside intruders with our life's! This is a direct order from the Royal Army Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division! So unless you want to feel Captain Knightwalker's wrath, stand still and protect this door with your life!"

A collective shiver of fright went through all the solders at the thought of their captains wrath. Looking between the Dragon Slayer and the door that lead to their captain, the soldiers were forced to make a decision between being heavily burned within an inch of their live's or death by impalement.

" I-It's just one person, right?" one of the soldiers laughed nervously, getting a nod from his buddies who seemed to relax a bit at the small bit of information, " I mean, it's not like he could be worse then Nightwalker-sama? That's impossible!"

The group of soldiers seemed to considered this for a second before raising their weapons at ready. It wasn't like this boy could be more menacing then the mighty Fairy Hunter.

Idiots. Never underestimate a Dragon Slayer. Especially if said Dragon Slayer was Natsu Dragneel.

Growling angrily at the dozens of soldier in his way, Natsu decided to just get it over with. So with a loud shout of Karyu no Tekken(Fire Dragon's Iron Fist) Natsu charged into the soldiers. Large flames engulfed his fists, causing his already strong punches to turn into devastating blows that sent a couple of soldiers flying away into walls where they stuck dented into.

A soldier to his left moved to slice his chest to which he easily blocked with just his open palm alone. He scoffed as he sent him into dream land with a hard headbutt to his head. Erza's strikes were way faster.

Ignoring the small pain in his temples from slamming his head into the steel helmet of the soldier Natsu stretched both of his arms back as they ignited with flames. Seeing another group of soldiers charge at him he grinned as he sent his attack flying.

"Karyu no Yokugeki (Fire Dragon's Wing Attack)!"

Twin sets of fire flew at the armed men from the rose haired boy's hands and arms like wings, plowing through them as if they were nothing while also burning parts of their unprotected body. He smirked before frowning at a loud shout to his left that warned him of a sword wielding man running towards him.

Again, Natsu was forced to dodge the mad strikes to his body as the soldier tried to hack him into pieces. He rolled his eyes as he wasn't even trying too hard to dodge the sword strikes, lazily moving around the blade like it was nothing. He almost laughed at the frustrated look the soldier was giving him. He had fought better grunts back at Earthland! This was almost too entertaining.

He stopped mentally laughing though as he remembered why he was even fighting. Now wasn't exactly the time to be playing around.

Moving his head back from a slash to his neck, Natsu sent a flaming uppercut to the man's jaw, sending him crashing up to another level of the building. He dodged another strike to his neck before smashing his fist deep into another soldiers face sending him spiraling away with blood shooting out of his nose.

Damn was he getting tired of all the grunts charging up to him like kids waving a plastic sword. He was wasting precious time he didn't have.

Seeing the last of the soldier group together to attack him, Natsu decided to end it with one last attack to finish it all up.

"W-What the h-hell is he doing!" one of the soldiers shouted in alarm as they saw the spiky rose haired boy's belly begin to balloon up like it was made of rubber, "This is insane! What kind a kid get's that fat in such a short amount of time!"

Natsu glared darkly at the man who called him fat, ' . . . . Oh yeah, your dead.'

Finished gathering enough fire in his lungs for his spell, the Dragon Slayer blew a long line of flames at the grouped soldiers from his mouth as he roared out his attack, "Karyu no Hoko(Fire Dragon's Roar)!"

The large stream of fire knocked all the remaining soldier's out from the horrible burns inflicted by the rose haired boy, smoke wavering off their charcoaled bodies.

Natsu huffed as he kicked one of the downed men in the head, "I'm not fat dumbass. Do you see these abs! Sure, I pig out a lot at the guild but it all burns off! Your just jealous of my awesomeness, you fat ass. But that doesn't matter now that your a smoking crisp on the ground. Natsu-100 something, Grunts-0. Ha!"

Natsu laughed as he kicked the down man a couple more times before frowning at the lack of response from the loser.

"Oi! You alright? I didn't kill ya did I?" he frowned as he slapped the man's face a couple of times for added effect.

