Arthur had grown to hate sentencing magic wielders. Ever since his last battle with Morgana, every person he sentenced seemed more and more innocent in comparison, all of whom had been forced into this life due to the battle.

Today was no different than any other; at least until the bounty hunter had arrived. He and Gwen had been in the council chambers when the door was forced open with a loud clatter, and in came a bounty hunter, dragging in a small girl and an even younger boy.

"What is the meaning of this!" Arthur demanded.

"No disrespect Sire," the hunter explained. "My name is Huntley and this thing," he gestured to the girl, "was found using magic."

Arthur's heart sank in his chest. "And what of the boy?"

"He's innocent!" shouted the girl, surprising Arthur with the harshness of her voice, for it sounded as though she had not drank anything in days. "He's my brother; he was only with me because he has nowhere else to go. He's too young to understand, please, he doesn't know why people hunt me, so just spare him."

"Do you confess to using magic?" Arthur asked.

"I confess to being born with magic Sire, I cannot always control when I use it, if I feel like someone I care about is in danger. That's how he found me," she glared at Huntley, her eyes clearly showing the distain for the man before her.

"No one is born of magic child," the hunter scoffed.

"Morgana was," she replied sadly, and Arthur was shocked to see the hunter slap her across the face, knocking her over and leaving her wheezing for breath.

"How dare you mention that name in front of His Highness!" he bellowed at the girl, kicking her hard in the stomach as she tried to get back up. Arthur could only watch as the little boy behind her screamed, clawing the guard holding him in a desperate attempt to reach his sister.

"Cundrie!" the boy shouted. "Please, let her go!"

"ENOUGH!" Arthur bellowed, standing between the now shaking girl and the furious bounty hunter. "Huntley, it is up to me if a prisoner is to be punished not you, and I do not condone such violence." Arthur turned to the little boy, who had managed to escape the guard and was now attempting to stop Arthur or anyone else to touch Cundrie.

"Gwen, will you please take these two (he gestured to the two children) to Gaius, to tend to their wounds?"

"But Sire, I must insist that…"

"Of course my Liege," Gwen interrupted Huntley's attempts to stop Arthur's request and after asking a guard to pick Cundrie, she left with the boy to the physician's chambers

Once in the room, the guard placed the girl on the bed, and then hovered, clearly unwilling to leave the queen alone in a room with a convicted magic user. Once she convinced him that Gaius would be along soon, he left, and to her surprise the girl Cundrie spoke.

"Thank you your Highness. Not many would stay in a room with a magic user, let alone help us."

"You don't seem to have done any harm," Gwen replied, "besides you are barely able to stand let alone attack me."

Now that Gwen could see Cundrie up close, she could see the huge bags under the girl's eyes, along with how skinny and pale she looked. The boy was in slightly better condition, less thin and with fewer bags. Both their clothes were very rugged, and neither looked as though they had been able to relax in days, which Gwen reminded herself they probably hadn't. She also noticed bruises like spatters of paint across the girl's body. Cundrie saw Gwen grimace as the state of her, and so tried to apologise.

"I know that Alis and I look a little rough, however I can assure you it is not by choice. We don't have anywhere to live or any money, and the little food I can get is often stolen or old. I try to give more to him, as he deserves a better life than living with a condemned magic user, but no one will take him in, nor will he leave me. As for the bruises, well, let's just say that Huntley isn't the only one that feels the need to eradicate magic users." Seeing Gwen's guilt she quickly added, "It's alright though! I suppose I have to get used to the idea that very few will accept me, and my one regret is that I am ruining Alis' life as well."

Gwen's heart instantly went out to the girl. She couldn't help being born the way she was born, and yet here she was prosecuted every day just for being alive. No one deserves to live like this, Gwen thought, especially not children. Gwen now knew that she would get Gaius to do whatever he could for them; meanwhile she would prevent anyone else from hurting them. She was determined that Arthur would condemn them without hearing them out.

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