"Hello, Parker Luciani."

Parker didn't move. He was in too much pain to respond, lying on his back. Blood trickled down his mouth. His leg was throbbing where Jessica had shot him.

He looked at where the voice had come from. The man was like a skeleton, someone he'd never seen before. Despite the flames and debris falling around the ship, his suit was fine; hell, it looked immaculate. He had a cane with him and there was a glint of silver by his hand.

"W-what-?" Parker could barely speak. He felt like he was spinning, despite how he physically couldn't move. There was another painful throb through his back. He grunted.

"I am feeling merciful today. I will spare you, if you perform a simple service. You make sure you find the two who deal with a sample of the t-Abyss virus and kill them before it ends up in the wrong hands. If you somehow convince one of them not to use it, you may spare them, but only one of them, not both, if you convince both. I will heal you instead of reaping you. Say yes if you agree to these terms and no if you don't."


The man reached down and touched Parker's forehead. His hand was so clammy and shivers went up Parker's spine. Most of the pain had gone, aside from what had happened to his leg, though it was a bit less than earlier. Parker got up shakily, having trouble putting weight on his left leg. "Thank you, but who are you?"

"I am Death, Parker." Death turned to walk away. "Just make sure you follow through with it, otherwise I will come back to reap you permanently. I do not interfere directly in most affairs and I assume that you will be able to convince your... friend not to use it. I also assume you want a portion of revenge on a certain person." He turned his head to glance at Parker's leg.

Parker swallowed dryly. This was unnerving, talking to Death himself. "...Why offer me the deal? And why are you talking about convincing-?"

"Because, Luciani, you have proved to me that you are a good man and truly good humans are in short supply. Your friend respects you, so I assume it will be much easier for you to deal with the matter than I.

"I must be off, Parker. Do not forget our deal." Death walked away, disappearing from view as he turned a corner.


I roleplay both Death and Parker in different groups. I decided to do a crossover as a crackish explanation for how Parker survived the fall he took in Revelations.

-The Sleep-Deprived Writer