Hearing a small groan of pain from the man, Natsu grinned before dropping the man's head back to the floor as he made his way to the sealed off door. Thank Igneel, he thought he killed the guy. He was only beaten withing an inch of his life, so everything was alright.

Seeing a couple of chains lock the door in, he lite up his hand with flames before melting off the chains like butter.

Happy to of gotten rid of the small obstacle Natsu strolled his way through the door, ignoring the warning one of the men whispered before passing out.

" F-Fool. He's going t-to get slaughtered by E-Erza-sama."

In an open room of the tall castle, two scarlet haired women clashed blades, sending small ripples of shockwaves with each strike. The room around them had turned into a rubble mess of craters and broken off stones. Again, another shock wave was pushed out from the force of the two woman's attack's, breaking off of eachother before jumping back at each other with swift strikes that were nothing but blurs to the untrained eye.

Backing away from the other redhead, Erza stuck her sword to the ground as she eyed the other scarlet haired women. Erza Scarlet was a scarlet haired women who's hair cascaded beautifully down her shoulders. She had bold brown eyes and wore a breastplate that covered her impressive chest. Her silver gauntlets reached up to her elbows with a white wing poking out at the elbow of her gauntlets. She also wore a dark blue skirt that almost reached her knee's and brown boots.

"Had enough,Scarlet?" the look alike laughed, grinning at the look of loathing Erza sent her way.

Erza scoffed, "Not a chance. This barely even counts as a warm up." she glared.

The women standing a few feet away from her laughed at the glare. This was her counterpart? How upsurd. Sure she had skill but she had yet to of really impressed her.

Erza Knightwalker smirked as she twirled her lance, Ten Commandments. Knightwalker, much like her other self, was a well endowed women with scarlet red hair, tied up in an elegant knot unlike Scarlet who's hair cascaded down her shoulders. Unlike Scarlet, she didn't wear full body armor, wearing a very provocative outfit comprising of a revealing, halter-type armor breastplate top, that left much of her cleavage and stomach exposed, with light-armored gauntlets and greaves on her forearms and forelegs, respectively, as well as her thighs. She also wore a dark bikini bottom with a piece of cloth obscuring her hips. A dark scarf could be seen wound around her neck.

They had been going at it for a while now since Scarlet had let her fairy friends get away to release the prisoners, trading blows back and forth, not really pulling out any of their heavy attacks as they felt each other up.

Of course, Erza was only stalling Nightwalker to keep her away from chasing down Lucy, Gray, Happy, Charlie so that they could rescue Natsu and Wendy. As much as she wanted to end it, she had to distract her counterpart for a while or until she could alteast knock her out. That would make her job a lot more easier.

Knightwalker started to grow tired of the glaring match she was having with Scarlet as she opted to step things up a bit. Spear glowing in a bright light, the bladed part of the weapon began to change shape into a triangular, spear head.

"Let's see what your really made of Scarlet!" She shouted as she disappeared in a blur, "Onsoku no Yari, Shirufarion(Velocity Spear, Silfarion)!"

Dodging the insane spear thrust that was nothing but a silver blur, Erza prepared herself to re-equip into her Hishō no Yoroi( Flight Armor) to match her Edolas counterpart's speed when a rosy blur shot by, decking Knightwalker in the face with a with a flaming fist that sent her slamming into the wall.

Erza stared wide eyed like a cat at the Dragon Slayer proudly grinning at his entrance. Did the idiot just do what she thinks he just did?

Natsu smirked as he smacked his fist's against each other as he turned his attention towards the Earthland Erza, "How's it going Erza? I didn't miss anything, did I?" Natsu grinned.

Erza felt a vein about to pop as she stared at Natsu. About to shout at the idiot who didn't even now what he had just gotten himself into, Erza had to hold back her shouting as she had to quickly dice some flying rubble shooting out from where Nightwalker laid. A powerful shockwave ripped around the spaciest room as the two fairy tail mages shielded their faces from the strong winds whipping out at them like wild snakes.

". . . . Someone's pissed." Natsu said flatly.

Knightwalker was pissed. This . . . this boy! Had the utter gull to sucker punch her while she was in the middle of a battle with her Earthland self and he was grinning! It was a total blow to her proud ego and she wasn't going to stand for it. The bastard was going to pay indefinetly. She gripped her lance tightly as she sended a glare that would burn the coldest parts of hell with just a glance to the ignorant Dragon Slayer. Oh yeah, he was soooo dead.

Natsu blinked once. Twice. Three times. He rubbed his eyes just to make sure he wasn't seeing double as he looked back and forth between the two Erzas.

Steam flowed out his ears as his brain worked overtime to make sense of what the hell he was seeing before something clicked in the boy's head. Holy shit their were two Erzas! His face began to morph into one of horror. Why did he have to pick this route?

"Natsu!" Erza shouted, snapping him out of his thoughts, " What the hell are you doing here? Can't you see I'm in the middle of something important right now? Go bother Gray or something, I don't have time to protect you while I'm fighting Knightwalker so go away!" she barked, authority clear in her tone that left no room for arguing.

"But-" he began, hoping to help her out before she cut him off.

"NO BUTS!" she shouted, grabbing Natsu by his scarf so he could see the seriousness in her eyes. As much as she hated ordering him like he was a lower class then her she had no choice this time. Knightwalker was just as strong as she was and he had yet to defeat her in a spar. He wouldn't be able to handle it, "Now as your superior, I ORDER you to turn away and go back and help Gray and Lucy save the others! NOW!" she shouted.

Natsu moved to speak but shut up from the glare Erza sent his way. How could she just order him to leave? Didn't she believe he was strong enough to help her fight off the other Erza? These thoughts and others ran through the Dragon Slayers head as he stared back at Erza blankly. He had grown stronger since they were kid's and he had finally started to think that he was getting closer to Erza's level. He had even beaten one of the Ten wizards Saints, Jellal, to protect her.

Needless to say, he thought he had finally proven to Erza he was just as strong as her. Defeating the guild master of the Oracion Seis, Zero, should of made that clear. But still, he clenched his fists tightly.

She still treated him like a child. Thinking she always had to protect him when she was the one that needed to be protected the most. Always thinking she knew best for him. No matter what he did, she would always see him as only a child.

In another time, Natsu would of already ran away at the sight of two Erza's battling it out. But, it seemed it wouldn't of been the case here. One rash decision would change everything.

Natsu's head dropped while his hair shadowed his expression from the Erza. Seeing it as a sign as acceptance, Erza smiled, patting his shoulder for reassurance.

"Thank you Natsu." she gently smiled, "Now hurry up and go. Thing's are about to get a little rough around here."she smirked.

Her eyes suddenly widened in shock though as she felt Natsu roughly push away her hand from his shoulder. She grimaced a bit as she felt him grip her gauntlet clad hand. That was new. He had never been able to grip her hand to the point where it felt uncomfortable. Where did this strength come from?

Natsu looked back up at Erza with fire burning through his onyx eyes that surprised her. Looking into his eyes she felt a burning intensity nearly swallow her whole. Was this her Natsu?

"I ain't leaving Erza." he growled angrily, "Not this time. Normally I'd listen to you and go running off to Lucy and Gray, but not this time! I'm tired of you thinking I'm some weak little kid you always have to protect! I'm stronger then I use to be and you know it! So let me do this, I can handle it." he walked passed the great Titania's shoulder to stare ahead of Knightwalker.

Erza frowned at Natsu's strange behavior. What the hell was wrong with him? Now wasn't the time for one of his tantrums.

"Natsu! What the hell's wrong with you? Did you not hear what I had just told you? Go back and help Gray and Lucy free the others from the lacrima! Your the only one who can do it!" but still Natsu wouldn't budge. Erza gritted her teeth in annoyance. "Natsu are you even listening to me!"

" . . . . How long are you going to be treating me like this?" he whispered quietly barely reaching Erza's ears, "I need this Erza. I need to prove to you that I'm stronger and that you can rely on me. Don't you believe in me? I can do this. So trust me!" he roared.

". . . Natsu?" Erza whispered, stunned at his outburst. Was she really babying him too much? She only wanted to protect him. She had never thought that he was weak. It was actually the opposite of that. She believed with all her heart that he was one of the strongest men she had ever known. Of all the people she had known, she believed in Natsu the most, the boy who could melt away the armor that she had so desperately tried to cover up her heart to protect herself with, with only a cheery grin.

But, she sadly realized, all that she had really thought of him as never showed. On the inside, she admired his strength of will and courage, his ability to shine through the darkness like the brightest flame, to pick everyone up from their despair to keep fighting and moving. He was the one person that she could whole heartidly place her trust in.

But on the outside, she still treated him like a child.

Erza bit her lip, trying to come up with something to say to the Dragon Slayer. But she couldn't come up with anything.

She sighed. She was going to regret this. But she needed to show him she trusted him.

"Alright Natsu." Erza sighed, catching his attention to look back at her, " I trust you. But promise me," her eyes hardened as she spoke, " You won't lose. If you want to prove to me you can do things for yourself, don't lose."she turned away, moving to find the others.

"Oi! Where the hell do you think your going, Scarlet?"

Erza's eyes widened as she was forced to jump away from a vacuum wave directed towards her from the fairy hunter's spear. Before she could move to counter the next strike aimed at her, Natsu moved in the way of her Edolas counterpart line of fire, blocking the next vacuum wave with a Karyu no Hoko(Fire Dragon's Roar).

The two powerful spells fought against each other, both trying to overpower the other as the struggle between them sent rippling shock waves out. The shock waves were powerful enough to budge Erza back a bit as the struggle between a dragons flames and wind continued.

Eventually the struggle ended as both fighters attacks faded away. Leaving Erza staring wide eyed at the power Natsu just displayed.

"Tch." Knightwalker scoffed as she saw the last of her attack die away with flames, "I hate to admit it, but it takes some real power to match my Shinku no Yari's Meru Fōsu(Vacuum Spear, Mel Force)." she smirked arrogantly, "But that means nothing seeing as I wasn't going full power yet."

Natsu matched the scarlet's smirk back, "Who said I was even trying?"he grinned.

With both Natsu and her Edolas self busying sizing each other up, Erza decide to quickly make her way out to go find the others. Turning back to look back at Natsu with worry, Erza shook back her head as she left.

She didn't need to worry about him. He could take care of himself just fine.

Finished up catching Wendy up with the events of how he and Erza were freed from the lacrima, Gray frowned as he tried digesting the blue haired girl's news of what they were planning to do with the lacrima. Apparently in order to achieve an endless supply of magic, they were planning to literally rain it down on to the kingdom by crashing the giant mass of floating lacrima, made of their friends and Magnolia into the floating land of the the Exceed, Extalia. The thought alone greatly angered him inside while he remained calm on the outside.

His eyes suddenly widened suddenly hearing rushing steps get closer to their position as he began to get ready to use his ice magic to trap the enemy.

"Someone's coming!"

"The enemy?"

Seeing a flow of scarlet red hair, Gray sighed, putting down his hands from making an attack.

"Erza! What are you doing here? Where's Natsu!" he shouted over to the Titania.

Running up to her friends Erza frowned, catching a lack of blue fur amongst the group.

"Where's Happy?" she asked, confused on why the flying cat wasn't here, "Did one of the soldiers catch him?" she asked worriedly.

Gray shook his head as Lucy explained, "Don't worry Erza, Happy's fine. I think." she nervously laughed getting an irritated glare from Erza, "I mean he is fine! He just went out find to Gajeel so that he could show him where the giant lacrima is. Gray said he knew how to break everyone free from their lacrima state so Happy went out to help him look for it."

"Why would Gajeel need help finding the lacrima?" she frowned confusingly, "It's floating up in the sky right now on a floating island. How can he miss that?"

"Because he's just like Natsu." Gray said flatly, " An idiot. 500 jewels he's running around beating up anyone he might think knows where the lacrima is. Plus, he can't fly. So when Happy finds him he can fly him up to the lacrima and free everyone." he blinked before remembering what he had asked Erza before, "By the way, where's Natsu? I thought he would of ran in to you while you were fighting that other Erza. You did beat her right?" he asked curiously while raising an eyebrow.

Erza bit her bottom lip in thought of what to tell them. If she told them the truth, they would more then likely freak out that she had left him to fight her Edola's counterpart. But she also didn't like lying to them either. Sighing as she decided to tell them the truth, Erza wasn't disappointed when they all began to panic over Natsu.

"Why the hell did you do that Erza!" the ice mage shouted, his eyes white as the snow at the fact his rival was fighting a monster. She had practically tossed him into the lion's cage. He almost felt sorry for his rival. Almost.

"Poor Natsu's going to get slaughtered!" both Wendy and Lucy cried as they ran back and forth in circles at their friends demise. If only they had stopped him from running out the cell he would still be here in the world of the living. Why? WHY? Why didn't she just knock him out or even throw him out a window instead of leaving him to fight Knightwalker?

Charlie looked back at her friends sweatdropping. It wasn't that bad was it?

Erza face palmed at her friends reactions. And Natsu said she was the one who didn't believe he was strong enough. She felt a twitch develop in her right eye as Gray began to shout out in victory at being the last one alive and Lucy and Wendy already mourning the pink haired Dragon Slayers death at the hands of Knightwalker. She really should of lied.

"ENOUGH!" she shouted getting them all to snap out it. She looked back at Gray who sweated under the stony look she was giving him.

"Yes, I let Natsu fight Knightwalker but it was for a good reason. He didn't believe that I thought he was strong enough to fight someone like Knightwalker so I let him fight her. It was the only way to prove to him I trust him." she said sternly.

Gray frowned but didn't say anything else. That's why she had left him to the other Erza? So that she could prove to him that she believed he was strong? That was kinda-

'Lame' he thought dryly but chose not to say it out loud in fear of a beating from Erza. That was it? Their had to more that she wasn't telling.

Lucy meanwhile chose to voice her concern, "Are you sure he can handle himself Erza? That Edola's you was," she shivered remembering the scarlet haired women ready to drop her to her death with a smile, "scary. And the way she fought you looked as if she was just as strong as you. Is he going to be okay?" she said worriedly.

Erza gave the celestial blonde mage a warm smile in response, "He'll be fine." she chuckled, ruffling Wendy's long blue hair to calm her down, "You got to have faith in him Lucy. You too Wendy. After all, he's fought stronger opponents in worse conditions." seeing the two girls with worry still written on their faces Erza continued, "Alright, tell me what your hearts are telling you. Do they not believe that Natsu is going to make it out of their alive?"

Wendy looked down in thought. What was her heart telling her? Right now it was worried sick about Natsu, but, at the same time, she believed in him. It was telling her that he was going to be alright. Just like when he had went off to fight against Brain during the Nirvana incident with the Oracion Seis. Her heart had been the same but it believed in him even though she didn't know much about him at the time.

She smiled as she saw Lucy do the same. He was going to be alright. Because he was Natsu. He always came back alive. He was their loveable Dragon Slayer after all.

Seeing everyone calm down about the Natsu situation Erza began to speak up about the situation still at hand.

"As much I would like to chat on and on about Natsu, don't you think we should get back to saving everyone?" she smiled getting a nod out of everyone. They could worry about Natsu later.

For a hotheaded idiot, Natsu could take care of himself.

'Maybe this was a bad idea.'dodging a speeding blur of silver to his right, Natsu had to bend back his back to avoid a slash that would of cut off his head before jumping back from a spear head to his heart.

Filling up his lungs with fire, Natsu breathed out a stream of burning hot flames towards the master spearwomen. Knightwalker scoffed at the nearing flames that she easily blew away with another Mel Force vacuum. Switching back into her Onsoku no Yari(Velocity Spear) Knightwalker turned into a red blur that darted back and forth through Natsu, cutting small cuts into his body and clothes before Natsu tripped her with a well aimed kick to her legs. Watching as she flew into a wall with an angry shout, Natsu attempted another Dragon's Roar, only to wince as he felt the slash to his side delivered onto by the sadistic redhead earlier on. Dame was she good. It was a good thing he didn't underestimate her. He would have been dead from the start.

Calling on some fire to seal off the slash from bleeding any further, Natsu had to think of a way to beat Erza. She was definetly just as strong as the original Erza. Her strikes were fast, swift, deadly, and almost unpredictable. The way she moved and danced through some of his attacks reminded him a lot of how Erza would dodge against his attacks. He felt as if he was actually fighting the real Erza! He shivered a bit realizing unlike the Erza he knew, she wouldn't be holding back and would strike to kill.

Finished off burning close the wound at his side, Natsu braced himself as Knightwalker blew apart the sides of the room they were fighting in with her new spear head. It split into 4 jagged ends that curved inwards, resembling a jaw, stabbed into the ground as Edolas Erza smirked at Natsu, her face mad with rage at being slammed into a wall.

"Your a tough little fairy, aren't ya?" she laughed noticing the burn at his side, "What you do? Burn yourself? Hmph. Mindlessly flinging around your magic like it was endless, how arrogant of you Earthland mages." she spat with disgust, "Not even knowing the worth of the magic you were born with. This is why his majesty, King Faust, has decided to take your magic for the greater good of Edolas. That's what magic greedy people like you deserve." she sneered toward the fire mage who was starting to lose it with the women.

"What the hell did you just say?" he said angrily causing the redhead to grin widely at him with cruel brown eyes.

"I said, it's what you deserve. People like you who arrogantly flaunt their magic like it isn't a big deal sicken me. If a couple of arrogant lives are sacrificed so that an endless supply of magic can ran down on our poor kingdom then I say good riddance!" tired of looking at the fire mage, Erza spun her lance a couple of times before flinging a magic white shot the form of her Eisenmeteor spear at the Dragon Slayer's feet.

"Jigoku furasshu(Hell Flash)!"

Natsu's eyes widend in alarm as the jaw like shot of magic stabbed into the ground infront of him before the next thing he knew he was engulfed in a hellish explosion of burning flames.

Erza laughed in sadistic pleasure as she finally got rid of the annoying fire mage that was becoming an eye sore. Sucker punch her would he. Well who's laughing now, huh? She watched in satisfaction as the burning flames of her attack still continued to rage in a dome of fire that dug into the floor the palace.

She sighed. She was going to have to work overtime to pay back king Faust for all the damage they had caused. God knows how many jewels that was going to take.

Tired of watching the raging dome of hellish flames reduce the mage into ash, Knightwalker was about to stroll out of the scene of the fight before an odd noise caught her attention.


That was odd. It almost sounded like. . . chewing.

Her eyes widend in shock as the sphere of her explosion was suddenly sucked into the mouth of the supposedly dead boy, the munching sound coming from Natsu chewing the fire as he ate it.

That was impossible! How is it possible to eat flames? Only a monster would be able to do something like that!

A monster or a Dragon.

Finished eating the last of the flames produced from Knightwalker's attack, Natsu wiped his mouth with the back of his fist before smirking back at the glaring scarlet women.

" Thank you for the meal!" he laughed as he patted his now full belly, the redhead glaring daggers into his head as he laughed, " I was starting to run low on energy for awhile since getting my magic back. But now I'm all full. Now," flames spouted from every pore of his body as he looked back at Erza Knightwalker with a wolfish grin that would send any man running in fear of the destruction that was soon to come, " I can got all out!"

"Tch." she scoffed to the side before sending him a dark seductive grin that would make any man wet his pants in fear, "Well let's see how long you can last now. But please," she grinned darkly, " don't go wasting all your energy too quickly now. Wouldn't want you to get tired before I start having any fun."

Natsu's response was plain and simple.

"Now I'm all fired up!"

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